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Ah, Bliss!

We all seek it, but it seems that it sometimes escapes us.

How did you find your bliss? Was it easy or hard?

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asked 25 May '13, 02:08

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i think your picture says it all @Jai open your heart and follow your highest joy ♫ ♥♫ ♥♫ ♥♫

(27 May '13, 02:23) ru bis
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Read the question a few days ago and had a long list in my head of things that brought me bliss ,but recognized they were the very same things that I have gratitude for. So when I am grateful I am blissful!


answered 27 May '13, 16:39

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@ursixx knows the Power of Gratitude - Bliss..

Gratitude is the key to LOA & the secret behind Abundance Consciousness & True Bliss...

"As you practice gratitude you will attract more thoughts & feelings of gratitude. In a short time your entire being will be saturated with it, & you will experience a happiness that is beyond what you can imagine. This is what is ahead for you when you choose gratitude as your way of life. And if you can really live in this highest state of gratitude, (cont)

(27 May '13, 22:41) ele

(cont) you will never have to ask for anything. Everything you want will be given to you before you even ask, because gratitude is the magnetic substance that opens every single door in the Universe." ~ The Secret

(27 May '13, 22:42) ele

@ele- and @all- "Gratitude is the Attitude" is a major cornerstone in the program to get and keep sobriety--in other words, millions of people have learned this truth, and learned it the hard way...if they do NOT cultivate this attitude, they WILL drink's do or die for them...their sobriety and their future depends on "getting it"...Meaning, learning to be grateful, and doing it as a habit. This goes back on paper to 1935. As far as I know, The Secret is much more recent. (-cont.)

(28 May '13, 01:08) Jaianniah

It would be interesting to trace the threads of both the Secret and this sobriety program, as they both place a lot of emphasis on the attitude of gratitude. It seems one of those Universal Truths that keeps recycling itself into newer and newer "New Ideas". The fact is, Gratitude is an ancient and powerful weapon. Only The Shadow knows just how ancient. I'm guessing the Egyptians-no, further back- the Indo-Europeans probably knew it.

(28 May '13, 01:12) Jaianniah

@Jai Have you ever heard Deepak Chopra speak on Abundance Consciousness? If not you should.

Gratitude is state of being not an attitude. Gratitude is a pure state of Love. You can think thoughts of gratitude all you wish but it comes from a place in the heart.

"No matter who you are or where you are, you can change your life with gratitude, but you must feel it with your whole heart & radiate it from every cell. Gratitude is not a mental exercise, and in fact, if you simply use (cont)

(28 May '13, 01:27) ele

use..(cont) your mind for gratitude it will have little or no power. True gratitude comes from your heart! You must think gratitude through your heart, speak gratitude through your heart, and feel it intensely in your heart." ~ The Secret

When you are grateful, your heart is open — open towards others, open for surprise....

(28 May '13, 01:28) ele

I like Deepak Chropra & I listened to this video for the first time last year. ru bis posted a link to the video & gave a great answer here

(28 May '13, 01:35) ele
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For me my guitar playing is pretty high rank in my bliss.

Doing my martial arts feels good too.

It enjoy Inward Questing as well.

Teaching is not as blissful but it has rewards.

Also spending time together is bliss.

If I pick guitar to tell how I came to enjoy so much then my story of my playing follows:

I think as I used to listen to my Dad playing guitar it influenced me toward learning.

As a young teen I asked my father to teach me. He tried but I grew bored with learning chords.

I turned away, then one day a friend introduced me to listen to Jimi Hendrix. I was amazed, I never heard anything like that from a guitar before.

I went back and asked my Dad if he could teach me to play like that. His response was something like you've got to be kidding me, I can't play like that. Keep in mind my Dad was a highly talented player, that played the poplar songs of the 50s and 60s no acid rock though.

So I was on my own, as Dad taught himself to play, so did I. I listened and worked at mimicking what I heard. Then I found easy note tableture Jimi Hendrix. From that point my playing really grew. Also I had a great joy just making up songs on the spot as I still do.

So over the years Hendix had a huge influence on my playing. Then I found Stevie Ray Vaughn and he had a huge influence on my playing. Then Roy Buchanan wow then Dick Dale, Dwayne Eddie, Link Wray, Danny Gatton, The three Kings... Albert, Freddie and B.B., Buddy Guy, T-bone Walker, Eric Johnson, Robert Johnson, Satriani, Malmstien, Vernen Reid and others but then also Bach and Beatovn too.

All of these had some level of influence on my playing.

So now that is how my bliss came to be, at least as far my guitar goes.


answered 27 May '13, 01:25

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Wade Casaldi

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Sir do you have YouTube channel? I subscribed to Igor Presnyakov and Sungha Jung. I am a fan of guitar too but I'm not a player or whatsoever. I just play for me to relax and enjoy my moment.

(27 May '13, 01:53) Romel

No the most I had ever recorded my playing was on cassettes, not top quality by a long shot! LOL

But it was fun to just press record and play.

It would be nice to be professionally recorded someday.

(27 May '13, 02:14) Wade Casaldi

Thank you for your answer! I am glad you found guitar. I think that Karate would be more your Bliss if you did not have to teach it. What do you think?

(27 May '13, 08:38) Jaianniah

I like teaching it but yes I like applying my karate myself more. But this is the sacrifice a teacher has to make, himself for his students all the time.

(29 May '13, 23:03) Wade Casaldi

thx for sharing.. creative arts can really put you in very high vibrations...

(30 May '13, 19:37) abrahamloa
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for me its been dancing and working out crazy to push limits... and just giving best i have... its hard work but its not since i enjoy it.. it did take time to know this is what i need to do now though...

sometimes we think we need to find the passion and we think oh my god i cant seem to have something that i would die for... but if you follow spiritual masters teachings and just go with whatever you like at this point in time thats good enough. it need not right away be something like your life mission. It can be just something small that gives you a little joy.

I did not know whether how much i would like dancing.... and before in life i got tired of going after things and working hard etc... BUt ironically once i started following what Spiritual Masters like Abraham, Bashar etc say i found myself first being easy with myself and doing things that i like. I started with intention to just enjoy some dance classes. Initially i did not go to clubs since it did not resonate. I dropped judgements of trying to better, or trying to be better than someone else, or also being there just to have fun and get excited to learn small steps. even when i went to clubs i danced with some fat girl or someone that guys would not ask her out. Since i felt bad for them. By doing right things that spiritual masters ask us to do things started to flow more and more.

That slowly snowballed into me dancing hrs and hrs and somehow i picked up working out too and i started to push myself but this time it was out of total fun and nothing else. I find it thrilling to go after and put my max physical self.

thats why i value Spiritual Masters a lot. What they say in the beginning felt like Cmon it can't be that easy. But if you stick with the teachings, time will tell as you Soar like an Eagle!!

to answer whether it was easy or hard. I did come from a tough place. but it was constant listening to teachings that slowly and steadily brought me to where i am in bliss right now. And now i can see why they kept saying just find something to be happy about or gives joy and just focus on that and not on other problems. Blessed to have such amazing teachers.


answered 30 May '13, 19:34

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