Is it natural to be feel gloomy a few times out of the month even though you are generally an optimistic content person? If it is natural and perfectly normal to feel down due to circumstances, conflicts etc then would it be humanely possible to be a human dynamo, never to be down, always smiling, purely positive thoughts each day of the year without fail? If it is possible to experience such bliss because this for me would be the ultimate secret, I want to know.

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Yes Hank, it is possible and the best way to live that way is to NOT to feel "gloomy" when you feel "gloomy".

E-motions, which are "energy in motion", are in general neutral. In and of themselves they don't have a built in meaning, they simply are and they have to role to play, otherwise they wouldn't be here.

So what is the role of e-motions? They indicate to you if your belief system is aligned with your Higher Self. Period.

What does it mean further down the line? It means that EVERY single emotion that you have, had and will have, couldn't be here if you wouldn't have a belief about it. It's just not possible to feel anything about something that you don't have a belief in.

It is a VERY important observation that you have to incorporate into your life to understand what those undesired e-motions that you're having come from.

They ALL come from, that at one time or another in your life, no matter if you're consciously aware of it or not, you have incorporated into your belief system a belief that's "out of sync" you might say with your true natural Self, the Higher Self.

It can be a belief of your parents, your spouse, friends or co-workers, it doesn't matter. What matters is that it doesn't belong to You. And ANY and ALL "bad" e-motions that we like to call them, are ALL experiences filtered through your belief system and producing chemical responses in your body.

So what is bliss? What is excitement? Those are the feelings that you encounter when your belief system is aligned with your Higher Self. It's when you know who you are and why you are here doing what you are doing.

So the whole "secret" in this "spirituality" theme is working with your belief system and clearing it out from all the garbage that you've picked along the way.

One of the most popular negative beliefs in our society today is "There's not enough to go around". I personally believe, that if we would change this belief into "There's enough for everyone to go around" (which in fact is the truth) the world would be as different as it can be from what we can perceive now.

But the thing is, how do you know when a belief is wrong? Well, you know it when you feel shitty doing stuff that you do, no matter what it is. And there are so many different beliefs that are just so untrue and plainly stupid that it's not even funny.

I'm not gonna name them, but I believe you get my drift.

So how do you deal with them. First thing you do, you identify the way you feel and ask a question: "Ok, I'm feeling terrible right now. What belief would I have to have to feel this way?" and from that point forward you will be "jumping" from one belief to another until you identify the one that is the root of the problem.

Once you identify it, it's gone! You got ride of it. It's as simple as that. You can't change something you do not own; once you own it you can do it with it as you please.

Ok, so what next? You change it to something you would prefer, i.e. "the next time I will encounter this and this I want to act in that and that way". That's it. Your new belief is in place. What now? Lock it in.

How to lock it in? When the situation comes up "Act as if.." the new belief is in place and that will activate it.

Easier said then done, right? Well, if it was easy what would be the point of ALL this? Why would we be here? We would be just formless clouds of energy floating from one place to another.

But we're not. We are here and the process that I'm describing to you works because it ha worked for me and it will work for you if you try it.

So, you may say that you have already been doing it and you still feel the "bad" emotions. That's normal, because you're not used to the process yet. They are like a stone thrown into a pond, and what those e-motions are, just circles of water that are hitting the shore. It will soon pass, don't worry.

So the deal is this: 1. Identify your belief. 2. Change it to the belief you would prefer to have from now on. 3. Lock it in (act "as if.." the new belief is in place) 4. Prepare for another belief to jump right back on your back. Why? Because they are a lot of layers to beliefs and striping them is a lot of work, but work that's worth it.

So coming back to your question about being "gloomy". Will it ever stop? Who knows? Nobody can tell you for sure "Hey, from now on you will never feel gloomy again in your life", because that would be a lie.

If you choose to feel "gloomy" then it means that you should. You can't control this if you're belief system is aligned with your Higher Self. But what you can control is your response to the "gloominess". Will you respond with the feeling down "Oh man, I feel gloomy again, I hate it" or "Oh, gloomy-feelin! I haven't felt that for so long. Let me just sit with it for a while to see how it feels."

That's the attitude you want to have towards life in ANY endeavor - curiosity. Be curious, be investigating all the time yourself and others. Ask the most profound question that can ever be asked "Why?" Apply this question to everything and ask "Why?" and if you do that then I promise you, even when you will be "gloomy", you won't be "gloomy" :)


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Our journey here is for growth and expansion and it is often during those gloomy times that our greatest lessons are learned. We chose to have a human experience which usually entails challenges and suffering in some guise - it is how we move through these challenges that determines how blissful we are. If we let the ego take precedence, the challenges become obstacles and we bemoan our fate. However, when we look at the challenges from a higher perspective, the solution usually presents itself.

However, even those who are seemingly happy most of the time often have gloomy moments. We are all subject to impermanence - everything and everyone passes away eventually and we chose as human beings to become attached to those we love; so when a loved one passes, we usually grieve and suffer. However, the more we grow spiritually and are able to connect to God or Source, the more we realize that this physical experience is merely a moment in time and we will connect with our loved ones again.


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I believe that human beings can do things that even they themselves know they can. But to reach the state that you want, man must avoid the conflict, the conflict in the daily relationship, with children, the wife, but mainly the conflict with oneself, fear, doubt, pessimism, hatred, envy . Everything has its origin in identifying yourself, To eliminate such conflict must start by eliminating ego, which is what creates your interconnection with the world and makes you experience the doubts and desires that will not let you be happy. ? Who have done so? Some people have crossed to the other side because they werent afraid and were able to identify with the Self and not with the ego. Jiddu Krishnamurti, Meher Baba, among others, and many Tibetan monks have achieved the state of purity of heart and spirit that led them to live in a state of mind of zero conflict, just living through what is, and not than it should be. Are you willing to give up everything you know? For everything you feel and believe? A trip to the other side? Sure you can, but? Who wants to make the first trip?


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I would say that the range of emotions is part of the human experience. It may simply be a matter of how we choose to express it, or even IF we choose to express it. With growth comes the ability to transmute the emotional aspect into something useful, from which to learn and grow. It might be necessary to experience things which might produce uncomfortable emotions normally, allow it to pass and eventually learn how to process it so we maintain our Center.


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