How to remain unaffected by it every day? It's just weird that every company I go there are women who bully me. They had my move monitored in detail. Had insulting/offensive remarks spread about me. They spread gossips and rumors about me. I get really stressed with these people. and It's emotionally damaging.

Despite that I want to stay in this company and improve my job performance even better. How do I deal with this? How do I send strong positive vibration?

I really need advise and prayers. Thanks so much in Advance!

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Angelfire 1

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Barry Allen ♦♦

If you don't mind me saying...I don't think you really want to remain strong despite co-workers bullying and hating me.

Don't you really want to just not be bullied and hated instead?

If I decide to start hitting you physically with a stick, would you really want to remain strong despite me hitting you or would you prefer the hitting to stop? :)

I'm going to make the assumption that you really want the hitting to stop :)

So the answer to this is the same for everything else in life...if it's in your reality, you must be attracting it in some way even if you are not consciously aware of how you are attracting it.

By bringing conscious awareness of why you are attracting what you are attracting, it brings your power back to You because you can then consciously change what you are attracting.

Here's a simple process I've mentioned in Why do I keep manifesting ornery bosses? to find out why you are attracting something in your life...

  1. Think about how those bullies make you feel
  2. Think carefully about what else in your life makes you feel that way
  3. You now have the cause as to why you keep manifesting these bullies - it's a vibrational match to that feeling.

Once you have the underlying cause for what you are attracting, you can take steps (using a multitude of methods already mentioned on IQ) to change how you feel about that underlying situation and that vibrational change will cascade through your life and lead to you attracting differently from those people or have them naturally clatter out of your reality.


answered 28 Jul '12, 01:42

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Great Answer Stingray , caused ne some reflection though not in regard to bullies , Thank you ♥♥♥

(28 Jul '12, 02:00) Starlight

thank you so much! This is very uplifting. you targeted what's on my mind. You have a wonderful gift of healing souls through your abundant words of wisdom. More blessings to you Stringray! :)

(28 Jul '12, 04:44) Angelfire 1

@Angelfire , @Starlight - Thanks & you're very welcome. I'm glad you found some value in the answer.

(28 Jul '12, 14:40) Stingray
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simple be the light that you can be.
let their darkness consume them ,their problem is not yours.
it is their choice they are responsible for it.
and you are responsible for your choice.
stay in truth the truth will set you free.
experience and enjoy.


answered 28 Jul '12, 17:33

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white tiger

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@white tiger Beautifully said ! hope you don't mind the edit just thought it would look good like that

(28 Jul '12, 17:41) ursixx

Good edit ursix but you have remove the part about choice. it is their choice they are responsible of it. and you are responsible of your choice. but anny way people can figure it out.

(28 Jul '12, 22:51) white tiger

@white tiger wow sorry don't know how that happened ...wonderful answer ^5

(10 Aug '12, 20:37) ursixx
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We are told we will be persecuted for Jesus. But we must stay strong and believe and know God is our shield and our friend. Even in the presence of our enemies God has a table prepared for us and our cups run over because God blesses us so much for being faithful.

Here is my prayer for you, Father you know who Angelfire is she has been getting bullied at work. This comes to an end now! As she is protected by your shield and sword. You are there for her and you clear a path for her that she may not have these bullies! These bullies are blinded and their hearts are hardened. I pray these bullies the blinders are removed from their eyes and their hearts are softened towards Angelfire. I pray that when Angelfire walks into work her path is made clear and the devil's snares are for nothing as she goes freely. I pray that blessing are cast on these bullies as I pray for them and she does as well. They will change or the blessings will be as hot coals to those not wanting to accept them. Father God I know you have heard my prayer and I thank you for this blessing of protection on Angelfire and the blessing of repentance for her bullies, In Jesus name I pray, Amen.


answered 27 Jul '12, 23:39

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Wade Casaldi

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What a beautiful answer, Wade! ♥

(27 Jul '12, 23:43) Jaianniah

That was fast! Thank you so much for this powerful prayer. Lovely answer indeed :)

(27 Jul '12, 23:55) Angelfire 1

You are very welcome Anglefire now you have to claim that prayer was heard. Thank God everyday that he heard it and you will see results. Thank him as if he has taken care of it already. Believe and know it in your heart.

(29 Jul '12, 01:18) Wade Casaldi
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Following content might come off as a bit rough to some and understanding it is dependent on level of inner security or confidence of an individual. I don't attempt to explain this stuff from metaphysics neutral point of view like @Stingray did. I'd rather show you how to throw punches when in street fight, than wonder what's the meaning or why you're being in it

We create our reality. Yes. But all our reality is created of is judgement. You judge this and that, these and those people. Priorities - judgement. Preference - judgement. Who to go out with - judgement. What do I eat for breakfast - judgement. All the decision making is judgmental.

If you stop judging, you stop caring. But you can't really give up on making judgements in life, that's like giving up on life itself. You could just as well lay down and die.

So making judgements is essential to living. However judgements in your life run wild. If you want to be happier, you should get them under control and minimize them. Judge yourself. Not others. If you expand the game of judgement onto others, it will devastate you. As long as you are not judging others, you focus only on yourself.

You have to set your own standards and be true to them, build your character on them, become your best. That should drop the need to hear other people's opinion on anything, get rid of all negative vibe of others looking down at you.

There's a lot of girls and I guess guys too, who gossip, spread false info, they just assume something to be true and go brag about it all day long. Even in normal conversation they talk trash. I never engage in that. I'm too busy figuring out my own self and how to improve in every moment. I don't let others tell me anything, unless I ask. If they gossip about me, so what? They are losers to me anyway. I don't want them in my life, they only take space, time and energy. And I prefer all of that to be spend on myself.

Opinions of others cannot stop me from living a great life, because my life is not based on their opinions in the first place. If yours were not based on whether somebody likes or not, you would not bother about it at all.

Why would ever people think it's important to be liked by others? They steer clear of being selfish and loving themselves first as if it was something terrible. Selfish is great. Only that way you can have fun all the time. Because you only really care and judge yourself.


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I would advise that you go to your personnel manager (if you have one) and report this behavior. Period.

If you do not have such a person, I would strongly urge you to find another job. Why? Because you don't deserve to work in such an environment. Nobody does. If you stay, it is as if you are saying that you secretly feel that you deserve such treatment. You do not.

Some people may disagree with me, but my ex-husband used to work in a lot of offices, and he always was shocked at how the women treated each other. Why are they like this? I do not know.

You deserve better. Get out, or ask for help. Don't stand stoically by while these women treat you like dirt.

Good luck!

Jaianniah ♥♥♥♥


answered 27 Jul '12, 23:42

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Thank a lot Jaianniah! Probably the best way at the moment is to talk to my boss about it. :)

(28 Jul '12, 04:53) Angelfire 1
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