When I get connect with source and are totally on my path and I am super excited, content and extremely happy for happiness' sake and I am so in the vortex; less than 24 hours later something totally heart wrenching happens.

First time I had become aware of my purpose here and why I came to this physical universe. I was totally psyched and was radiating love itself. I felt powerful and felt like if I died then it would be ok. The night of this realisation I was attacked my robbers at home who threatened to kill me.

Second time I was perfectly content, feeling excited and I had a knowing that something fabulous was coming though didn't need it to; 4 hours later my boyfriend ended our relationship.

Third time I was at peace and accepting of what is. I felt content appreciative and balanced about my life at the moment. Everything was good. Then the next morning I found out my ex was engaged.

I am confused and I don't get why this is so when I thought good things should be happening after one connects

I need help understanding this. Why does this happen?

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@bflorrie - So you've only ever aligned three times?

(12 Jun '16, 05:59) Stingray

Definitely not @stingray, but these 3 are the most prominent and most recent. For example third time as referred to in my question was this morning.

(12 Jun '16, 15:14) bflorrie
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If you were a newcomer to these subjects then I'd say it's just the initial period of discomfort that many go through as physical reality re-condenses around better-feeling vibrational setpoints...the All Hell Breaking Loose effect.

However, you imply with the comment under your question that you are not a newcomer to these ideas.

There's a couple of possibilities that spring immediately to mind...

  • The "bad stuff" (as you term it) is not actually bad stuff but the path of least resistance to your "good stuff". For example (and this is only for the sake of illustration since there's not much to go on in your question) it could be that continuing your relationship with your boyfriend wouldn't have been in your best long-term interest because of some codependency issue of which you are not fully conscious at this time.

  • It could be that you are doing your Vortex alignments in a distraction-method style which means that you are still holding onto disempowering vibrational setpoints on some subjects that matter to you. In the same way that shadows grow darker as a light shines brighter, it can often happen that pushing too far ahead of what you are currently allowing can be disruptive. You could probably identify this because of any mood swings that you might be experiencing. It's like driving a battered old car too fast.

I could probably add some other things to this list but it's difficult (and probably not of much value) to try to troubleshoot with relatively little background information.

If you are willing, what I would suggest you do to identify what's going on with your life is commit to a 30 Day Vortex Challenge.

alt text

Do it privately if you wish but on the way to your 30 consecutive days of Vortex alignment, you should start to notice more clearly any patterns of resistance. The nature of the exercise will force them to become more visible in your life...usually within the first couple of weeks of doing it.

From the evidence you gather there, you should have something more concrete to work with.

And then you could probably ask another question about how to deal with what you've uncovered if it's not already obvious to you.


answered 12 Jun '16, 16:31

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To maybe give a little more background information. The relationship was somewhat toxic (ideal word right now) and it seemed like I was putting out fires (his fires) most of the time. Yet I felt I needed him for some reason. So you are right when you say "wouldn't have been in your best long-term interest because of some codependency issue"

I used Abraham's Scripting Process and Byron's The Work to do the alignments.

Day 1 of the vortex challenge,so let's see how it goes.Thanks Stingray.

(13 Jun '16, 06:03) bflorrie

@bflorrie - You're welcome. From the way you've described it, it seems that having that relationship come to an end may not have been such a "bad" thing after all. Good luck with the Vortex Challenge :)

(14 Jun '16, 05:19) Stingray

answer you are not alone in this world. you make choice and other also. everything you have said all your outside issue is something outside of you. if you are dependent on outside factor to be happy you deceive your self and will be deceived. once you will be happy inside not depending on outside factor you will have some happy moment from inside always and from outside it will vary from good one and bad ones. when you have bad ones work on your self first then work on the outside ones after. even if you would be perfect there will still be people that are jealous seek their own praise and that are in darkness. and since no one is perfect in this world and are all a work in progress many will make mistake and error. have mercy on them as they should have mercy on you. you can learn from mistake and error to not do them again. if one makes mistake on perpace from is own choice to praise himself or to gain something in this world then he is lost all ready since he lies to himself and other.They are dressed in soft clothes, and they cannot understand truth."

why did the robber came to your house? was it to test you. you said:I was totally psyched and was radiating love itself. I felt powerful and felt like if I died then it would be ok.

