While I am currently employed, I am not perfectly matched with my current job. My boss was fired a couple of months ago, and I can feel that my performance and motivated have both declined since her departure. While I am still thankful for this job, I do have moments when I feel low and feel I could be contributing more and/or be happier else where. I have been looking for other jobs, and recently found a couple of job vacancies that I would love to do.
I am requesting all you good people out there, to please help me focus and manifest these jobs in my life.
I realize that asking for something in particular… is not generally advised, but I would truly love to have these jobs, they seem creative and challenging. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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By applying and going for it.

Nothing confirms intention more than action.


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There's no particular difference between manifesting a job and manifesting anything else. So you can take a read through the questions tagged 'manifesting' for plenty of advice that will be applicable to your situation even though the subjects might seem unrelated.

You might want to also take a look at the Manifesting Experiment Guide. I really do use all that stuff in my daily life and it really does work consistently...and has been doing so for years.

Another good starting point (in my not-so-humble opinion, because I also wrote it :) ) is the systematic manifesting guidance outlined in: How to metaphysically manifest a new car step-by-step...

Finally, the following questions/answers are focused exclusively on attracting jobs (not that it matters what they are focused about, as I said above)...

How do I attract a job ?

What does ‘detachment’ truly mean in Law of Attraction?

I want to attract a new job. Should I create a Focus Block everyday until I achieve it?

Should I be grateful for my job even if I don’t like it and want to do something else?

Is it unreasonable to ask the Universe for a job which my peers think is impossible for me to get?

There should be enough information there to keep you occupied for a while :)


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I look at attracting a particular job much the same as attracting a specific boy/girl friend (depending.) I see it better to attract the job you would be most happy in, not what you think is the right job. It reminds me of the Florance Scovel Shinn story of a women that wanted her to say the word so she could attract this one particular man, Florence said I'll say the word for you that you attract the one that is right for you. Along came the right guy it was a different guy that actually fit her better and she was much more happy with than ever chasing after this one guy she was trying to get.

I think if you work on attracting the right job for you, you will be happier, it could be this job or something else. But if you work at attracting this job you could miss out on what God had really planed for you that you would have liked so much more.

Say the word that you now attract the job that is perfect for you, the job that brings you the most money and that is most fulfilling to you by divine right and will it is yours and you are drawn to it now!


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Repeat six times every day until you feel that it is okay to stop: “I am now working doing the job I like!”

The job that is right for you will show up, when you least expect it, but you will know that it is the job for you, when the time comes!

The Law of Attraction will manifest your desire, Good Luck.


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One of those jobs is waiting for you to apply for it. The job you wanted is already manifested. Go!

If luck existed I would wish that for you. :0)


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