When I was 16, I was set to be a doctor. I had been accepted into Northwestern University's Honors medical program, but my Dad blocked me by refusing to co-sign my loans. I feel that dream is long gone now.

I also wanted tp play piano at the concert level, and have reached the point where I can play Beethoven Sonatas, for example. But my hands do not work like they used to, and I get frustrated when my fingers cramp due to problems with my neck.

In short, age is creeping up on me, and the dreams of my youth no longer seem possible at all.

What should i do?

I have a great interest in photography, and graphic arts, and I work at that sometimes. But even that seems sometimes pointless. I guess I need to assess where I am in life, and maybe make new dreams.

But what do I do at my age? Can a person regenerate the enthusiasm of youth and find new paths?

I guess that tonight, I feel a little discouraged.

I just spent the day doing yard work and housework, and my feet swelled up so bad I can barely walk. My body seems to be just "crapping" out on me. It drives me bonkers to feel so tired at the end of the day.

I just got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and was told to exercise (moderately) to help myself. To me, it's just another roadblock and a sign of aging.

Aging sucks. How do I have my cake and eat it too? I so want to do so much more than I am.

What do you advise?

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You can do anything you desire if you dedicate yourself to it. I'm going to qualify this with "within reason", but some might even say outside of reason as well.

Learning new fields? Completely plausible, and not uncommon. It should be more common. If you're concerned about it start out by pursuing easier classes and move up the hurdles as you get back into the swing.

(24 Jul '13, 03:59) Snow

@All- Thank you for your encouraging responses! I am really seriously considering all the advice and love they expressed. Thank you, Jai

(27 Jul '13, 17:18) Jaianniah
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The answer is NO ! Why?

The very title is just a THOUGHT ... that is its roots are not yours but from different sources, like what the overwhelming majority of people would THINK that is appropriate at that age. Inevitably, you grew up in this mentality. But that is BS...

What you FEEL will give you the REAL answer !

A little exercise : What would be your own answer to your question IF you did not have...any questions about it ? Ask yourself : "How would i FEEL about this...without having any thoughts, doubts, etc. about it ?"

Usually the answer is instant and it is the real answer for yourself.

All the best to you !


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You really get it @holla ... or think with your heart . . . all about feelings..

(05 Aug '13, 04:59) ele

@ele Yes, i find that this amazing and simple truth...to check within you how you feel about something AND ALLOW that FEELING to BE it will allow YOU also to SEE the "Reasons" that keep you from doing what you want to do...In other words : You want something..well..the "distance" between the moment you realize you LIKE that and the MANIFESTATION of what you like is nothing else but "layers after layers" of BELIEVES and EMOTIONS ...so the simple ACT to allow yourself to SEE brings AWARENESS !

(05 Aug '13, 15:30) holla

Contd: Apparently there is a tricky part..how do you know wich are the layers ? Well, one could say: this is why we live and "move" through life :) ..in the second we are CONFRONTED with that SPECIFIC situation the "blocking layers" will POP UP automatically ! Allow yourself to WATCH them ! Like THE VIEWER that you really are! Then TREAT yourself with different approaches, as you can do best: Release like in Sedona, Erase like in BSFF, etc.Then SEE what is left and treat some more :)

(05 Aug '13, 15:38) holla

By the way. My first answer is mentioned and recommended by more than one "person" : 1) Bashar 2) Archangel Michael or Metatron..in some channelings.. 3) There is a lady whose therapy is based on this type of "putting the question" like : "How would YOU be without that.....whatever is..?"- i forgot her name, sorry :) 4) Colby Wilk - an excellent Theta-healer and wonderful man

ps- i extended a little bit my answer because i FELT so :) So, there YOU have it !

(05 Aug '13, 15:49) holla

Thanks @holla Yes, allowing is essential & perhaps the greatest stumbling block for many. Allow yourself to Receive..

(05 Aug '13, 20:09) ele
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Hi, first off I was diagnosed with fibro-m as well as cfs (as well as arthritis) when I was 7 years old ... Exercise and water help lots. Believe it or not so does a forced smile.

As far as being too old to chase your dreams

I don't know much but from what I've gathered it's our dreams, hopes and greatest fears that equal what we define as reality.

The objective, let the hopes and the dreams overcome the fear and manifest destiny.

It's never too late to never give up.

Good luck.


