I'm thinking about joining the army and go to the war zone (Afghanistan, Lebanon...). I had the same wish about a year ago when I was very depressed, angry at everyone, angry at the whole world, sad and wanted to go to the army just to be more miserable (pathetic I know)...but this year I made a step forward and now I actually feel great, I know I can have whatever I want, I know I can achieve anything I put my mind to, and most importantly I've realized I want to be happy. Anyway a week ago I got this thought about joining the army (again). I think that maybe this is my path, my career, my way to "save the world". But I'm asking you can I be truly happy in the army? I mean all good is made from love yes? How can be killing people (an evil human is still a human) good? I'm really confused cause I want it to be happy. I hope you know what i wanted to ask. Thanks guys. Tim

asked 21 May '12, 17:39

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It will be a challenge (I was in the army for a few years, not the most exciting place for me...), but of course it's possible. Your happiness is determined by your thoughts, and no one can take that away from you. By the way, the fact that you are unsure about joining the army, should really make you ask yourself if this is the most exciting path for you.

Regarding killing people - no, it is not a loving act. But again, this is external circumstances, while happiness is all about going into your mind.


answered 22 May '12, 10:50

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I was an Army wife for 15 years. All I can tell you, my ex-husband was a proud soldier, in the Army, Before I met him he was in Viet Nam. During our marriage, he was a recruiter, then a drill sergeant, during which time I became the "mother" of his platoon, getting them ready for road marches and so on. Then he became a First Sergeant. From what he is telling me he loved every phase of his career. I know he loved being able to help young recruits and young soldiers becoming the best they could possibly be, and he is still in contact nowadays on facebook with some of them. He retired at 21 years. During all this time he also continued being a Paratrooper and at times they did go places I was not supposed to know about. But that ended when on his final jump he broke his femur and collar bone and was in a body cast for 6 months. That ended his jumping career and he became a drill sergeant.

All I can tell you, you get out of the Army whatever you expect and what you put into it. If you don't want to follow orders, it is not for you. You have to work your way up and have to be committed. I believe it is a great choice for someone who really wants to make a difference in the world.


answered 21 May '12, 18:46

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