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There are many kinds of healing modalities or techniques out there, some more accessable than others. I have learned a few, and learn about new ones every now and then. Some, like EFT and FasterEFT and Zpoint, you can learn online and apply yourself or go to a practitioner for help. Then, there are ones like Psych-K, recommended by Bruce Lipton, where you have to pay hundreds of dollars to attend a workshop to learn it. And some, like Chinese Energetics, you can pay to learn it online and via teleclasses. Chinese Energetics does have some free videos, and someone with enough background in healing modalities could probably quite easily figure out how to use the technique.

So, what are your favorite healing modalities? Why do you like some over others? Are you a practitioner, or do you just use it on yourself, or do you go to a professional? Thanks (I know this seems like more than one question, but they could not reasonably be broken down into separate questions.)

Could you please post links to your favorite sites for these thechniques too? There are so many websites out there that it would be good to have links to specific sites that are good. Thanks

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I found some Psych-K® on YouTube with our experience we can see how the mussle testings works and see how the crossing the feet and hands work. I know it can't be everything learned in a session but I can understand its usefulness.

(05 Feb '12, 12:54) Wade Casaldi

@Wade- Could you please post a link? I have found good ones in the past and can't find them now. The Chinese Energetics teaches how to test without muscle testing.

(05 Feb '12, 18:47) Fairy Princess

This is a good link and unlike the You Tube ones might not be copyright infringement because it is on a web site for Psych-K® This shows the muscle testing and the application of it at a seminar.

(05 Feb '12, 23:29) Wade Casaldi

@Wade-thank you

(07 Feb '12, 08:33) Fairy Princess
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I use imagery, and although it is based on the Silva exercises, it was made up by myself and it works really well for me!

I go to my meditative level, and imagine I am jumping into a healing pool of water at an outdoor spa. I actually imagine myself dressing for the pool, grabbing a towel and so forth. The pool has a sign that says, "Healing Waters". The water is warm and comforting. I swim, float and stay immersed for a little while. When I come out, dripping wet, there is a light therapy booth, where I go inside and let the colored lights concentrate on whatever is hurting me: my knee if it is sore, my sinuses is I have a cold, and so forth. I usually feel so good by this point both mentally and physically.

After I have re-dressed, I go to the "physician's desk" and get a pill, which is for whatever...sore knee, cold, etc. This is for my logical, modern side which feels it needs to take something to get better as most of us do these days.

I then go to my transition area and count back up to my conscious level and I am done. This is all completed in the imagination, and as we all know, belief is a very strong medicine. Always works for me and I am never hurt or sick for very long.

Best wishes!


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I was at a place called Healing Waters in Arizona when I was 8/9 years old. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience.

(13 Nov '12, 10:57) Fairy Princess

This may sound a bit weird, but I really had to think about what I do when I want to heal myself. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher- I could have recommended that. I know Pranic Healing...I am a trained shaman, etc. etc. But you know what? When I need to heal...

I go somewhere quiet, and I pray.

I talk to Jesus and I tell Him my problems and my worries, and He seems so real sometimes. I hope that whatever faith you and anyone who reads this are, you can relate to the healing power of prayers well said.

Once I have given my troubles to God, there it stays. It is done. No more worries; it is in His In-Box, and now I can lie back and rest.Do you know that people have more faith in the Postal System than in prayer? It's true. Once they drop a letter in the mail, you do not see them scrambling around, trying to get the letter back out of the box! Nor do you hear of them calling the Post Office and demanding to know if the letter made it all right....You get my drift...LOL! Well, it is the same with prayer and me.

I simply give it to God.

Now, sometimes, God will answer, "You need Reiki." Okay, then I go for that. But first, I take it to the Lord.




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For a while I was a bit of a healing technique junkie, trying any system I came across, but never really finding the right fit. These days, I use a technique that I sort of came up with myself (I am sure others do this, it's just I haven't seen it marketed, although it's quite similar to Joehle's 'sending love' technique). It's ridiculously simple, and effective, but also very hard to do. If I have an issue I'm working on, I'll sit down meditative style, and vividly imagine what it would feel like to feel relief from the issue. No detailed imagery, just getting into the feeling/vibration of relief.

If there's no specific issue, just a general feeling of unease, then I'll try to work the vibration, up, inspired by the emotional guidance scale. I'll get into the vibration of contentment simply by imagining what it would feel like to be really content, and then I'll climb upwards. My favourite vibration to be in is feeling lucky. I suppose you could equate it to joy - it's just a feeling that everything works out for me, and that I'm just the luckiest person alive and my days are just full of exciting surprises. When I manage getting into this vibration it's such a wonderful feeling, I feel really light and can feel the energy buzzing around me.

It sounds so simple, but it's really tough to do! I've practised a lot and I can still only do it when my mind is very focused. But when it does work, it works like a charm. If I do a particularly strong 'lucky-feeling' session, the manifestations come rolling in. I even got the unexpected cheque in the mail manifestation once! (Well it wasn't a cheque per se, it was a letter saying the government would give me nearly 500 pounds back from a year when I had paid too much tax - and I had been fairly sure that the tax I paid that year was just the right amount. Still haven't gotten the cheque yet though!).

As for 'official' techniques, I occasionally do Spring Forest QiGong. I think it's amazing, but I'm not really patient enough to do it consistently. Anything to do with energy manipulation that gets me (literally) buzzing is great, too.

Also, I regularly use flower remedies. I haven't had consistent results from them, but sometimes I've had an immediate effect that felt way too strong to be placebo, so I don't know. I'm still on the fence as to whether they work, but I like the idea of them, so I keep using them. They are so inexpensive, after all, so it doesn't hurt!


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@cassiopeia This is a really good answer - I love the technique about just thinking your way up the emotional scale. I have been working more with just finding the feeling place of late rather than visualising etc. I agree it takes practice but then when it works - wow! I absolutely agree about flower remedies - I have had exactly the same experience - sometimes really strong and other times nothing. I can only assume it wasn't the right remedy - getting the right remedy is quite an art.

(13 Nov '12, 11:11) Catherine

Hi All. I like Yoga because Yoga is an all inclusive self healing. When you move your body, breathe deeply and sit quietly you feel better. Through yoga you get to know your true and higher self. You start to know and love yourself on a deeper level and you become less judgemental of yourself and others. A yoga practice puts you in the present moment and you can feel energy and feel God's presence. I also like Reiki and I feel Reiki and Yoga go hand in hand. With Yoga your capacity to hold energy increases and with Reiki you become a conduit for divine energy so that energy can be channeled to heal others. Thank You


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@Brian-Do you have a link that you like? Thanks.

(09 Feb '12, 09:12) Fairy Princess

I just recently discovered EFT and was really surprised how it just wiped away my problem within minutes. It was for an emotional issue. Although at the same time I sensed / saw and heard my heart beat a different rhythm during this EFT...and I know that it is significant for me. It's about breathing in from your heart and expanding it rather than breathing in from the mind.
When it comes to physical issues I hadn't found anything except pain killers to work except recently that is. I had a painful shoulder for about a year, and it was getting really bad where it affected my sleep and I was relying on pain killers all day everyday. I came across Burt Goldman's website and he had this method and I tried it because there was a lot of positive feedback from people saying it worked...I think about 1000 people. I did it two times and my shoulder pain was gone and hasn't returned. This was about a month ago. It has to do with staring at an abstract picture - any, you think about the body part but not the issue such as pain...for instance 'shoulder' opposed to 'painful shoulder' and you keep your head still but make your eyes dart all over the abstract picture for a few minutes.

He has a video clip with a picture and lead you through it. He cannot explain how or why this works but is studying it or something.


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