I had an experience once whereby I heard very clearly "a voice" out of nowhere speaking extremely fast as if a record was playing on fast play. I could not determine what language it was or what was being said because of the speed at which the person was speaking. It startled me and I was like what the hell is that. The next day I shared with my teenage daughter what I had experienced and she related that she had the same experience during the night and it was not a dream. Is it possible that we tapped into a higher vibrational frequency

asked 15 Apr '10, 16:54

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I think the vibration is the key to many phenomena in the world. Everything in the universe vibrates at a particular grade, and those scales of vibration is what we call matter, in its various forms. Human beings also vibrate at different scales, and it is possible for us to change those frequencies through meditation and concentration of mind. Then, these high-frequency states of mind are not easy to achieve, but once mastered the technique, you can access them at will. However, all techniques can vary from person to person, but the bottom line to start is the intention, then perseverance. I apply a technique of Kybalion, and this is to focus on the mental state you want to vibrate, and stay as long as possible, in that mode. Then the state will appeal vibrational frequencies of concordant and reject the dissonant ones. That is the principle of vibration that controls everything.


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Thanks for your comments Robert. I was thinking along the same lines.

(16 Apr '10, 14:53) Drham

Yes we can tune into higher frequencies, it is a lot easier than most know. Rather than going into a visualization technique I'll make it even easier, look at a risen picture of Jesus not on the cross or suffering. You know one with him shining brightly golden or white light, star at that for a while and feel yourself merging with it, like you become the picture. Feeling the shining light all around and inside of you and more importantly feel Jesus and you as one. Feel this merging happening and feel not only in body but in mind merging as Jesus said I and my Father are one, merge in body mind spirit and soul. After you really feel this, see how you feel, you might get a download from Jesus even, that is fine if you get information that you need good.

Not everyone is into Jesus so if Buddha is your path or some other spiritual master then do the same thing, if Catholic do the same for the Holy Mother Mary.

If you wish not to use any graven images then you must use the light in that case you can look at a reflection of light not directly into a light bulb unless you want to damage your eyes. Image the light and you as one, imagine the light as God, the light filling you and merging as body mind spirit and soul just like before.


answered 16 Apr '10, 08:24

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Wade Casaldi

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