Sometimes I feel I'm spending to long molding issues. This is because I try to mold something to a better feeling place and if I'm not successful  I will look for something else to work with and so on.

This makes me feel like my dominant vibration is looking for things to 'fix' instead of finding things to appreciate and feeling good .

Should I set aside a certain amount of time for vibrational work  and if it doesn't work ( get in the vortex) leave it there and move on for the day?


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Kathleen Kelly ♦♦

Thank you :) that was my next question, waiting for answers too

(28 Dec '11, 17:34) r0la

Thanks for asking Satori, even I am finding my self in such a situation these days :) Look forward to the answers.

(29 Dec '11, 02:33) Sourabh

@Rola and Sourabh, thank you guys. I hope you get an answer that helps you:)

(29 Dec '11, 13:15) Satori

@Rola and Sourabh.actually guys I have had a bit of a revelation since I asked this question.I moulded an issue in the Abe grid yesterday.put in some positive believable statements but didn't feel much better to be honest, (maybe slight relief) so I left it. About an hour later I caught myself in the vortex. what I'm saying is maybe I'm aiming to high like,I do the vibrational work and if I don't feel great straightaway I've failed. Maybe this is wrong.maybe all you have to do is feel a bit better(a step in the right direction and life will do the rest!? I don't know, just a thought:)

(29 Dec '11, 13:26) Satori
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Missed this question the first time around...

@Satori - I know you already know what I'm about to say but I thought I would write this answer here anyway for reference in case someone else comes across this question in future

The thing to bear in mind is that you can never clean up everything in your life.

And if you try, the Law of Attraction will just bring you more and more stuff to clean up anyway. You'll spend the rest of your life cleaning up and still be no better off than you were at the start :)

So the key is to clean up enough things (or clean up a single thing enough) so that you sense a feeling of relief, even just for a few moments. That feeling of relief is your opportunity to break free of the negativity and start pushing towards more positive processes - and ultimately into the Vortex.

For example, let's say you are feeling bad right now because you think your boss/spouse/child/whoever is a "jerk".

Cleaning up that single issue to the extent that you now feel like appreciating them instead of criticizing them might simply not be feasible in one session. It might be too much of a "quantum leap" in vibration for you.

But what you can do instead is clean up your vibration about them enough so that you get a tiny bit of relief from that they-are-a-jerk thought.

From that feeling of relief, you can then, perhaps, start feeling positive enough to write Positive Aspects about, say, your car (or any other unrelated topic), which you find easy to feel good about.

You need that initial relief to give you a step up because trying to write Positive Aspects about your car while you are immersed in the bad-feeling they-are-a-jerk vibration might leave you feeling even more irritated and annoyed because you would be out of vibrational range of the Positive Aspects process itself.

Once you are there, within the range of Positive Aspects, you can now stabilize for a while and write further Positive Aspects for a while (about different subjects if you wish) until you feel ready to write a Rampage of Appreciation.

Once you can write out a list of things you feel appreciative about and really feel you mean it then that's a sign you are tuned into The Vortex and you can stop all further vibrational work for the day if you wish.

I personally call that process the Advanced Focus Blocks Method and I find that, using it, it doesn't take more than 15-20 minutes maximum to go from firmly outside the Vortex to firmly inside the Vortex.

Note that being inside the Vortex is not the same as simply feeling peaceful...the Vortex is a joyful, passionate vibration, not just a calm, peaceful one.

alt text

As an interesting synchronicity, within a year or two of me starting to use this approach systematically for myself, I heard Abraham saying on a few recordings that they had advised Esther to use the processes in a similar way

i.e. Focus Wheels --> Positive Aspects --> Rampage of Appreciation (Vortex).

You can substitute your own favorite vibrational molding method to replace the Focus Wheels or Focus Blocks section but I still find that Positive Aspects leading to a Rampage of Appreciation is necessary in order to focus your feeling-good energy specifically enough to enter the Vortex.

i.e. Your Favorite Relief-Generating Method --> Positive Aspects --> Rampage of Appreciation (Vortex)

If you find you really just cannot mold yourself into the Vortex on a particular day within, say, 15-20 minutes, I wouldn't try and force it. Either take a break and come back later, try a completely different process or just give up for the day.