was it because you did something that attracted that robber to your house appearing success full showing of your money, popularity etc.. you see robber usely rob place where they know there is some stuff of value to steal. unless it was a desperate man that in desperation decided to steal someone by hazard.

why did the ex leave you?

why do you attach importance that he is with someone else since he is not with you any more?

he made is choice.

each of them decided to steal your heart it seams or to pray on your innocence and good faith.

you should all ready know that by now. many are on the wide gate of destruction in this world of their own choice.

protect your heart do not let your heart be trouble. just make better choice first on the inside then on the outside. on the inside it is your choice alone.and you see on the outside in this world other people choice affect your choice in this world.

should you let your home be broken in and have thief in your house?

Let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


answered 13 Jun '16, 08:35

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white tiger

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"was it because you did something that attracted that robber to your house appearing success full showing of your money, popularity etc"- believe it or not, reading that statement made me feel better. Thanks @white tiger

(15 Jun '16, 03:12) bflorrie

It's possible that what you have experienced is a result of previous momentum in a "not wanted" direction. As soon as you align and get into the flow of allowing, some of the previous fearful or upset momentum results in what seem to be upsetting conditions. You are now, in the vortex, allowing your thoughts to turn to things. But, perhaps, like most of us, many of the thoughts we have thought in the weeks, months, years leading up to this moment of allowing, are not of pleasant and harmonious things. The trick is to stay in allowing energy - the vortex - even through those turbulent manifestations.


answered 10 Jul '16, 18:48

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Interesting theory... so based on that, it would be better to clean up one's "inner garbage" first, before wandering into the Vortex and risk that negative momentum leaking through. My only thought on that though is... it could take a lifetime to clean up the garbage (and still not be done). Would Abraham advise to do that or just focus on feeling good and get into the Vortex anyway?

(14 Mar '18, 16:29) GrowthSeeker

The reason why bad stuff happens after you align is because there is a latent force at work that we have yet to understand making sure you don't get what you want. I am in the same boat. Nothing I do or say gets anything to happen. My thoughts, what I believe, ideas and desires are separate to what is going on in my life. My life has nothing to do with what I think or what I am trying to manifest. It's fact, my life is meant to be and not what should be or what I would like to be. You are not doing anything wrong. Like me, you wouldn't create the life that you do. Nobody would. What is needed is research into the latent force and then we can understand and take control. Too many times we are told we are in control of our lives, can do what we want and all is well in the world. I wouldn't be sat here now if that was true. Free will is just an illusion. None of us get to ride for free and do what we want. Get some tennis balls and juggle with them. Look at what happens if you drop one of the balls. The ball falls to the ground, why does it do that? because a latent force has taken over. We call it gravity. We can decide to juggle or not, we can decide when to drop a ball or not, but whatever or whenever we make our decision a force regardless of what we want takes over and decides on what happens next. Where I live is full of negative and little or no positive. It has nothing to do with my thinking. I carn't help feeling that a positive thought/energy can carry a negative energy with it. Take care Chris


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Chris Fowler

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free will is not illusion. what you need to understand is that you are not the only one making decision in this world. if where you live as lots of negative it show you the state of people choice and decision in the environment where you live. would be a good idea to find your desert. so that you can experience your free will with out it interacting with other people choice. your ball example is flawed. the force that take it down was there from the start you are the one that lift it up and-

(17 Jun '16, 23:01) white tiger

give it direction from your free will. once you let it go it return to the ground. you could also use your free will to make a change where you live since you are not alone it could be a long process if people are not in harmony and make choice going in opposite way. know the truth acquire wisdom and knowledge and have faith. I agree with you that people make a lot of illusion and hide what is not going right they believe in lie rather then truth. told you before that many things are in reverse-

(17 Jun '16, 23:05) white tiger

in this world. rather then work against work with. think about a river if you drop something that float in it will fallow to same way the river is going. you cannot expect it to go upstream. unless you give it some energy and a way to use that energy.

(17 Jun '16, 23:12) white tiger

Chris, I'm sorry your life seems difficult. Do you notice that in your reply your focus and attention was all on the "force" that works against you? A shift in attention and focus will shift your experience. What is positive and working in your life?

(10 Jul '16, 18:43) imaginesue
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