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Sorry guys, couldn't help myself :)))))

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Okay, Wildlife, I've switched this to Community Wiki since it's not a real question but I'll leave it open for people to comment to if they wish since it is a landmark for the website. :) You can see how many questions have been posted by clicking on the "Questions" button at the top of this page

(07 Apr '10, 09:10) Barry Allen ♦♦

1000th question that is clearer thanks Vesuvius for clearing that question up! :-)

(10 Apr '10, 09:11) Wade Casaldi
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I am confused 1000 question of what, are we nearing 1000 questions here already? I have no idea where are the numbers to say how many have been asked?


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Wade Casaldi

When you click the "Questions" button on the left you can see on the right side the question count, so this in fact is the 1000 question :)

(07 Apr '10, 09:30) wildlife

It doesn't feel like we've had 1,000 questions here but obviously we have!

For anyone who is interested, you can see at the following links how Inward Quest has been doing in comparison to other sites on different topics that have been using the same newly-developed website forum software (called StackExchange) that we do:

StackExchange Directory

Personally, I'm finding it remarkable how the quality of the questions and answers here is still as high as when the website was first launched about six months ago.

We get quite a significant amount of our daily internet traffic these days directly from the internet search engines. Quite often people are typing word-for-word into Google, Yahoo or Bing, exactly the same questions that are being asked here. So this website usually ends up near the top of the search results. Looking through the web server logs, it is quite obvious that the information that has accumulated on Inward Quest is definitely being read by a lot more people on a daily basis than just those who visibly take part here.

And I have no doubt that the site's popularity will continue to grow as public interest increases in metaphysical and spiritual subjects, and people hunt around the internet for answers to questions they may never have thought about before.

Thanks to everybody for contributing so selflessly to this growing and evolving body of knowledge.

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