I can feel the validity of this, but why is this happening? And how is it happening?

And what effect does this have on all of our lives?

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I'll give you The Big Picture as I understand it on our current timelines based upon my studies of channeled teachings, and personal discoveries, observations and thoughts over the years.

As I mentioned in my comment to you, none of this is "provable" to yourself in the same way that manifesting is "provable" to yourself (through seeing the physical stuff in your reality) but it might be helpful to others to see the "overall plan" and it will be a useful exercise in dumping some ideas out of my mind to consider more objectively...rather like when you write journal entries for yourself :)

This is going to be as controversial as it comes on IQ but if it makes someone start to think for themselves outside of the usual dogmas (whether spiritual, mystical or religious) then that's always a good thing :)

Alot of this is going to sound like a science-fiction movie but ask yourself where do the ideas for these movies originate from? What is being tapped into? And why do they appeal so much to you?

Why are there so many of those sci-fi themes increasingly dominating our popular culture? Why do films like Star Wars have such an appeal over such a long time? Why is it we no longer even bat an eyelid at yet another movie about inter-galactic conflict? Why do we so readily accept the idea of alien civilizations in movies and TV series now?

I've never met an alien and I don't know anyone who has but we don't question the idea of them anymore in our fictional media and literature. Interesting, huh?

So here goes with the highly over-simplified lazy man's/woman's guide to what the Earth game is about....

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... :) ...or, better stated, Right Now, in a dimension not so far from where we are...

  • Basic problem: The 5th dimension is a mess
  • It is rife with conflict and disagreement. And because there are not the same limitations in manifesting what you want that exist in the 3rd dimension, those conflicts - many on an instellar scale - can be quite "brutal". It's like if you wanted to hit someone with a stick, the stick would suddenly manifest and you could do it right there and then :)
  • Because of the general understanding in 5-D that you get what you think about, if someone manifests themselves into a mess, there is a general feeling of "It's your fault. Deal with it". After all, what's the point of helping someone if they did it to themselves?
  • At some point, it became generally accepted by many of the 5-D groups involved in all this that there had to be a better way to handle these issues so the experiment of Earth was put forward.
  • Genetic material was contributed by a vast number of different civilizations and thrown into the Earth "melting pot" ...and the game was on.
  • The idea was that by experiencing limitation, various issues that caused such conflict in 5-D could be examined from a very different perspective - that of limited, "disconnected" 3-D - and new ways of dealing with those issues could be produced.
  • Many 5-D selves from different civilizations incarnated into 3-D selves over many, many lifetimes as the descent into 3-D took place and the limitation took hold
  • The 5-D self is what we know of as The Higher Self and it remains in that timeless 5-D perspective while the many 3-D selves it fractures into, all feed information back to that 5-D self and the rest of the interconnected Universe.
  • From the 3-D self's perspective, it just has to keep finding its way back to joy, which is alignment with the Higher Self, but that 5-D self is presenting themes for the 3-D self to explore during various incarnations and the 3-D self's exploration of those themes (while always seeking joy as the target) is what the Earth experiment is all about.
  • During this period of 3-D limitation, all knowledge regarding why all this is happening is out of vibrational reach. Occasionally, someone manages to "reconnect" and bring through information. This process is now known as "channeling" and channeled information lies at the heart of all the major religions as the occasional enlightened individual "remembered" the game and tried to tell others about it. As a side-note, channelling becomes less and less necessary as we re-ascend to 5-D because those limitations to information access are dropping away.
  • So this Earth experiment (or game) was going fine for a long time. Civilizations were respecting the parameters of the game and staying out of it. Earth was in a vibrational quarantine where galactic issues were being played out on a limited and more focused physical level.
  • Unfortunately there came a time when certain civilizations (unrelated to the original experiment, I think) took an interest in this isolated 3-D Earth and started to manipulate the inhabitants of it (through much DNA manipulation) to suit their own needs.
  • A re-ascension to 5-D was attempted about 10,000+ years ago but failed because the sector of space that Earth was travelling through did not provide the appropriate vibrational help, and the alien manipulators managed to cause sufficent disruption to prevent it. That failed re-ascension (and subsequent destruction of that civilization) led to the Atlantis legends and the various flood myths that exist in most religions. ("Noah's Ark", for example, in The Bible)
  • Now, around this 2012 time, the sector of space that Earth is travelling through has become highly conducive to another re-ascension attempt (it has been forecast for eons) and this time, according to various channeled beings, the re-ascension is now unstoppable on the higher vibrational levels. It is just a case of letting that vibration manifest down into our physical realities.
  • It is this sector of space which has become known as The Photon Belt that has caused a huge vibrational increase during these times and allowed us to ride the wave back to 5-D...this bit answers your question about why physically the times are faster now. Because we are riding that wave and are simultaneously increasing our own vibrational levels, time appears to be running faster. Eventually it will run so fast that time will cease to exist...which is what the situation is in 5-D. That makes sense if you think about it because we are re-ascending to 5-D.
  • So what has this Earth experiment achieved? Mainly, it is altering the existing 5-D reality with the addition of compassion, an idea that could only come about from experiencing a limited reality where physical manifestations do not occur instantly.
  • As a result, these ideas of compassion are altering 5-D to become a different 5-D. So the 5-D that is being re-ascended into is now a different 5-D than the one that was descended from.
  • Game over :)

