Hey, I am in my final sem of engineering. And a few days back i had my viva-voce for my project work. Its a three member group where we have to present out project using power-point presentation.

I started really good but then in the one of the slides i wasn't able to explain anything, it was like everything went blank for a minute, i was stuck, wasted nearly a minute or so in remembering and trying to start the sentence but couldn't proceed.

After that, i went to the final points explained something and moved onto the next slides. Next slide my partner took over and it went on. But in the later slides where it was my turn, I presented pretty well. Actually I visualized the previous night itself about how i my presentation should go and once in the morning. But somehow i messed up that one slide and i saw the examiner noting down something. I was kind of nervous before going inside. I expected a perfect presentation but it happened anyway.

We only have project work this sem and no subjects. The viva consists of 30 marks and for the rest 70 i did really well. So i have read the secret, the power and the magic and i have an idea about how LOA and visualization works. So i try to feel like i already have the result with me. So when i visualize it feels good and positive at that time but afterwords the incident of me messing up keeps repeating and i have to ignore it. I wanted to do the same thing before in the previous sem but couldn't do it because of it.

Now, my aim this sem was to score an A+ so that i can score a perfect 10 GPA (first time) and i can reach my desired CGPA of 8.1 (currently i have 7.94).

So i wanted to know whether its possible to change the outcome of an event after it happening? if so, how? and also how to overcome those negative thinking and to stop those recurring thoughts which i don't want ?

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Your current mental state is the foremost determiner of how the examiners and others present will remember your presentation. On the level of interpretation alone the spectrum can be worlds apart- They might remember you had a brief blip or completely forget about the issue and focus on the quality of the material you did present- or they might forget about your good material and only remember you as the stammerer who couldn't even get a single slide right.

The determining factor is your telepathic influence on them. They will ultimately make up their own minds, but their subconscious mind is highly susceptible to any energy relating to their upcoming decisions, and since you are the one who is most interested in the subject, that would be you.

The first step is to convince yourself that your performance was stellar. Have you ever really enjoyed a concert, only to be thrown off your enjoyment because one of the performers starts swearing or looking sad because he got some esoteric detail wrong? That's you.

So first, you convince your subconscious mind that your performance was stellar. The easiest way to do so is on the interpretation level- that is where the facts of the event are most flexible. But if necessary, you can even modify the physical facts of the situation, which will cause you to move into another timeline. In both cases, the important thing is to modify the energy your subconscious is radiating to be so good that the examiners will be excited about you and use any leeway they have to your advantage- and that is a lot of leeway, because they get to interpret what happened trough their authority.

You convince your subconcious mind (or body mind, or body, or pre-paved thoughts) of this the same way you convince it of anything else: Clarity, vividness, repetition, energization and physical reinforcement.

My favorite technique to do all of these at once comes from Huna and is called "Haipule". The etymology of "Haipule" means to visualize, speak and reinforce by breath- it is a combination of visualization, affirmations and deep breathing.

Anything that makes you feel confident and excited and positively expecting your A+ exam result will work, and any kind of combination of the above measures will work, so in the end, you experiment a little and use what works for you. Here's how I would do it:

Make up an appealing mental image of your end result. This could be you, holding your A+ scorecard, and your team and friends and family applauding, and eating cake with "A+" and "8.1" written on it with colored cream.

Then make up an appealing affirmation: "My examiners enthusiastically grade me A+ and call me to congratulate me". It doesn't have to be commonly realistic- your subconscious will get the message right.

Once you have done that preparation, do the Haipule. Like any ritual (or structured excercise), a Haipule should have a strong beginning and ending. Stand in your room in a confident pose of your choice- fists in the hips is the classic Hawaiian one.

Then breathe about twenty times, slowly and deeply, and imagine yellow light giblets dripping all over you and soaking you in energy. When you feel you are bursting with energy, keep going about three or four times, so you busted the maximum amount of energy you thought you could hold about three or four times.

Then do your visualization until it is clear, and you feel excited about it. Focus it about three or four times, and try to make it clearer then before, so you can increase the energy intensity of your imaginary suggestion several times.

Then repeat your affirmation about 20 to 30 times. Do about three or four repititions of this, and briefly reimagine your visualization in between.

Then imagine all that positive energy condensing into a ball you hold into your hands in front of you, and speak three times: Higher self, take this idea, and let the unseen become seen. Then blow between your hands and give the ball to your higher self to deal with- your job is over. Do a strong ending- the traditional Hawaiian way is to hold out a fist and cover it with your other hand, saying "Pau"! Which means "Work is over, play starts now."

Then- and this part is commonly overlooked- go and do something fun. Meet friends, have a party, go skydiving, read a book, cook something- it doesn't matter what, as long as its pleasurable. This is actually very important because it reinforces that no matter what you are doing, your life is fun and exciting and enjoyable, and that takes the resistance out of your manifestation.

