Looking at the daily process of the manifesting experiment 5, I can't really make out of there is a difference between day 1 and day 2 - is it the same process repeated each day or am I missing a subtle difference?

Also I keep getting confused as terms like 'What is bothering me' and 'Why dont I have what I want' keep on repeating themselves in various steps. So can I have the Idiot's Guide to the Manifesting Experiment n if this was the Idiot's Guide then perhaps I need the version for morons:-)

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I Think Therefore I Am

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The method is basically the same everyday.

The difference is only on the first day because, on the first day, you don't have a list of anything that's bothering you yet so the instructions for Day 1 need to be slightly different to take that into account.

I'm afraid there isn't going to be an "idiot's guide" for this experiment yet because it isn't finished yet. I'm still playing with the ideas and the approach may change as I try to streamline it. See Is there a step-by-step example available for using Manifesting Experiment 5?

ME-5 is basically up there now because there's enough people on IQ already who understand these manifesting principles to just take the gist of the idea that's presented there and figure out how to apply it for themselves in their own lives.

I didn't really want to make those people wait unnecessarily while I work out the kinks. But obviously the downside is that the instructions are not going to be crystal clear yet.

So if doesn't really make sense, I'd say not to worry about it too much and try something else. There's no "big secret" hidden in the later experiments that isn't already in the early ones, and just because an experiment is newer doesn't mean it is better.

Personally, I still prefer to use the first two manifesting experiments (Manifesting Box and Focus Blocks) for the vast majority of the time in my life because they just seem to work consistently well for me.

The other experiments are really just aimed at "gaps in the market" that are not covered by the first two experiments:

  • ME-3 (Goal Getting) is aimed at those who prefer an action-first approach
  • ME-4 (Resistance Release) is aimed at those who are "drowning" in resistance/bad feelings to such an extent that it dominates almost every waking moment
  • ME-5 (Daily Vibrational Tune-Up) is aimed at those who live extremely busy lives and just want a daily habit to incorporate into their life routines that will keep themselves vibrationally "tuned-up" without needing to think too much.

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@Stingray the only truly alone time I get is late at night when mom's sleeping is it OK to so the vibrational work then? I know to do it in the morning would be best but my day starts with her attention demands n I can't get 15 min of quiet time.

(14 Aug '12, 07:49) I Think Therefore I Am

@I Think Therefore I Am - Morning would be ideal because your thought patterns are usually not yet running in their established "programs" yet. But it's still better to do something than nothing, so any time of day (for any period of time) is preferable to skipping it completely. A trick that is useful with habit creation is that, if you feel like you have to skip it, just do it for a few minutes (or less) instead of doing nothing in a day...it still keeps you going in the right direction.

(14 Aug '12, 08:24) Stingray
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