I have heard it said that when you are experiencing negative emotions that you should think of happy or positive things to change your feelings. Somewhere with this comment I recall it being said that the mind can only hold one thought at a time thus this is relatively easy to achieve.

Is there any reality in this because when I attempt to change my thoughts by thinking of one thing, I seem to pick up on my subconscious which is thinking of something completely opposite and before I know it I’m thinking about what my subconscious was focused on?

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I personally do not think negative thoughts should be shoved aside for "good feeling" thoughts and I also think they do not need to be dwelled upon.

They do need to be explored. You just can't ignore them, that only makes them go away temporarily.

Let me put it this way...

You are walking around and you feel your foot hurt. Are you just going to ignore it and feel good? There is something irritating it. So you sit take off your shoe, investigate the foot and you find you cut yourself. The wound needs to be cleaned and taken care of. Ignoring would just make things worse.


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yes you can assest the reason cure it if needed and know that it will heal and put your focus on something else. you do not need to let it bother you.

(01 Jul '11, 02:15) white tiger

The purpose of thinking about happy or positive things is to change your mental state to one that is more productive. Your mind always works best when it is in a state of positive mental attitude.

If you find that persistent subconscious thoughts are intruding on this process, then you need to "clear your mind," so to speak. Have a look at Stingray's Manifestation Experiment 4 for a process that might help you do this.


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I agree with the idea that 'mind always works best when it is in a state of positive mental attitude'

(22 Dec '12, 05:39) r0la

I would recommend you look into understanding the ego-self. Also by becoming the watcher of your thoughts rather then a victim you can better understand them. A great book I would recommend to start with is *emphasized text*On Desire, Why We Want What We Want, By William B. Irvine. Just understand that it takes time to work through your thoughts. But by first understanding where they come from you can begin to uncover a great deal about yourself.


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yes i agree tod know yourself and know other. not just because they are like you but because they are not like you also.

(01 Jul '11, 02:17) white tiger

Monitoring every thought can be a bit tedious. A more straightforward approach and Abraham recommend this, would be to monitor how your feeling. You can easily tell by how your feeling if you are giving your attention to what you want or what you don't want.

Whenever your feeling negative emotion this helps you know your focused on something unwanted. So in that moment you can ask yourself. "Okay I know what I don't want, so what do I want?". Each time you do this you should feel better by directing your focus on what is wanted. In time you will also improve your vibration on the subject. This is the Process of Pivoting by Abraham.

Daily Meditation will help you a lot with Pivoting by making you more sensitive to how your feeling in the moment.


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Here is an answer that I posted on another question that is basically the same answer I would give here- its about replacing those habits with new ones


Hope this helps!


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There is also the problem of the mind paradox.

We tend to look upon the contents of our mind as a private compartment whose contents exist as a result of us putting it in there.

If one imagines their mind to work this way, then the guilt and the burden to get rid of all negativity is very strong and seen as a necessary step for spirituality.

To the best of my understanding, the mind doesn't work this way.

Instead the content of one's mind should be seen as the content of ones impression of the unlimited potential of creation.

Just like our eyesight taking in the view of the world around us, where there is as much evil as there is good, our minds take in the view of "all that is" from and individual point of reference in consciousness.

What occurs in our mind is a representation of what exists as a potential for manifestation from all that is available (and expanding).

If you witness a violent even in the world you cannot fault your eyes for witnessing it.

The same way when an evil or inappropriate thought occurs to you, you cannot fault your mind for witnessing it.

However, you have the choice to remember the events seen through your eyes as memories and make your own decision to participate in them again and again as-if that experience belongs to you.

Likewise, we can choose to take the thoughts that we witness with our consciousness and repeat them, and take ownership of them, and eventually worry about having them, because now they have become our private experience.

To worry about having inner negativity is like worrying about the contrast between eating and going to the toilet, and trying to invent a way to eat more and eliminate the need to use the toilet.

Anyone who claims to have eliminated negativity from their consciousness is basically saying "My planet earth has eliminated all negativity"

A planet earth without negativity doesn't exist.

Likewise Consciousness, which is a shared universe with a private point of reference, is incapable of being free of negativity.


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ok i will give you a little help see the negative for what it is. it as no grasp on you and no reason to exist. know that you would be stupid to let that negative take hold of you. you are better then that. find the way to balence those energy. to turn it to positive. use your free will.


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Don't think at all.Your mind is already plagued by negative thoughts, if you try to fix this condition by trying trying to think positive thoughts you'll only aggravate the chaos. What if it's a negative thought you're experiencing? Understanding it is just a thought yet would help you.

If you're trying to ward the negative thought off or trying to think a positive thought in place of it; you yourself give the power to the thought.

I mean it's just a thought yet and if you're trying to fix what has not happened yet by fighting it you'll make it real for you. That's because if it wasn't what you believe to be true then why fight? Why care at all.

It's your judgement about thought that makes it good or bad. A thought is just an impulse of mind, watch it without judging it in anyway and it'll go away. It's your judgement or need to do something about it is what's keeping it here. If you just watch and don't analyze or judge the thought, it'll be automatically replaced by another thought and go away.

Then you keep watching.


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YOu are describing symptoms of mistakes in your belief system. I'm certain that you need to investigate it. Get rid of the outgrown beliefs, the conflicting beliefs, the superstition. All unintended emotion is telling you about a mistake in your belief system.

As you remove the mistaken core beliefs, many beliefs that are founded on them simply fall apart.


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