I love Stingray's Manifesting Experiment 5, I think it's a fantastic and quick method to clean up troubling issues.

However, I've noticed that I don't feel my issues when I complain about them and write them down, they sound hollow to me.

I can be in a very bad mood about a particular subject, and in my desperation, I think about ME 5.

But when I sit down to tap, the statements I've written don't feel that bad anymore - usually it's because I'm feeling better and almost hopeful, because I feel that I can resolve this issue now with this great method.

When I notice that I can't get a grisp on the issue while doing EFT, I end up being frustrated about not being able to feel my issues in oder to tap them away. I can repeat them and try to feel them, but unfortunately, it doesn't change something.

The problem I want to clean up is not going away, despite regular vortex alignment, so I am in need of a way to remove it from my vibration.

Do you have a solution to this? What can I do to feel my issues after complaining to the sheet? Thank you.

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@spacemetalfantasy - "The problem is not going away, despite regular vortex alignment, so I am in need of a way to clean it up." - When you refer to "the problem", are you referring to the bad mood that suddenly vanishes?

(30 Aug '17, 11:06) Stingray

@Stingray - With problem I mean the issue that I'm trying to clean up.

(31 Aug '17, 07:26) spacemetalfantasy
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Generally speaking - and it's difficult to be anything but general without specific details - when something is not cleaning up, it's because you are not focused specifically on what the problem is.

For the purposes of explaining more clearly, I'll invent a problem...let's assume I have a problem with my boss being rude to me at my workplace.

Now, if you "complain to the sheet", you might write statements like

  • My boss keeps shouting at me
  • My boss is really nasty
  • I don't like working for my boss
  • I wish s/he would just go away
  • I wish I had a different job

...and so on.

You might find after reading these statements back that you don't feel that bad about them, even though you felt really bad while writing them.

The reason you don't feel that bad is because they are general statements - even though you felt specific emotions while writing them.

Outside the Vortex, which is where all "problems" are, the more general you are with your focus on the problem, the better you feel. And conversely, the more specific you are with your focus on the problem, the worse you feel.

For the purposes of an EFT clean-up in the Manifesting-Experiment-5 style, the more bad-feeling you are the better...which basically means the more specific you can get about your issue, the better.

To do that in this example, instead of "complaining" generally about your boss, choose a recent incident (say, within the past week) and complain about that exact incident. Because it's a recent incident, it should be relatively easy to step right back into it and recall all the associated sights, sounds and feelings of it...and then "complain" from there with specific statements about that incident.

You'll find that you engage much more strongly with the underlying resistance as you ramp up the specificness levels.

If you want to get even more specific after you've complained, think about that exact incident again and ask yourself: "How did all that make me feel?". You'll then probably reel off a list of underlying negative emotions that will then intensify your feelings even more.

See if that tweak to the "Complaining" Method helps you.

As I implied, it's difficult to give anything other than general advice without knowing the specifics of a situation - no puns consciously intended in that sentence :)


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This is so true,like when you feel like your boss/job is XXX(but it is certain things which make you feel that way) and then you found a new job - but your current boss asks u to stay and then u are thinking "hmm the boss isn't that bad actually" but its because u didn't go back to the specific things which made u feel that way.. then when u stayed and experience the same things again which made u want to leave in the first place - "Oh god why didn't I just leave that time" and the cycle repeats

(31 Aug '17, 10:43) kakaboo

@Stingray - thank you. I've tried this approach and it has solved my problem completely! I can now tap the specific body feelings away which feels great. You were right, in my "complaining" I wasn't specific enough, I used more general statements. Your answer has helped immensely. I (among many others, I'm sure) continue to be amazed again and again by your eloquently written answers which offer a wast clarity and put me into the vortex - every time.

(06 Sep '17, 08:38) spacemetalfantasy

@spacemetalfantasy - You're welcome. I'm glad the answer helped :)

(06 Sep '17, 15:32) Stingray
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