Hello people :)

So I "get this" intellectually but I still can't feel it, I don't know it yet without thinking about it like I know my legs will hold me when I stand up.

I am listening to Bashar's teachings for more than a year now, listening to some recordings even more than 20 times and I get it all..about the structure of existence, how things work etc etc I know that I am actually writing this to myself :D

It always happens to me that I change my belief and feel relief and great amouts of happiness beacuse of that but as soon as I don't think about it anymore I immediately step back in my "old me". So I want to say that my new, chosen, prefered belief never sticks. It's like I have to remind myself again again and again that I want that new belief

Is it even possible to gain that much knowingness Bashar speaks about? Although he says it is How do you guys live you life knowing all these things that "normal" people don't know about, are you conscious creators ?

Thank you very much

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Punch a wall full force, you may break your fingers. Right there you may have created a reality where you got broken fingers. Simple as that.

(04 Oct '13, 02:35) CalonLan
(04 Oct '13, 02:59) ele

shadow of a doubt, holds the rationalizer responsible for his perceptiveness. when you get there you see the knowledge, the knower and what is known become one

(04 Oct '13, 05:56) fred

hehehe nice one CalonLan :D

(04 Oct '13, 06:09) Marin

i would ask the question what are you also doing? and not just reading the stuff... try to apply what they teach... Like bashar says follow your joy and passion and even momentarily they may be something small you should do those steps.... ex... i may not have some really big passion to follow or lets say i am in a boat where i still dont know what my purpose is... then its ok...

(04 Oct '13, 19:04) abrahamloa

just take small step... meaning maybe i always wanted to try singing... so i will just take some small classes and learn it.. that small step is good enough... then when you do that you may find that you are now in a group and you are enjoying singing with that group etc etc and other forces from the Universe will align with your joy too.. etc... while you do that activity apply what you learn from bashar that is to not worry about things and be easy and life is great etc..

(04 Oct '13, 19:06) abrahamloa

and soon you will find these spiritual eternal truths come in to play and any doubt about you creating reality will be validated for you.

(04 Oct '13, 19:06) abrahamloa
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You create situations but it is impossible to 'create' things (you can only recycle things). All of the stuff in existence has always been here; there is no new matter in the universe since its beggining.

Your perception of what goes on around you can be affected and changed by you (that's what they call life). So it is true when they say that if you are a positive person then generally positive things happen in your life.


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yes, I see. Thank you for your answer :)

(04 Oct '13, 17:53) Marin

I found out from my dreams actually. But if you want real proof you could do experiments.

These experiments involve your expectations. I will give you fair warning, you could get trapped in the experience terrified. But this could wake you up. Before you try this experiment, watch the movie "Vanilla Sky."

You will be duplicating the "Vanilla Sky" experience to some degree. But remember when you feel helpless and scared like everything is spinning out of your control, "Open your eyes!"

Actually we do this all our lives off and on to various degrees but most not by conscious choice.

Ready to engage in this experiment? Remember this is your experiment not mine. You are making it happen not me.

Let's begin.

What do you most fear? Maybe being watched? There are satellites that can zoom in and tell the time on your watch. Maybe your safety? People get attacked every moment every day, you never know when or where. People even break into peoples homes and rob them! That happened to my grandfather, teens or a little older broke in beat him and stole his money and a gun he had. You are not safe even in your own home! You are probably be being watched right now by someone casing your home!

The world is a jungle, you are not safe anywhere, people that want to hurt or rob you are everywhere!

Think on all of this, really think on it, over and over. Now keep thinking this and go for a walk someplace where there are a lot of people.

Come back home and write down your experiences with the people you met, and maybe animals too. If you start getting really scared remember the end of the movie and "open your eyes."

Everything I said is real if that is what you believe. I live in a safe wonderful world myself, the government has more important things than to waste time watching me and if they are I greet them with a smile and a nice wave hello.

This experiment can be as safe or dangerous as you are willing to dive into. You can think of every thing you fear as possible right now. It can even get you to be paranoid and believe everyone is out to get you. This will be your experience if you fear and worry about it enough. If you get lost, remember this... Why is this happening to you? Who is doing the experiment? Hence who is really tech support? You are, and you are the artist of your experience, "Open your eyes."


answered 04 Oct '13, 11:52

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Wade Casaldi

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wow this is a really nice experiment, everyone who is in doubt should do it ! thank you

(04 Oct '13, 17:55) Marin

Yes fear something enough... Soon you find reason enough to fear.

