This, let's say, frustrated me for some time in the past. Not so much now but I felt like asking this question to see what you guys think.

So, this is mainly regarding manifesting, of course, who'd guess.

We want things because we think they will make us happy, make us feel good etc. I think we can all agree about that. It's quite silly to think we want things for their own sake; that doesn't make sense. Atleast not for me. In all wanting lies an emotional reason.

But as long as we want something really bad, we will never get it. Because when we want something it means we don't have it and that's exactly what the universe brings us - absence of the wanted thing. So, using basic logic we can conclude that to get the wanted thing we either must not want it anymore("let it go"), or raise our vibration, get happy, as happy as that thing would make us happy(but that again means we don't need it anymore because we are now happy). So basically, we will get the wanted thing the moment we don't need or want it anymore. ----> Come again?

That is logically and mathematically correct. The equation should be good(not a math expert) but it is soooo counterintuitive! I mean, that's like pure evil. "You will get your thing only if you don't want it anymore"

OK, one could say that the upper situation only applies to the things we really, really want and crave for, for obvious reasons; but we do get the things that we only "casually" want. But the question here is can "casually" wanting something be considered as wanting or is it just a though that crosses our minds when we see something pretty?

Why do we want, in general? If it is no use to us and if we can get happy without having the wanted things? We don't need things to be happy, but why do we want them then? Is it our challenge on this Earth to battle wanting? Is wanting a symptom of the modern society? Do members of the jungle tribes who don't have much contact with the outside world want or do they live following their instincts and are happy because they don't have much to want?

What is "wanting" for? If it is not for getting wanted things? I mean, we get wanted things but only when the wanting is wanting then like a build up of energy which manifests our desire upon release? Actually that does sound convincing enough; but then again, if the manifestation of the thing is what we are aiming for it doesn't make sense to get it only after the wanting is over, because for wanting to be over our needs must be met. Of what use is that thing then to us; if our needs are met we don't need/want it anymore.

What do you think?

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But as long as we want something really bad, we will never get it

Actually, you DO get it...vibrationally...which means the Broader part of You gets it completely every single time.

The creation process is explained in What should we imagine, visualize or believe? You'll notice that at no point in the process is it "wrong" to want something badly...quite the opposite actually.

Your confusion might be coming about because you don't believe that the Broader You is actually You...

..But It Is...

...It's the Real You...'s the You that you can feel so powerfully when you relax your logical/rational mind, switch off your physical senses for a while and just feel "something else" lurking below the surface. (That process is called Meditation)

That Real You is benefitting enormously from all those desires that get launched. In fact, what the Real You gets also benefits the entire Universe.

The Less-Real-You is what we term the "Physical Self". It's like the tiny tip of a huge iceberg. (The tip is actually much, much, much smaller than the picture below shows) The Real Bigger Broader You is the huge mass that lies below the surface.


So, really, the only part of the Entire Universe that doesn't benefit from wanting is that tiny "Physical You" (the iceberg tip) - and that lack of benefit only happens when one subscribes to the erroneous Earth-based limiting belief that somehow feeling good is a bad thing :)

Because we have absolute freedom, we also have the freedom to imprison ourselves.

It's the same as sitting indoors on a sunny day with the curtains closed, and then cursing the lack of sunshine :)


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I subscribed to the belief that "pain= honourable" and "discomfort= good" notion, as practised in the military, for a long time...Or that the way to solve any problem is to go more 'yang' on it and be harsh, a bully, super disciplined, super forceful and brutally controlling. I've given all that up in respect to every subject on my life, and life is more fun and easier now. And I'm finding the only discipline I need is discipline to align with the type of man (vibration) I wish to be.

(26 Sep '17, 21:11) Nikulas
(27 Sep '17, 03:32) Stingray

@Stingray- Im ready to learn now.

(27 Sep '17, 05:18) Nikulas
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Why do we want, in general? If it is no use to us and if we can get happy without having the wanted things? We don't need things to be happy, but why do we want them then?

hi Marin,

first try to replace the word "want" with "d'ont have". when you say "i want money" what you actually mean is "i d'ont have money". and that is exactly what the universe hears. that is why law of attraction says to use the word "have" while mean it and feel it. every second we want something it means we're not fulfilled within our heart and need to listen to it. when understending what the object of our wanting represent for us we can fulfill ourself with those aspect and reach the vibration of this "thing" without having it, and by that attract it.

the word "want" in the LOA meaning is different then our definition of it. it is'nt really desire etc. but having vs. not having in feeling terms.

so, it not that when you stop wanting (in our 3d definitions) you'll have it, cause it really does'nt make any sense as you were saying. the LOA say that the momet you stop feeling the lack of what your thinking about and fill your heart with what missing (the components that represent your desire) then you'll have what you want.

we want things i guess because of belief system we're born with and grow with, also because we expand ourselves by our exposure to things which create contrast and the feeling that we "dont have" what we just saw (even thoght we can choose to observe it in a different way like for ex. inspiration and go for it).