Now before I get blasted for trying to present science-fiction as some kind of truth, I would point out that I'm not presenting any of these ideas as fact but merely ideas for you to think about. Many philosophies only present snippets of the picture, not The Big Picture itself.

You may never have even thought before that there ever was a Big Picture.

By considering that there may be a bigger picture, you may start to see where your own favorite philosophy fits into it.

Also, to complicate things further, there is no concept of Linear Time in 5-D that there is in 3-D so while this may be a rough snapshot of today's reality in the timelines that the mass consciousness of today has access to, it is pretty much definite that as the past changes as a result of the changes in 3-D then this story will also change...because past, present and future are happening now.

So, basically, you have to take the bits of it that resonate with you and leave the rest behind because the story is in a state of flux as our vibrational levels change, because the associated information that we can unlock at those various levels also changes.

As I've said before on this site many times, our truth changes as our perspective changes.

The ultimate value then in this story is to cause you to think that there might be more to your life than you initially thought.

And if that realization causes you to begin questioning long-held beliefs within yourself - even beliefs you thought were definitely true - then that is a good thing :)


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@Stingray, that was quite amusing, in a good way. And if I were to assume what you said was true (as I was reading the story and I believed it as if it were real, perhaps because it was appealing to me in some way), a very strong feeling within me has arisen. A feeling which would translate into something like - "well if this is what's going on, then I'll just turn on my pc game and hope we'll make it to the reality of timelessness soon so I can game on forever".=) Lately I'm finding the need...

(13 Jul '12, 09:19) CalonLan

...for a specific "hook" in my life being less and less visible. I don't need a specific goal achieve or something to fight over or worry myself with. As if the "hooks" of life were dissipating. Just today my colleague asked me if I'm not ashamed of wearing my old, torn up jeans. I said not only I'm not ashamed, I even wear them proudly. Because I know that these jeans do not define who I am. No longer am I hooked on, this or that makes me a better person kind of a "life-hook" thing.

(13 Jul '12, 09:27) CalonLan

What I mean is, if things were as you said they are, or any other variations of it or completely different and opposite way. I'll be like - "that's alright". It's not whatever game that's going on who's making me any better or worse. I know who I'm and know my value - that's all I needed to know. Whatever the game is, it's just for my amusement really. Galactic conflicts are no different than an argue over who spilled the milk really. It's all just fun. ;)

(13 Jul '12, 09:32) CalonLan

@Stingray, thank you. Taking this as presented, with the caveat of none of it being provable, I'm loving this stuff. :) I especially like the part where the story is always in a state of flux, because our past, present and future all being now, we are basically telling the whole story ourselves, right now? Is that right? I love that!

(13 Jul '12, 11:17) Grace

I do have about a million questions...

I thought my higher self was my own exclusively, but here I think you're saying I'm one of many? How many? Do we know eachother? Is that what soul groups or soul mates is about?

(13 Jul '12, 11:17) Grace

You mentioned that we are presented with a theme to explore. Can you help me understand what a theme might be? And example of a theme? Could there be several in each lifeime? Are we bound in that, or can we decide to do something else?

(13 Jul '12, 11:17) Grace

Why should alien manipulators want to prevent our re-ascention? What would they get out of it? Also, how the hell am I going to make it to work on time, when you've got me all wrapped up in such fun fascinating stuff at 6:00 a.m.?

(13 Jul '12, 11:17) Grace

"A general feeling of "It's your fault. Deal with it". After all, what's the point of helping someone if they did it to themselves?" Haven't I seen a teeny little bit of that here on IQ? So is that remembered wisdom, or the essence of what we are growing away from, into the developing compassion that we are contributing to the whole?

