I don't know if this question has already been asked but here it goes. Iv'e managed to keep my vibration up for weeks. Recently iv'e had some conflicting emotions. A very judgmental family member and I got into an argument with eachother.I still feel kind of upset over it. I was so mad that I was shaking. I would rather not discuss what it was about but she said some very mean things to me and I can't get it out of my system.

I was going to ask if there is an exercise or any kind of method I should know about to raise my vibration.

I'm also worried that I did something wrong by arguing with this person therefore not getting my desires.

Any ideas and words of encouragement would be much appreciated


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It bothers you cuz you need approval of others. Too attached to love that people around you provide.

(09 Dec '12, 09:44) CalonLan
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Yes this question does get asked quite often, so I have provided some links below you might find useful.

If you read through the processes and feel inspired to use any that's a great place to start.

Manifesting Experiments by Stingray

Abraham Hicks Processes

Getting into the Vortex takes up a lot of my time which makes me feel bad later. Any guidance?

Raise your vibration in 2 minutes!

Does anyone have any exercises to help one reach neutral point or neutral state?

What are great ways to raise my vibrational frequency?

Step-By-Step Frequency Raising by Julia Rodgers Hamrick

A strategy for coming back into alignment when you're feeling disconnected.

Step One: Observe your feelings and listen to the conversation in your head without judging what you observe. If you feel angry, resentful, hurt, sad, fearful, or anything other than joyful, or if what you’re hearing in your head is other than loving, your ego has taken the wheel and is blocking your perfect alignment with your God-Realized Self, and holding you out of the flow of Love from Source, thus lowering your frequency and keeping you in the “misery matrix.”

Step Two: Acknowledge your intention to shift back into alignment as soon as you recognize that you are misaligned, and express your intent to surrender to your God-Realized Self: the aspect of you that is perpetually in alignment with Source and thus is totally loving, all wise, all powerful, and consistently blissful. Being aligned with this unlimited Self and rising in frequency (the result of being in alignment) is the solution to all problems.

Step Three: Allow your ego to express whatever it needs to—whether it’s rage, grief, or self-righteousness. Just let it come out. If writing out your feelings (for your eyes only) would be helpful, do that. Cry, yell, punch a pillow—do whatever you need to do to discharge the energy. Do not resist anything that comes up on the basis of it not being “nice.” (These exercises are for you and no one else—ideally, you will do them in private.) Observe without resistance while this is going on, and know that these feelings are not a part of you, but simply “stuff” that needs to be discharged to make way for Love to flow. Devote as much purposeful time to this as needed.

Step Four: Select any frequency-raising support activities and tools that seem appropriate and utilize them (A partial list is at the bottom of this post). Moving Life Force freely through you without ego choking off the flow is the key to rising in frequency. Music is one of the most powerful realignment tools as it easily bypasses ego resistance. You may want to use sad or angry music during Step Three, but once your ego has expressed and you’re feeling more peaceful and ready to allow yourself to move toward joy, choose music that you feel will be helpful in boosting you upward.

Step Five: Let go to the upward movement of your energy and enhance it by breathing into it and celebrating it! Stay focused on the wonderful feeling of Life Force flowing through you, and feel it elevating you closer and closer to the “joy space.” Repeating the words “Thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you, thank you” over and over again to your God-Realized Self is like fanning a spark to turn it into a flame. Feel the magnetic energy of the joy space calling you upward and revel in the feeling of being there—it’s your true Home! Honor your intuition as to what else you need to do. Your intuition is your God-Realized Self guiding you. Repeat as needed.

Frequency-Raising Support Tools and Techniques

Raising your frequency is a matter of unblocking the flow of Life Force from Source (also known as Love), so that it flows freely through you without resistance from your ego. The following are some of the many tools and energy-moving techniques that will help get you back in the flow!


is one of the easiest, most effective passive tools for frequency-raising as it is generally something that bypasses ego-resistance and entrains your energy to it without effort. You can use music to assist in moving out emotional “stuff” when you’re providing ego the chance to be heard so it can drop its resistance. Music composed as an act of healing is especially potent for this. Upbeat, rhythmic music will lift you up higher when you are ready to move to the joy space.

