Daydreaming has always been a part of my life and only when I discovered LOA did I realize that I was actually engaging in creative visualizations. My visualizations have always been completely immersive and multi-sensory, but lately I have found myself editing my own visualizations. The practical conscious mind seems to take over and I get lost in details and then telling myself 'nope that's not really practical'.

For instance I would be visualizing about a holiday and then a thought would come to mind 'who will be with mom when I take this holiday?' and then I start going into a spin and start planning about her rather than think of my holiday. It is making me really frustrated bcz for me visualizations were always my escape mechanism as well as my favourite pass time. Any thoughts on how I can stop this editing?

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I Think Therefore I Am

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Your visualisations are actually uncovering your limiting beliefs pretty well.

Your edits seem to be your limiting beliefs.

If you could find a way to take a note of these and find a vibrational process you like, to feel better about those things you might be able to visualise again without having to limit yourself. Plus you will feel a lot better.

And as you mold a more positive meaning to these situations, this will eventually produce more positive experiences for you.

Good luck :)


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@Satori - I've noticed you talk about beliefs quite a bit - do you have a specific book you could recommend or a website as I think I keep hitting a belief brick wall. I'm working on it and actually getting somewhere but maybe you know something even more ... as always thanks for your input.

(14 Aug '12, 08:43) Catherine

@Satori - I am using this too and find it the best tool - good to know I'm on the right track. Thanks for your response.

(14 Aug '12, 10:14) Catherine

@Catherine-Yes its great, doing the process just to feel better and not trying to create a change is the bit im still trying to master though:)

(14 Aug '12, 10:32) Satori

@Satori you raised an important point. I hadn't thought of my limiting beliefs coming into play here. I will pay attention to the edits next time n work at them.

(14 Aug '12, 10:56) I Think Therefore I Am

@I Think Therefore I Am- Glad I could help:)

(14 Aug '12, 11:24) Satori
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Yes, those are your limiting beliefs. At the time they occure during your daydreaming, say in your mind, "God will make a way." You can even visualize yourself putting it in a folder on God's inbox on His desk. That will satisfy it so you can continue on with what you want. Then later, you can do Two Hands Touching with your affirmation that you got from your limiting belief or a visualization.

For example if you are planning your vacation and "What to do with Mom," pops up, just put it in the inbox on God's desk and tell yourself in your mind, "God will make a way." Then continue on with your vacation plans. Later, when you are done with your other daydreaming, you can go back and make a list of the limiting beliefs that you found. Turn them into positive statements. Like, "There is only perfection in the Divine Mind, therefor my mom is whole and perfect." Do THT then say outloud or in your mind, "There is only perfection in the Divine Mind, therefore my mom is whole and perfect." Then do THT again.

Or you can do THT then visualize your mom whole and perfect doing what she would love to be able to do. Then do THT again.

Or do THT then the affirmation, then THT, then the visualization, then THT.

This has been very powerful and effective for me. I hope this helps.


answered 14 Aug '12, 11:59

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Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess I like the idea of putting it in a folder for God's inbox:-)

(14 Aug '12, 16:53) I Think Therefore I Am

my visualizations are always detailed and complex. when u become aware of ur control it does have that effect. the way i stopped nit=picking at mine was easy. I set an intent before we start meditation. And I simply verbalize in my mind, " my intent is to let it go" and then I didnt become fixated on something unless I wished to. 2nd way is let it go in the other way, is to allow urself to focus on these secondary idea because if u are being guided to them, ur intuitive side is being led for a reason, so know that it is all in whatever sens u care to make of it. Dont think of it as ruining ur visualizations if u do do it the 2nd way, just think that it is a movie with a side story lol. Hope that helps.

Love light,(wisdom), awareness



answered 14 Aug '12, 20:32

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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