Repeat the full process twice daily (daily will do), and as often as you can during your day in a condensed way- 10-20 seconds, just breathe a couple times, imagine, affirm, and say pow, done. Couple of pleasurable thoughts, and on with your day.

That concludes an example of doing a heavy-duty Haipule. You will notice this is very similar to the creative workshop from Abraham, the Auto-Suggestion from Think and Grow rich, or the positive prayer from all kinds of schools of thoughts. I like the Huna version because it takes a whole bunch of ideas that work and combines them all into a smooth, simple, efficient motion. Breath, imagine, affirm, let go, done.

Now, there's more :)

Once you have built up a basic level of confidence using the Haipule (or any other visualization technique that causes your feelings to change for the better because your expectation becomes the A+), you can work telepathically directly on your examiners and your team. It is, in a sense, very similar to the Haipule, only that it's a step closer to home, in a way- in Huna speak, you are using direct telepathy instead of working through symbols, which is a bit of a different realm, if you will, and it's sure good to work on goals in multiple different realms.

My favorite way is to use fogs of color. Traditionally, pink stands for friendship and the absence of conflict and fear- this is what you want. You want your examiners and your team to be completely free of any thought other than you're great and the work was outstanding. (For completeness, green is commonly used for love and kindness, blue to increase confidence, yellow for presence, orange for focus, violet for harmony, and red for passion- you can try some of those, too, and see how they feel- green is also very commonly used for this kind of situation)

Imagine yourself surrounded by a fog of glowing, pink light, and practice this several times to get a feel for the very real energy effect your imaginary fog has. Once you can bring it up easily, surround all your examiners right now, your examiners while they are grading you, your team while they are presenting, and especially yourself while you are presenting, with a huge, glowing, pulsing, vibrating pink fog of the light of friendship, and let all human barriers become nil and just the spirit of friendship in this exam situation. You can see how this would bring up a lot of good will and a lot of positive focus from everyone involved- and why wouldn't they want that? Everyone loves a good student, and to be focused positively. They may even not have experienced anything like it before, so impressive might this energy be for them.

Keep the energy flowing and moving, and you can reinforce it with impressive things- fro example, beams of pink light coming from each and every one of the stars, bristling, and combining into one point over the exam room, beaming down in a huge beam of pink, positive power, blurting out a powerful, unstoppable pink fog that permiates and friendifies everything.

Then, throw your visualization ball of light into the fog, imaging each fog droplet is made of your visual image. Keep going from there- the more impressive, the more visual, the more powerful, the more heroic the imagery, the greater your energy effect. When you feel you're done, say pow, do something enjoyable, continue some other time.

Finally, if you feel a worry or other negative feeling that seems to persist, don't resist it- feel it for a while, sample it, take its temperature, get to know its texture, and which parts of the body it makes tense. Sample it, and experience it as a unique part of life. When you feel you got to know the negative feeling, ask yourself: What would I have to believe to feel this? When you get a clear and simple answer which belief is behind the feeling, that's great! You're done, the belief is gone. Why? Because beliefs don't survive very well once they are consciously available for you to look at- when they are conscious, it becomes clear they are beliefs and not truths, so they are kept or ditched by merit, not by necessity.

Do these three excercises as meticulously as you would be studying for your exam, and you are well on your way to get your A+. To decrease your resistance, you should also consider the probable reality that none of this works and you don't get your A+ - not too vigorously, do it as abstractly and dryly as you can, so the suggestive power is as little as possible- this is just done to decrease resistance to the idea that you might not get what you want, to take unconscious focus off of it. When you consider this, and you start feeling terrible, do the belief exercise, and repeat the procedure until you are fine with yourself regardless of what happens. This way, your A+ is a vigorous preference, not a need, and that keeps your focus off of the alternatives.

I hope this will help you be one of the best students imaginable, and that you enjoy practicing it as much as I enjoyed writing it up! I'm off to use this for some of my own goals now. Yum. All the best!


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hey,thank you so much for a quick response and such a detailed answer to my question.I wanted thank you before but 'cause of the server maintenance i couldn't.Your answer really means a lot.And btw i have started doing the exercises it really feels great.And few days back i got my result for this sem online and guess what??it was an A+.Now,the next thing left is my CGPA and i know i will get the same as i desired. So,thank you again for a positive response.Keep motivating others with ur answers

(01 Jun '17, 16:01) thepeacefulwarrior

Absolutely! Questions focus my mind and draw the best teachings I know out of me (and some I don't) and that, first and foremost, teaches me. And I'm really enjoying myself here. Right now I'm kind of bored because no one is asking anything :)

I'm so glad you got your A+! Congratulations!!!

(01 Jun '17, 18:01) cmc

sounds like you are looking for
a free pass to replace that
not done, for the sake of speed
and glory before earned

such matters return with
greater force with such choices


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