Giving up for the day is not as negative as it sounds because every day is chained vibrationally to the next. The vibrational efforts you make today will make tomorrow start from a different vibrational place even if you think you did not achieve much today. This is because your vibration always stays where you last left it.

Abraham once said (and I'm roughly paraphrasing from memory) that even if you meditate for 15 minutes and the first 14 minutes felt like a waste of time, and only the last minute brought you relief, then it was still a valuable meditation session because of where your vibration must now be to have sensed that relief.

The same principle applies to your vibrational molding efforts regarding bad-feeling subjects.

So, should there be a time limit on vibrational work?

I would say, no - as long as you can sense that you are gradually moving up the vibrational/emotional scale.

I think if you can sense that emotional improvement then it won't be longer than 15-20 minutes anyway before you have tuned yourself into the Vortex even if you started from an extremely bad-feeling place.

The time spent daily molding yourself into the Vortex will become much, much less as you make Vortex alignment more and more habitual, to the point where you don't need to use any process at all some days because feeling good has become so natural to that you are already in the Vortex.

Once you are sure you are in the Vortex, you can stop for the day or, if you wish, you can make it easier for yourself to enter the Vortex next time by deliberately thinking further specific good-feeling thoughts so that you make the feeling of being there more habitual.


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@Stingray, thanks for putting it down into a picture. Few bits of unhappiness are so important to continuous happiness.

(13 Aug '12, 08:08) CalonLan

@Stingray- Great points I'm sure everyone shall benefit from :)

Ok, it takes 15-20 minutes approximatly, on average, to get into the vortex when you are thoroughly kicked out of it. In this scenario, you give yourself some time on your computer during your own 'free time' to mould yourself into relief and then into joy/ excitement...

(13 Aug '12, 08:09) Nikulas

.......What if I don't have 'free time'?. Let's say I'm at work, and I have a 10 hour shift in front of me, and in the first hour, something kicks me hard out of the vortex. Unfortunantly, I don't have the luxury in this case to press the stop button and just mould vibration on an excel spreadsheet for a while. So, what would you recommend for one in this particular situation?

(13 Aug '12, 08:10) Nikulas

@Stingray-Thank you for answering this Question. This issue is actually still relevant sometimes. I still use your advanced focus blocks method but I substitute the focus block part for meditation somedays. :)

(13 Aug '12, 08:14) Satori

@Nikulas, what about you put on some nice songs. According to Napoleon Hill they're 4th strongest vibrational adjuster. (the 10 mind stimuli, page 162 -

(13 Aug '12, 08:24) CalonLan

@Stingray - I have been feeling quite stable for quite a while and was wondering why my manifestation hadn't shown up. I think you may have explained why above. It is such a relief to feel more stable emotionally and peaceful that I had forgotten that I needed to go that bit extra to really feeling good/excited - always good to have reminders like this even when we think we've been listening to Abraham for years and "know all this stuff".

(13 Aug '12, 08:30) Catherine

@Nikulas - The method I use doesn't require you to put your life on hold until you clean up a vibration. You just make a note of what bothered you and deal with it later : . I find it's most effective to just tune yourself up in the morning (get up 20 mins earlier if you don't have time) and then just live your life as normal. If you really want to deal with an issue in-the-moment, I would use the Midline (Chinese Energetics), EFT or QE.

