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This is a process by Iasos based on the teachings of Bashar.

Here is the theory behind it.

Neutral Props

In a theater that shows many plays, there may be some props back-stage that are frequently used for several different plays. 

For each play that prop has a special meaning, but outside that play, the prop has no innate intrinsic built-in meaning. All the props are basically without meaning. From this innate absence of meaning, we can assign any meaning we want to them.

Likewise, all the events that your experiencing as "happening" in your life are "neutral props".

Each event you experience has no innate intrinsic built-in meaning.

These events are blank, neutral, no innate significance. And from this "blank slate", we get to assign any significance or meaning we wish for each event we experience.

Normally, we assign and "project" a meaning onto a neutral situation so quickly and so automatically, that we are not even aware that we are doing it.

We "think" the interpretation or "meaning" is "built into" that situation. We are usually totally oblivious of that fact that we are the ones that are assigning a very specific meaning to what is actually a "neutral" event, with no built-in inherent meaning.

Beliefs ==> Perception ==> Interpretation ==> Emotional reaction ==> Thoughts ==> Action

Positive Interpretation ==> Positive Desireable Experience

Negative Interpretation ==> Negative Undesirable Experience

If you assign a positive meaning to an event, this will produce a positive experience for you. If you assign a negative meaning to an event, this will produce a negative experience for you.

Imagine a story-line with a fork in the story, where the story could go either of two ways - one with a wonderful outcome and the other one totally unpleasant. You are at this "fork" in the story-line, and the interpretation that you assign to this neutral situation totally determines which fork in this story line you will take (which version of reality you are choosing to experience).

Of course when starting out, use this only for minor issues / situations. And have FUN with it :)

How It Works.

So the corollary to this is:  

If an event occurs to you that you would normally automatically assign a negative meaning to ("This is a real bummer!"), choose to assign a positive meaning to that event - even if it "appears" negative and you do not yet know what is so positive about it. 

Just by assigning a positive meaning to this event and choosing to believe there is something really "good" about this for you, this will produce an experience that you will consider quite positive! Try it! Next time you think "This is just terrible!", turn it around and believe "This is really positive! This is really going to be good! I can't wait to find out what is positive about it!" You may even be startled by how effectively this works.

Hard to do? Okay, try this:

"Okay, I know this looks just terrible. But I don't care! I am now going to DECIDE that this is JUST GREAT! (even though I can't imagine ANYTHING great about it!) I'm not going to "hope" it's great. I'm not going to "pray" that it's great. I am going to DECIDE that it's great, and I know that sooner or later, I will discover what is so wonderful about it."

First time you see this work, it will STUN you! It's like Magic! It's like reality transforming right before your eyes.

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@Satori This is great - the website looks like the crib notes for all that Bashar wisdom - perfect for reminding ourselves of the teachings. Thank you.

(22 Sep '12, 05:32) Catherine

@Catherine- Thanks, your welcome. Yeah it is a great website. Definately one to bookmark :)

(22 Sep '12, 10:25) Satori

@Satori - This made me laugh, I love it. I can certainly do this - I talk to myself all of the time, and it's often in that same voice as your last quote; "Can't see it, don't understand it, doin it anyway, because what I've done up to now sure as hell hasn't worked, and because I said so." That's me, for sure. Thanks!

(22 Sep '12, 15:29) Grace

@Satori...Bookmarked ...thanks

(23 Sep '12, 01:46) ursixx

@Ursixx- Your welcome-@Grace- Glad you find this useful:)

(24 Sep '12, 05:26) Satori

Love it...thanks!

(17 Oct '12, 11:44) lozenge123

great one..satori.., loved it like heaven n i know it really works..thank you:)))

(17 Oct '12, 12:23) supergirl

first i thought this is another method of positive thinking. but i tried it and actually it worked:). will try it on other things as well. thanks for sharing!

(17 Oct '12, 13:56) releaser99

You are all very welcome. Thanks:)

(18 Oct '12, 04:13) Satori

@Releaser99- Its the same idea with doing Focus Blocks only you do it incrementally with a Focus Block. Once you truly change your feeling about an issue it has to change to match that feeling.Positive Feeling always works better than Positive Thinking.