(13 Jul '12, 11:17) Grace

@Grace - "I thought my higher self was my own exclusively" - From your physical perspective, it's just your Higher Self - and that's all the knowledge you need to play the Earth game. But from the perspective of the gazillion other You's that exist and are being created in every moment in every new Universe, it is the Higher Self of each of those too: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/46773#46777 . Soul Group and Soul Mates are used to mean something else.

(13 Jul '12, 12:12) Stingray

@Grace - "You mentioned that we are presented with a theme to explore" - The best explanations of themes I've heard come from Bashar. I'm sure there must be some YouTube videos with him discussing the idea. Would probably be worth watching. Bear in mind that themes do not mean fate or pre-destination. It implies context. So if I go on vacation to a hot country, that context will be different than going on vacation to a cold country...the experiences will be colored by the context.

(13 Jul '12, 12:15) Stingray

@Grace - "Why should alien manipulators want to prevent our re-ascention? What would they get out of it?" - Check out some of the videos of @TReb Bor yit-NE dealing with these ideas. I think he explains these concepts quite well in a non-moralizing way. It's not about bad or good, it's about different perspectives and the needs of those different perspectives.

(13 Jul '12, 12:21) Stingray

@Grace - "Haven't I seen a teeny little bit of that here on IQ?" - IQ is made up of people and pretty much any group of people will start surfacing these underlying themes and issues. But remember also that everything is about perspective, not moral judgements. Even too much "compassion" can cause problems. Overdone "compassion" can lead to disempowerment through dependency so it's always about following your own inner guidance.

(13 Jul '12, 12:25) Stingray

@Grace - It's pretty tough answering your questions in these comments in less than 500 characters :) If you have other questions, it might be better to ask proper IQ questions so that others can chip in a response also. I don't have a monopoly on these ideas, I'm just a messenger :) ...and others may have significantly different viewpoints :)

(13 Jul '12, 12:27) Stingray

@Stingray, That was tough on you, I know, and I so appreciate you addressing all I asked. Several things you's said were brand-spanking new to me, and I am a very greedy questioner. Thanks for the links and suggestions, I will follow them all, and get some more info.

And thank you so much for indulging me... :)

(13 Jul '12, 13:06) Grace

@Stingray, the effect of overdone "compassion" is something that keeps coming up for me. I don't want to be dragging people down by feeling sorry for them. I'm still trying to work out what the balance is.... wish me luck. :) And thank you again for your help.

(13 Jul '12, 13:42) Grace

Fascinating stuff here, thanks for sharing:)

(13 Jul '12, 14:02) Satori

@Stingray...interesting read :) @ Grace...I get what you're saying regarding 'compassion' because I was stuck there for a while. But I think we have to be careful and not confuse 'compassion' with 'pity' when we're empathetic. 'Compassion' merely says I recognize your pain and understand whereas 'pity' enables the other to stay stuck in their pain. To think that another does not have the power within them, just as I do is plain arrogance on my part and is not genuine compassion :)

(13 Jul '12, 22:19) Michaela

interesting stuff online these days the term Photon belt has just recently come into my awareness and then I read it here as well hmmmmm

(14 Jul '12, 02:47) ursixx

@Michaela, I'm so sorry, I don't know how I missed your comment. I appreciate it so much. It seems everyone here "gets" this clearly but me. I think I'd better form it into a question. This is beginning to bug me.

(18 Jul '12, 11:40) Grace
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I think it's happening because it's time for us as a species to wake up from the illusion and embrace the nature of who we truly are. As more and more people begin to do this the fear that has run this planet for eons is struggling more and more to hold on to the reins of control. All we have to do is look at the state of the world to see this...both in catastrophes created by the hand of man and the response of Mother Earth to what is happening.

I think it affects us as individuals by bringing to light what isn't real and providing us with the opportunities to make different choices based on the real essence of who we truly are and those choices can only have a positive effect on those we come in contact with and on humanity as a Whole...that's why every individual matters and each plays a part in the grand scheme of things.

Things sometimes seem to appear worse before they get better and the intensity and acceleration does indeed appear to be greater...this is were faith comes into play. I have no doubt that as a species we will make it and Love will emerge supreme :)


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Time seems to be speeding up to.Maybe I'm attracting it but I hear so many references about how quickly Time is passing by:)

(12 Jul '12, 16:56) Satori

Thank you @Michaela. It all seems so sort of condensed now somehow. Like every word and every thought just matter so much more than ever before.

(13 Jul '12, 18:54) Grace

@Grace, you're welcome. "Every word and every thought" Always mattered , we've just become more 'aware' of that fact Now. When we expand our own 'awareness' everything we think and say has to be in alignment with that or it simply doesn't feel good :)

(13 Jul '12, 22:10) Michaela
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