(14 Aug '12, 07:02) Stingray

@Stingray - This answer really helps keep things in perspective, I think, and provides a roadmap for reasonable expectations of daily life using these methods. I was recently sick for a few days, which tends to make me feel sad and confused, and it took me a little time to find my bearings again. This helped, thank you. :)

(25 Jan '13, 01:36) Grace

@Grace - You're welcome. It's worth remembering that being sick doesn't mean you've done anything "wrong". It's just a slight misalignment in energy flow and that constant readjustment of the flow (in whatever way you prefer and whatever level you prefer) is what life's all about anyway :)

(07 Feb '13, 07:55) Stingray

@Satori & @Stingray - Holy crazy series of lightbulb moments. I just read this and it's ANOTHER "DING. CLICK. O.O! Makes sense." Thank you :)

(09 Feb '13, 09:36) searcher

@Searcher- This is a great answer, thanks for highlighting it again. I start with this process every day:)

(09 Feb '13, 10:58) Satori
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well satori do you need to limit your self? i think that if you have issue you should solve it so it does not bother you. if the issue is cause by someone else then learn to deal with it. it is not your problem anny way you can only try to help the other person it is for them to make the choice. if you cannot solve it right now then keep it in mind to solve it another time. also satori once it becomes away of life you will not need to set time for it. when you live the sun and the moon and the season go by do you ask your self how long should they last? experience and enjoy.


answered 28 Dec '11, 22:16

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white tiger

for me the thing that was huge was picking a hobby i like. In the beginning it was only mild interest but i applied principles of gratitude, apprecation and it grew. Dancing is my hobby but right now i put sooo many hours into it since i just simple love learning minor details, working on it, dancing it etc... the field is ocean i can do this forever as long as i am physically even in slight good shape.

I find this is a VERY BIG KEY difference. Because before that when i did not have hobby i found myself spending time CLEANING my Vibration. Like i would go on a hike, or watch a movie or watch some Abraham or Bashar DVD... etc.. while that's good and moves you up but once you have better vibration its better to follow that up with inspiration that drives you.

Now since dancing is my joy although i do some work everyday like 15 mins meditation and some gratitude but many times i find myself too busy practicing dancing, working out which i totally love and i dont have time to work on tools to raise vibration - BUT I AM ALREADY IN A GREAT JOY.

I also feel a creative Field like music, dancing, singing or arts are amazing since they are like an ocean and you can spend rest of your life in it sort of. And since you picked something from your own inner inspiration its not like some job you have to do. It gives you joy. And at that point you wont need to everyday work on your vibration too much. I still think everyday discipline is good so you dont get caught in judgements and expectations in your own hobby. I do 15-30 mins for sure every single day vortex work even if i am already there.

I credit Abraham Hicks for this gift she gave me when i was struggling and later Paramahansa Yogananda for solidifying more things. I did not have a strong answer in the beginning to whats my inspiration but i followed baby steps. I sort of always wanted to dance so i picked dancing. So your hobby need not be something right now you are going to die for! Just something you as a kid always wanted to do maybe. I have a 9-5 job that is NOT my #1 passion, it just pays bills. But with some appreciation tools i have not so bad feel about it, i still enjoy it. But once my job is done i am off working out and dancing till 2AM !! ANd this is such a transformation beyond my dreams that i could not see when i was in hole couple of yrs back.

But before that hobby grew i was constantly working on my vibration. So i suggest if some of you dont have hobby developing one will change your life. Abraham hicks was not kidding when she said follow your joy. And this hobby i did just PURELY for my own FUN, no agenda to add skills so i am better than someone etc.

Love and light!


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When you have right now issues, you can use EFT to eliminate them. This I do until I have relief. 100 percent relief if possible. If it takes me a long time to just feel a lot better, I go on with my day. When I am cleaning up old issues, I try to get it all cleared, but if I get stuck, I try other aspects and then come back to it and see if it changed from the other work. At first it seemed like a mountain, but as I took issued down, other issues came down too.

However, if you only have a limited amount of time and the question is should you bother to do the work if you can't get it all the way down in one session, then my answer is yes. If you only have 10 minutes every day, do the 10 minutes every day and get as far as you can. You can look for other opportunities to sneak some tapping in, like when you are waiting for the light to turn red, or waiting on the phone, or sitting in traffic, or walking, or during a lunch break, etc...


answered 29 Dec '11, 21:50

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Fairy Princess


I think your right Fairy Princess.Anytime at all towards feeling good is of benefit even if its just listening to a few of your favourite songs etc. :)

(13 Aug '12, 09:56) Satori
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