I am sure many of us who learn about manifesting and the Law of Attraction would probably agree that there are many different kinds of energies in this world, with the most commonly known one being the qi, yin and yang energy.

Since these 3 energies seem to be the ones that are widely accepted even by non-superstitious people, what is about them that actually make people so readily to accept them? Are there possibly many solid examples to prove these energies exist?

By widely accepted and people readily accepting them, I mean that if today you ask someone who is not superstitious or don't believe in manifesting about these 3 energies, there would probably still be more than 50% of these people who would still believe in these 3 energies or have at least heard of them before.

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Don't know what qi is, but yin is opposite of yang.

Now, everything is energy. So there is no 3 or 5 or 1000 energies. I guess people categorize them into 3 categories or so for sake of simplification. For example take color, color is energy - different colors have different vibes, which will affect your vibration differently. Does white gives you headache? Does red excites you? Is black depressive or calming you down? Right there you see first hand existence of energies.

(24 Jul '12, 04:59) CalonLan
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There's only one energy - in your terminology, "qi" - but it has two polarities.

Those polarities are called Yin and Yang. You could call them Positive and Negative instead if you want.

I have seen so many examples of this energy in action in my own life that I wouldn't know where to begin.

Probably the most dramatic physical illustration in my own life was when I was charging myself up with it one day to demonstrate an interesting effect to some friends, accidentally lost my grip on my fingers and my hands shot up in front of me, and the energy radiating from them knocked someone backwards from across the room and nearly smashed their head into the opposite wall :)

All completely unintentional and, though I've not been interested enough in what happened to try to repeat it on purpose, it was quite a dramatic demonstration to me of what we, as humans, are probably easily capable of if we practice a bit.

If you are asking for examples that would prove without doubt to a non-believer that this energy exists then, really, there are none because their own belief system would not let them find evidence contrary to their beliefs...just the Law of Attraction in operation.

I've explained this in What are the practical limitations of what the Universe can manifest?


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@Stingray- "****!!!"

"knocked someone backwards from across the room and nearly smashed their head into the opposite wall."

So....Basically you're a level 3 super saiyan...If we're both on earth next life times make sure you 'agree' to be born into my family :P

(26 Jul '12, 05:05) Nikulas

@Stingray- Sorry to be the painful, annoying student, but how can you charge up qi/chi? Is that why tai chi is so popular? Perhaps a link to a site would be phenominal (meh, or I'll manifest it if you don't feel inspired...)

(26 Jul '12, 05:08) Nikulas

@Nikulas - "how can you charge up qi/chi?" - I could give you a method if you really want but, taken out of context, I'm not sure what the value of it would be. It's a bit like teaching someone to push the accelerator pedal on a car without teaching them how to drive first :) Most genuine systems of spiritual/psychic development give you these kinds of energy abilities as a by-product of reawakening and harmonizing your chakras. It generally takes at least a few years with any...

(27 Jul '12, 06:19) Stingray

@Nikulas - ...such system before you see definite results. I've been thinking about whether I could honestly recommend any of the systems I've tried over the years and I don't think I honestly can. Each of the ones I've used were inspired to me at that time when I needed them and were right for me at the time I used them but, looking back, there were major flaws in all of them that would make them highly inappropriate for me now. So I wouldn't like to recommend something that might cause...

(27 Jul '12, 06:25) Stingray

@Nikulas - ...someone to devote a few years (at least) of their life towards just on my own (now out-of-date) recommendation :) I think in this case, the best method would really be to manifest an approach that is right for you at this time of your life. Vague and unhelpful answer, I know, but I'm keen not to mislead people

(27 Jul '12, 06:28) Stingray

@Stingray- Thanks for the reply. Btw, every time I come on and see I've gotten one of your replies it's like the excitement I get from a youthful Chistmas, you rock! :)

I understand and appreciate at least you undertook the time to think of whether to give me/others a method or not. However, I've come to the knowledge now that, even if you did give a method that (was good for you) didn't work for me, I'd be able to pick that up straight away, hence my inspiration would die if >>>

(27 Jul '12, 10:57) Nikulas

.> that were the case. So, and I purely speak for myself here, don't have any sort of trepedation just blurting out random stuff for me to give a testy induldgence in. At the moment, I guess I really would just like some real-time-moment proof of chi if I managed to harness it myself. It would be cool if there was some ritual I could use before sports performances to create some sort of immediate, energetic power. You had me at "charging myself up with it one day..."

(27 Jul '12, 11:10) Nikulas

And, sorry, but while I've got you on the line here, would you mind just one or two comments upon chakras? I treated them as airy-fairy stuff right until you mentioned it in your comment there. So I'm getting the impression that keeping your chakras 'clean' sounds beneficial after all...

(27 Jul '12, 11:15) Nikulas

@Nikulas - The fastest, easiest way to give your physical body an immediate charge is to take a huge intake of air...and then breathe in some more without breathing out...then breathe in even more without breathing out :) You should feel like you are ready to burst your lungs. Now lock your abdomen in place, so the breath doesn't escape until you release it, and hold that breath as long as you possibly can. When you finally have to breathe out, give yourself a break for a few minutes...

(28 Jul '12, 02:32) Stingray

@Nikulas - ...to recover. Then repeat the process a few times. You should find yourself massively charged up with chi, or whatever you call that energy. That should help with any kind of physical activity. The limiting factor here, however, is how much charge you can hold. This process here will max you out. The development of the ability to hold more "charge" is what can take a while to develop.