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dangerously bear

NEVER! Take one step at a time ... And stop listening to other people! First, you have to believe your goals are POSSIBLE to achieve, and they are, as long AS YOU BELIEVE. http://articles.latimes.com/1992-06-01/local/me-363_1_medical-school


answered 25 Jul '13, 18:47

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Beach Baby

Jai, I had thought you were all set to become a minister; what happened? Was this not your dream? I remember you had a problem with getting your actual diploma, but once you are working in the field, paying off the loan shouldn't be a problem.

But there are other callings for you, for sure. Your writing skills are so excellent. Have you thought of tutoring, or starting a blog for people with MPD or a blog-type of on-line ministry? Lots of people make money blogging. And your love of animals! How about volunteering at the animal shelter. So many homeless pets just need hugs and attention at the shelter....you would not even have to walk much. Surely there is something you can do to feel more fulfilled.

Although I would rather not age either, we do, and perhaps have days we don't feel as young anymore, but we still have plenty of opportunities and plenty of worth. I wouldn't divert my mind with that but instead would keep going forward with something.

We are here to encourage you. God put you here for a reason, and you have a calling. Go for it!


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LeeAnn 1

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P.S. I am 54 and never, ever feel bored or unfulfilled. Just get out there and do something! You will feel motivated along the way.

(27 Jul '13, 16:18) LeeAnn 1

Thank you, @LeeAnn! All your ideas are good. School is a mess right now- I got screwed four classes from my degree, and they want $4,000 before I can finish. Ugh. But you are always so supportive. Thank you for the compliment about my writing! It was greatly appreciated AND absorbed...i will give that blogging idea some serious thought. And the animals...I would do the work in a second, but I would come home with an animal a day. Dangerous! LOL. Thanks again, and much love, as usual. Jai

(27 Jul '13, 17:16) Jaianniah

I know what you mean, I would come home with all of them too!

(27 Jul '13, 22:53) LeeAnn 1
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Work towards the fulfillment of your dreams, don't worry about whether you will reach your goals or not. Think about doing it this way, doesn't that give the whole idea more freedom, more breathing room? Or are you too much a perfectionist for that? I don't know, I'm only thinking out loud... I played the piano too, when I was younger - never got further than performing a 'polonaise' of Chopin and some 3-voice Bach stuff, but later on I started playing in a band and at one time 'my' trio (bass, percussion and myself on synthesizer) got to play on a regular basis at wedding parties and occasions like that. Music made it possible for me to stop working at the factory too. Is it only classical piano you like to play? How about building up a repertoire of more swingy music, or jazzy even?

With regards to your health, I think people also got that upside down: first you feel bad (by thinking you're getting old, watching you skin getting more wrinkled, the gray hairs start to appear, there's a little pain here, a little pain there, all of which confirm what you already were thinking, 'I'm getting old' :-) This leads to thinking about giving up on some dreams, which in turn generates more symptoms and there you have it: you're old!

Watch some youtube video's of Dr. Bruce Lipton (who also wrote an amazing book, 'The Biology of Belief'), read about the placebo effect - and definitely about the 'nocebo effect - spontaneous remissions, get over the assumptions of doctors, who tell everybody that 'alternative medicine' is dangerous, while they're poisoning their patients with chemo and radiation, take a look at EFT, Sedona Method, and so on. In other words, get in touch with what's behind so called reality - get empowered by the knowledge you'll discover that way.

Or... just lie down and give up... It's really your choice, you know. I'm in my fifties now and can't even begin to tell you what I've discovered about life, once I started digging real deep - after a loved one got diagnosed with malignant cancer - it was as if the universe went out of its way to help us.

Ok, I'm just gonna publish this comment, 'cause I'm sure that, if I read it over first, I'll probably delete it and maybe, just maybe, you'll find something useful in my ramblings...

Get on with it, Jai, you can always give up later if that's what you really want, after all.


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@ronald123- Your answer was wonderful! I felt your compassion, backed by some good old fashioned common sense (which is an oxymoron if you think about it :) ). I will try-but you should know, I have not a jazzy bone in my body! I just cannot get it- I do not even like it, but I get your drift. Thank you so much! Love, Jai

(30 Jul '13, 16:13) Jaianniah

Thanks for your kind words, Jai. I'm sure you'll find a way - any way - to get the juices flowing again and the 'life force' lift you up, far above the self imposed limitations of man... God bless

(30 Jul '13, 18:58) ronald123

The younger always followed the old. In that case your are strongest man then ever in this world. The age depends on internal strength but not passing days. So I wish you all the best to your dreams. "Unbounded confident is the key note to success".

Thank you Nagaraju


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Whatever you need will be provided to you, when you live in a state of Appreciation and away from that feeling of "lack".


answered 02 Aug '13, 22:09

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