Abraham has said that we can use "the Energy that creates Worlds". What does this mean in your personal life experience? Individually? Globally?

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Dollar Bill

The "energy that creates worlds" is literally the energy that is this infinite never-ending universe.

We are that energy. We used that energy to create ourselves in human form.

We use this all encompassing energy to create planets and solar systems and galaxies and so on.

This energy penetrates and permeates everything that exists in the eternal Now.

We sometimes may use our low level human minds and not give even the smallest things in life the credit that they deserve. Thinking that the small insignificant thing that we create or thought up doesn't matter but in the broad scope of things, it all matters. The creation of a thimble is just as meaningful as the creation of a planet. It's all the same energy, so it all has the same value.

Every single creation has some type of value in the "all that is" consciousness stream. Even the things that we deem as bad or evil have their value in the non physical perspective. Sometimes to see the light we need to play around in the dark. The dark has great value in letting us know what we want and what we want to create. It gives us the focus that we are so darn good at.

It is all a co-creation of the same energy. We are human, the tree, the animals, the mountain, the planet, all wrapped up in a nice little bow with the illusion of separation. The fun part of this game was to try and see if we can remember that we are the energy that creates worlds.


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She means the 7th d entity that is earth, and also the collective conciseness that makes a physical earth. Earth is literally in all levels of physical existence and in several of non physical. So I don't think she means any one specifically, but all of them co creating.

love n light



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TReb Bor yit-NE

I've always thought it meant we were much more powerful than we're imagining.... that when we think "big" we think lots of money, fast cars, big houses, fame, loved ones....

But the power to create worlds is much bigger than that. We create worlds, places, ideas.

We're underestimating ourselves... our power is much larger than we realize.

Do we have limits? What's the "biggest" thing you think you could create in your life? A million dollars? A long term relationship? A billion dollars? To be famous worldwide?

I think Abraham's saying that we can go beyond these things. That we don't think big enough.


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The "Energy that creates Worlds" to me just means pure positive energy from which everything comes from, including us.

From my perspective this pure energy is simply what we experience when we are joyful and in the absence of all resistance (negative thoughts) as this is who we really are at the non-physical level.

In other words, when we follow our happiness and do what makes us happy in the moment, we will experience more of that Energy.


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Pink Diamond

I believe this energy is the same energy Jesus was talking about when he told the women at the well: "God is spirit"...and the same energy Albert Einstein was talking about with E=MC2....the universal stuff everything is made of. The secret or trick is what are we going to do with this stuff.


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I think it means that we can, and do, create our own worlds. Or alternate universes, or parallel universes. We move into more useful worlds as we progress spiritually, and life becomes more joyful, more simple.

I used to have a world construct that I had to be a "Monster of Achievement." That I won by being the mightiest struggler. I beat the competition until I was the top dog. I did very well and considered the price of success was to lay down each night, exhausted. Business was a battle and the more effectively I beat the others, the more I achieved. My mother said,"Don't wait for your ship to come in, swim out after it!" That world exists, still.

Now I realize the struggle only made me so tired that I reached a state of allowance, that is really what happened when I won. Allowance is the ONLY way you win.

But in studying this wonderful teaching of ours, I began to realize there were other valid realities. Other worlds. Other worlds where achievement came easier, smoother and sweeter. This newer world came about by reversing many of the maxims I held dear. This was a difficult process for me, but gradually I began seeing that the world does bring you what you focus your attention upon and where you place your energy and intent.

If my intent is upon struggle, if I glory in won battles, I get more battles! If I fight and kill the evil Black Prince, the world, THAT WORLD,will spawn more Black Princes. Bigger and Bolder.

Your wish is my command, says the Genii.

So, as I craft my present world, and we do this all the time, I look, not at battles that must be won - I look at my Source and the things I want materialize in uncanny ways. I enjoy the things, but the real joy is in the Connection with Source.

And my life is much more successful, physically, emotionally, financially and relationships.

And I realize that the reason the Connection is so important is that it, and it alone is the "Power that "Creates Worlds." The worlds I choose to live in. A world of battles? A world of strife? Or a world of Joy.

Much of the appearance of the "world" is still there, but I notice this world is cleaner, brighter, happier. I live in the same house, but it has a deep presence that I never felt this powerfully before. I like it here. Every day gets better and better. I am not yet there, challenges - should I better call them "Contrasts"? Still appear, but I deal with them in less stomach-clenching ways.

The new worlds seem to bring some other startling changes. I am driving down a familiar street and suddenly there is a new business, a new shopping center, an apartment complex that I am sure was not there yesterday. Could this be evidence on a mundane level that I changed worlds?

And maybe we can shift to a world that has different physical laws. You can't fly like Superman, here, but there is a world out there where you could. Infinite worlds. Maybe it is better to go to that world that already has the conditions you want, than try to change the world you have been accepting.

Your wish is my command, says the Genii.

Make a wish.


answered 29 Aug '12, 09:23

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Dollar Bill

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