(04 Oct '13, 18:28) Wade Casaldi

What you need are tools that take you to Superconscious state. There everything operates a different realm. We cannot give a theretic answer to this question. since you reading an answer will not cut it. Its intellectual.

So some example tools are: 1) you do meditation for 15-20 mins. When you meditate the first 5 mins there is noise to settle down thats why they ask you to do at least 15 mins. When you get to the 10 mins mark or so you kind of move out of the consicouse state and things get a little blurred. you lose track of time etc.. you want to access that state.

2) YOu can do Jeru Kebbals Quantum breathe. where you breathe in and out quick and that causes you to get out of your normal state of mind and you move into a Superconscious state of mind. Again the point is you get into that Superconscious state.

3) you can also workout real hard where you exhaust yourself. here also there will come a point where you reach that superconscisous state where it overrides your normal thinking.

4) you can also pursue hobbies like dancing, singing etc.. these also take you there.

these are just examples. Sometimes people are doing 3) and 4) but there are also cloggin it with noise. Thats spiritual masters give 1 or 2 type of tools which also has intention built in that you are contacting this Superconcious states. While general people when they do 3 and 4 since there is no intention sometimes the noise overlays it. But lot of people do also access that Omnipotent state in doing those activities. This is hte reason Bashar and Abraham say to follow your joy. Then the 3 and 4 activities you do it takes noise out and you get to the superconscisous state.

And in that Superconscious state you will realize a different reality. ANother realm outside of our normal physical laws. and they will come into affect in your life.


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hmmm if I change something in superconscious state will it affect my physical reality too ? let's say I change a belief. And what is it exactly this superconscious state, some kind of trance ?

(04 Oct '13, 18:03) Marin

you will get lot of inspirations and ideas that will not be encumbered by your normal regular thought patterns... eg.. i do some social dancing... and my normal consciousness does not allow me to think of myself as a great dancer... but when i enter that superconscious states i see myself at a very advanced levels...

(04 Oct '13, 18:37) abrahamloa

but there is difference in me just sitting and trying to visualize myself as advanced dancer vs... in the superconscisous states it just happens... and i have not decided that today right now i am going to visualize .. it just comes to you and in that state you know that that could be the right step to follow now... etc...

(04 Oct '13, 18:37) abrahamloa

this is a little bit like being drunk.. when you are drunk you think suddenly you are great dancer... your instincts that hold you back are now not there as the alcohol has dulled your senses so those limitations are sort of gone temporarily... but instead of relying on drugs and alcohol you are doing through tools of meditation, fast breathing etc.. which changes your state... also this experience is not intellectual.. but experiential...

(04 Oct '13, 18:39) abrahamloa

Yes marin you can think of this as a kind of trance.... where our normal logical thinking is subdued... your change in belief occurs but it may not occur right away and everything is gone... think of this as more like example they want to dye a white cloth to make it red. They dip it in the Red color (which is like us doing fast breathing or meditation or taking a dance class and being in the pure place where temporarily you forget about yourself and are immersed in that activity)...

(04 Oct '13, 18:43) abrahamloa

then later that affect is sort of fades out.... its same with white cloth... it becomes white when you wash it but retails a smudge of the red... again you dip it in Red color and the next time it retains more redness and eventually it becomes really really red... its same with using these tools... you make small changes.. and you realize the beauty of the Universe and what you once thought were not possible you realize those shift ....

(04 Oct '13, 18:44) abrahamloa

and pretty soon with just some small anchors like closing your eyes even for 5 secs you can get to that state and you see Life is wonderful and beautiful and everything is in perfect harmony.... and if you go with that flow and follow your ideas and inspirations coming from that Superconscious states then everything will be amazing... and this is only EXPERIENTIAL... YOU HAVE TO EXPERIENCE IT...

(04 Oct '13, 18:47) abrahamloa

we can tell you how it is but you have to do for yourself otherwise you will keep on asking more questions that you cannot see it....or blah blah etc... thats why follow what spiritual masters say and really use the tools... say that for 2-3 months i am going to stick to it and use it... and see the difference for yourself.. your life and experience during these 2-3 months will be the proof

(04 Oct '13, 18:48) abrahamloa
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You probably cant ! At least not right away.

The key to this can be summed up in one word " EXPERIENCE"

When you've practised time honoured techniques and gradually built up your faith, or as others put if moved your vibrational set point, you will gain experience that what you put out is what you get back.

This may happen to some rare souls right at the start of their journey, but for me its been gradually built up over time.

I feel you will be more sure of this as you go on. You cant very often "microwave" this knowing.


answered 05 Oct '13, 05:10

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Monty Riviera

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