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Wanting is mere temptation. Desire is the higher form of 'wanting' and desire is a Latin word which means 'Of the Father. Therefore we overcome want with desire, and overcome desire with gratitude. Gratitude is the gateway to existential happiness and fulfillment.


answered 23 Sep '17, 02:08

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Hello Marin,

Interesting quandary. The question is really about manifesting intentionally. From what you have said, the universe responds to what we focus on and how. Although I almost fully disagree, we can continue with your line of logic.

So then the second question is how to focus and what to focus on. Let's say you want a car, a black Aston Martin. Now that you know what you want, do you focus on that? If so, for how long - until it manifest, 10 minutes a day or what?

From your logic of the "universe," you would have to experience having it and just go back to that experience whenever you are inspired to and whenever you are prompted to, whether thinking about it or seeing that car. Because having the experience of it removes the LACK part from your focus. This means you are saying to the universe that I have it which the universe will respond by saying yes (aka bringing you more and more of that experience).

The want is what it is. Maybe it's our nature to go towards the new. I do not know the answer to why we want.

I think this a wonderful query.


answered 24 Sep '17, 08:04

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Talking With The Peeps

First of all, i love your question, it has made me look at desires and wanting in general from another perspective, and i also had this thought of the actual process of reality creation being counter-intuitive, my own dilemma with this wanting/letting go debacle was worded in a slightly different way: When I want something- and i mean truly WANT- from my heart of hearts, the wish being something that would truly fulfill me, would uplift me, would help me, would greatly be of multiple benefits to me (as well as material and spiritual) and would in NO way be of harm to anyone or take something away from anyone- AND i would handle with integrity upon having it. So when i want such a 'thing' and i wish for it and i hope for it and i meditate on it- never ever does it come. So at that moment- when i could truly benefit and the having of that thing would make a difference in my life- for the better- IT NEVER IS GIVEN AND IT NEVER COMES. What happens after that is or so much time goes by, i just give up on it completely and it kind of wanes away, or i get something that does not fulfill my want in the way that the original thing i really wanted does, but it its okay- it will do- ill settle. And then, the thing i wanted comes.

Now, a couple of things make me curious- i dont want to answer your question with a question- but perhaps MORE questions will inspire someone else to give use the answer,

the first thing is, when i dont NEED it anymore- when that particular time of me wanting it has passed- then i get it - but then most of the time- it cannot benefit me in the way it would if i had gotten it at the time when i REALLY was exited for it- i would think that is the whole amazing magical and joyful reason for wanting it- that you also get it whilst you are exited for it- why must we be totally over it- for us to get it ? That takes away so much of the JOY we WOULD have if we had gotten it when we wanted it.

I remember Abraham citing Joy as the most high goal on everyones list- but where is the joy in wanting something so bad- and only getting it WHEN YOU ARE NOT EXITED ABOUT HAVING IT ANYMORE?

I find this to be a real paradox- on the one hand you cannot have what you send out to the universe as a lack- so the wanting is always a lack because if you did not have this lack in physical reality- then there would be no wanting. but on the other hand- life is not meant to be hard or difficult and happiness is the birthright of each human being on this planet- but you can have a joyful free easy life- never wanting anything- and then WHEN YOU DO ACTUALLY WANT IT you have to WAIT until you dont- so when it comes to you- YOU ARENT EXITED ABOUT IT but are like well thats great now- but i dont WANT IT WITH PASSION ANYMORE- and i settled for less, or just said you know what- i give it up i let it go- and you TRULY have to mean that or else it wont ever come- so you TRULY have given it up or forgot about it- or filled the desire with number 2 or number 3 choice- and then it comes? Why cant it come when i am exited passionate totally deliriously in love with it- so my whole life will consist of me wanting things- than TRULY letting them go- or forgetting about them- and then after i totally dont have any need (or exitement) for them...there you are??



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