(28 Jul '12, 02:35) Stingray

@Nikulas - Regarding Chakras, they are an entirely valid concept spoken of throughout history. Think of Chakras as electrical transformers (the kind you use to charge your mobile phone) that step down one "voltage" (that cannot be used by your body) into another "voltage" that can be used by your body. There is masses of info already available about the chakras and it might be worth your time just to see what resonates with you, and what doesn't. One tip: It seems that just in the...

(28 Jul '12, 02:38) Stingray

@Nikulas - ...past few years, the roles of the Crown Chakra and Heart Chakra have switched in human beings (so say the 9D Pleiadians) so that the Heart Chakra has taken on a massively more significant role than before. Hence you'll find me yapping on IQ from time to time about getting "Heart-Centered" to access infinite energies.

(28 Jul '12, 02:41) Stingray

@Stingray- It's like whatever written words I type, you seem to zoom straight past them and understand what I'm really after (and you seem to be able to do that with everyone) to provide cool answers. I want to just ask and ask and ask and ask and ask you everything in the world, but thankyou sooo much for your time- this info gives me enough spring to spur onto looking into chakras (another example to add to the # 7 myth!)

(28 Jul '12, 03:58) Nikulas

@Stingray- and, oh, with the breath thing, you can hold it for a few minutes I'm heard.....It goes to show how many years you have been engaged in this; I can only hold for a max of 40 seconds....And I thought I was fit, hehe

(28 Jul '12, 04:00) Nikulas

@Nikulas - You're welcome. I haven't really felt the need to use the breath exercise for a few years now because as your chi "container" develops more capacity, you naturally attract more energy to fill it without the need for these sorts of exercises...that's where the concept of "personal magnetism" comes from. Just out of interest, I tried holding my own breath just now and only managed 1.5 minutes :) Then again, I am dressed in an uncomfortable formal outfit right now ready to attend...

(28 Jul '12, 04:10) Stingray

@Nikulas - ...a wedding shortly. But even that amount of breath holding from just one breath has left me sweating a bit from the energy build-up...and my hands are buzzing right now with that energy boost :) One trick I've discovered to prolonging the hold is to breathe in further everytime you feel on the verge of breathing out. And do that everytime you are about to breath out until you can do it no more. I think you should be able to significantly increase your breath hold time from that

(28 Jul '12, 04:15) Stingray

@Stingray- I'm trying this continual breathing in part, and just want to wrap this up and make sure I'm doing it correctly. So, I take a huuuge breath in, and hold...Then, after about 20-30 seconds (for me) I try and get another tiny breath in, but I can only suck in little 'whips' of air after my first initial gulp breath, does the same apply for you? Also, on the end verges of my lung capacity, I start to get a deep pressure in my throat, and my head starts to sort of pulsate in an >>

(28 Jul '12, 11:11) Nikulas

@Nikulas - Yeah, that sounds about right for the "whips" of air. You are already at full lung capacity so you're not really breathing in but mostly suppressing the desire to breathe out. I don't get the other symptoms - I just get a massive increase in energy...can really feel my aura expand in a big way. As I said at the start, this is like pushing the accelerator pedal of a car before learning how to drive so use at your own risk :) But it might at least give you a taste of the kind...

(28 Jul '12, 14:31) Stingray

@Nikulas - ...of things that the physical body is capable of and which are rarely spoken about. I do not believe this exercise will cause you any physical problems if, and only if, you are already in good physical health, which clearly you are. But if you start getting uncomfortable symptoms from it, I would follow your inner guidance regarding when and how much it feels appropriate to use it.

(28 Jul '12, 14:34) Stingray

I'm pretty sure that's an episode of Naturo you are talking about. LOL :)

(28 Dec '12, 10:34) mastermind2
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There are times when I am giving a Reiki treatment and someone will say, "Your hands are like fire hot coals!" But other times it could even be the same person that says to me, "your hands are like frozen blocks of ice!"

Reiki does what is needed in the situation that it is being used in, it acts forwards or reversed pushing or drawing because it is not me or my energy it is the person I am treating that is doing the pulling or pushing actually or more like the balancing of energy. It is what is needed and thus to me proves a yin or yang quality.


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Wade Casaldi

A scientific theory has proposed that there is a non-dimensional energy field which underlies 3 dimensional reality. This field connects space with space and time with time.

You can listen to a talk about it here:


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Aren't we in timeless universe though?

(24 Jul '12, 05:24) CalonLan

Another subjective example is that I can act like an energetic vampire - drawing people's breath away from them, I think with my throat chakra, or something connected to my own breathing.

(24 Jul '12, 05:25) SR7

@CalonLan: the field is timeless.

(24 Jul '12, 05:26) SR7
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Hi kakaboo, a good way to prove to yourself the existence of qi energy is to use your own qi energy.

Here's a down to earth practical method; obtain a small piece of meat, put it on a plate and magnetize it with your hands. Your hands should be about 1cm above the piece of meat, do this for 5 to 10 minutes everyday for a week to 10 days. The meat will become mummified and remain so without any signs of putrefaction.

alt text

This's an excellent method to test your level of personal magnetism, if you find it difficult to mummify the meat your qi energy needs topping up ... have fun :)


answered 23 Jun '14, 01:24

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