Conscious breathing

Breathing dynamically and purposefully—realigns you with the rhythm of the Divine. Imagine you are breathing in Light and breathing out whatever is not in alignment and blocking the flow of Life Force through you. Using circular breathing techniques (rebirthing therapy) can rapidly move energy blockages through and out and free your energy to flow, but simply sitting and focusing on your breath is also a powerful way to get centered, oxygenated, and enlivened.


is a powerful, passive frequency-raiser that bypasses all ego resistance.The aromatic essences of plants were provided by the Creator for the purpose of assisting us in realigning with Source, thus balancing, healing and energizing us. Smelling a pure plant fragrance brings our energy into the frontal lobes of the brain to the pineal gland where our God Knowingness is accessible. Many fragrances such as frankincense, sandalwood, rose and balsam fir are particularly effective for stimulating the pineal gland and raising frequency. Essential oils must be therapeutic-grade for this use.


is the gift we are given daily to get our ego-minds out of the way so we can realign with Source and Life Force can freely flow through us. Getting enough sleep is extremely important in raising your frequency and keeping it high.


is like “neutral” in the gears of a car. When we relax, we allow energy in reverse polarity to come back into alignment. When things are going wrong, taking a deep breath and relaxing mentally and physically puts Spirit back in charge.


is using your voice to raise and balance energy, something you do instinctively as a child. There are infinite ways to tone, but here is a technique to try: Start by sounding “oooooooooo” (rhymes with “glue”) at the lowest note your voice will go and raise the tone up smoothly over a period of a few seconds, from as low as you can easily go to the highest you can easily go, like a siren starting up, and hold the highest note as long as you can. Do not force the sound—let your voice gently wrap around the sound so as not to cause vocal strain. Repeat. Experiment with your voice and find your own favorite technique!


Including stretching, is a really great way to get the Life Force flowing freely through your body again. Physical movement not only causes energy to move through and oxygenate your brain, it stimulates the release of endorphins, which are frequency-elevating, as witnessed by the way they move you into joy. Do your favorite workout, dance, play a game that requires movement, or simply take a walk. The key is to move.

Frontal lobe stimulation

withdraws energy from your reptilian brain (home of your ego’s greatest influence) and draws it into the part of your brain where your God Knowingness is available. You can stimulate your frontal lobes by focusing energy there. One easy way to do this is by visualizing your amygdala—two walnut-sized structures in the mid-brain at about eye level—and imagining Tinkerbell swooping in and tickling them with a feather.

Radiating Love

unconditionally is the most frequency-raising of all activities because in order to do it, you have to be in alignment! It is what you were designed for, and the ability to do this is “hard-wired” into you. When you radiate Love impersonally, just the way Source does, without concern for who is receiving or appreciating it, you are automatically in perfect alignment.

Other powerful frequency-raising activities to try include: ~Writing a letter to God, and channeling God’s totally loving answer in response.

~Appreciating something or someone (gratitude is an especially powerful form of appreciation).

~Communing with Nature and allowing it to trigger your Love response to it.

~Doing something for someone with absolutely no expectation of anything in return.

~Using water, a magical, electromagnetic substance, to soak in, shower in, swim in, gaze at, and drink (being well-hydrated is essential for operating at higher frequency

Julia Rogers Hamrick


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All of this is good advice

(09 Dec '12, 16:58) Jason1

When I feel angry, upset, or anything I don't prefer, I do Two Hands Touching until I feel better. Sometimes I include EZ Deletion Sequence to clear particular emotions or energy from people or events. I hope this helps


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Fairy Princess

Thanks I'll have to try this method out sometime too

(09 Dec '12, 16:59) Jason1

@Fairy Princess and @Satori have given you wonderful answers. You can get free of the restricting, confusing emotion, then fill yourself with the love and light flowing to you and through you always.

The suggestion of radiating love and communing with nature reminded me of a quote I'd recently found and love:

And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Khalil Gibran.

These feelings are truly available to us all, at all times. We just have to wriggle free and reach for them. I love that.



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It's all nice and fluff, but regardless of technique you use or activity you do, the next time someone judges you, you'll feel down again. That never ending circle of going up and down is madness.

Maybe you'd deem it beneficial to get rid of this nonsense once and for all instead of buying yourself lollipops everyone time you feel sad.

And it's always matter of understanding. So here it is.

Feeling bad <-(cause by) opinion and judgement of others <- inner search for approval <- pity <- low sense of worth.

What is sense of worth? It's a comparison of yourself to something else. So just as with answering "How are you?"..it is the outcome of comparing yourself to something that creates an answer.

To what you compare yourself to depends on your preferences. Which are direct result of your beliefs, which, rather than being helpful, are your limitations.

It all gets fixed if you stop comparing yourself with other people, or things. If you yourself stop judging. Or dismiss all beliefs for that matter.


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