I have recently gone for Energy Healing (involving crystals). I have always been sceptical but I was desperate as I kept having anger outburst and it is affecting my relationship (despite my own efforts doing positive self talk)

After the healing, I really felt lighter. And I was also told to continue healing exercises. 1) Visualize golden light and inhale the golden light into my Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra 36 times each.

Question: What do you visualize when you visualize golden light? How do you do it? When my eyes close, my mind wonders? How to visualize and keep count?

asked 27 Aug '12, 00:06

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alt text

alt text

Hold an image similar to this, you could be in the middle and it is around you. It can be within each chakra. it can be like machine gun fire billions of them shooting into your body where you need the healing.

Any time your mind begins to wonder bring it right back to what you are visualizing.


answered 27 Aug '12, 03:30

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Wade Casaldi

edited 27 Aug '12, 03:39

Thank you.. this is very useful. There was once as I was visualizing, an image of Bright Sun rising from the horizon off grassland appeared. But subsequently, I couldn't see that image.

(27 Aug '12, 05:50) mskityin

Thank you so much mskityin for the 31 points, this was most unexpected. But a very nice thing to show your appreciation. I hope all goes wonderful for your meditations. :-)

(27 Aug '12, 10:49) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi You are welcome. I just want to tell you that your photo and method has really helped me (tried it last night). Thank you.

(27 Aug '12, 22:29) mskityin
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