(18 Oct '12, 04:44) Satori

Dr @Satori- I love this man. Keep motivating and inspiring me dude :) Essassani philosophy rocks!!

(18 Oct '12, 05:28) Nikulas

You are welcome Professor @Nikulas. :)

(18 Oct '12, 05:49) Satori

Sounds great, Satori! I can't wait to try it. It's like deliberately creating a "Blessing in Disguise." Thanks!

(26 Oct '12, 12:31) Bedazzled

@Satori I can't believe I haven't up-voted this yet. Somehow I think missed this post completely. This is very powerful information and I know I just heard the audio version of this within the last month.

"If you assign a positive meaning to an event, this will produce a positive experience for you. If you assign a negative meaning to an event, this will produce a negative experience for you."

I think I will add this quote to my "wall of quotes" because it pretty much sums up this whole...

(26 Oct '12, 13:47) Cory

@Satori ...idea in a nutshell. Thank you very much for sharing @Satori. I really needed this reminder right now:)

(26 Oct '12, 13:48) Cory

@Bedazzled- Thanks, have fun with it:). @Cory- Hi Cory. Your welcome. It looks like you attracted this post at exactly the right time for You:) Yes that is an excellent quote and I think it does sum up this whole idea. I believe letting go of Judging things as Negative is where it's at:)

(26 Oct '12, 14:28) Satori

♥♥♥ Thanks Satori , last night I was thinking , where have I come across "what would I have to believe ......." and here is just what I needed. Appreciation also to our Awesome Source for the manifestation ;-) xxxxxxx

(26 Oct '12, 20:45) Starlight

@Starlight - You are welcome, thanks. Glad you found this. This process helps us remember that everything that's happening to us is actually Positive. Even if something in our reality is reflected back to us that could be perceived as negative it only does this so we can let it go:)

(27 Oct '12, 05:22) Satori

@Satori - That point of view reminds me of Marianne Williamson writing in A Return to Love that painful, seemingly negative things are simply "coming up to be healed". It turns my thinking about difficult associations that come to my mind right around, and makes them much simpler to handle. There's no guilt or shame attached to it when viewed in that light...

(27 Oct '12, 06:07) Grace

...Something simply surfacing to be healed is such a benign process, and feels so much better than the helpless thought that I am just engulfed and surrounded by unavoidable negativity, which is what it used to feel like, to me anyway

(27 Oct '12, 06:07) Grace
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@Satori you wrote:

"Its the same idea with doing Focus Blocks only you do it incrementally with a Focus Block. Once you truly change your feeling about an issue it has to change to match that feeling.Positive Feeling always works better than Positive Thinking"

exactly. this is what i was thinking about also. as you said i first changed the feeling of the problem from negative to positive. then suddenly i could realize what is so wonderful about it. but this was just a minor issue of mine.

so today i made a session with this approach on a major issue. first it seemed not to work because there was another thought and feeling coming afterwards. something like "ok you could feel fantastic about THIS but what about THAT feeling which is underneath of this?". then i decided that the second negative feeling that came is great also for whatever reason. next i had a completely new concern upcoming. then i decided this new issue is incredibly great also :) suddenly the whole problem disappeared and i found myself in the vortex in just about a minute :)

here is something @stingray wrote. i think it explains why this works.

"there is a general principle in behavior change philosophies (such as NLP) that says that if you manage to "merge" a good-feeling state with a bad-feeling state, the body/brain/mind etc. will always choose to adopt the good-feeling state and discard the bad-feeling one. Demonstrations of this effect are processes like the Swish Pattern."


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Barry Allen ♦♦


@Releaser99- Well said. Although you dont even have to feel positive about the issue, plain Acceptance of an issue (neutrality) will transform the issue as well. Once you feel better about an issue its no longer an issue. Actually a good way to judge if you have truly changed your feeling on the subject is if you no longer care about seeing the manifestation of the feeling in your reality........

(18 Oct '12, 06:53) Satori

@Releaser99- As @Stingray says "Treat the positive emotion as the manifestation and everything else takes care of itself" :)

(18 Oct '12, 06:54) Satori
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