As citizens of first world we are obliged to help those most in need. What matters is the survival and education for all ... What ideas can be applied in those regions to improve education? Government plans and support of the private sector are good ideas but not so creative . If you were in a position of power or you are just a citizen ,what steps would you take?

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I think for me industry is important as a good foundation, this is how America can to be so good, from industry then comes funds for building schools. So first I see these countries need to grow in industry to become independently wealthy and from there they can have the money for the schools and higher education.

This industry also supplies jobs to the poor and raises their level of personal wealth to be able to afford better homes and higher education. But this is a process it did not happen in the USA over night and it wont any place else but if our system is copied the shape of the world can be in the shape the USA is in now.


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Unfortunately, most of us do not have the means or the power to help in these areas. However, I do think if each of us devoted time and energy,selflessly, within our own communities to whatever sector is in need of help, we would be helping not only those within our own community but adding to the Whole.

"Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end."


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