White tiger and I were having an amazing discussion about the Law of Attraction here in Jaianniah's Murphies Law question. He said something like when a law doesn't serve anymore we change it.

I thought about this and yes, the Law of Attraction was written thousands of years ago! It is said Thoth wrote it on some Emerald green tablet.

Now we are in the twentyfirst century... I'll bet Thoth never thought we would make it this far twenty one centuries since that time!

Maybe it is time to change The Law of Attraction. Maybe update it, replace it or remove it?

The law works for some and against others. You see that over and over as a theme here.

This clearly indicates the law is flawed in some aspect or other.

So now we come to how to make the law more fair. After thousands of years of progress we should be able to think up something better than Thoth wrote up for us.

The United States abolished slavery because it was wrong. We even changed the Constitution to do so (The 13th amendment.) The idea that having slaves was right, changed and this changed the world view that before so existed for thousands of years.

So if we could change a law that was part of our Constitution then we as the world should be able to work out a better law than the Law of Attraction.

What would you change or replace, maybe remove to make the law work for everyone's advantage?

We need to come at this intellectually like a boardroom. We may be the key to the golden age, scraping an old outdated law for one that serves us all.

Open your eyes, this is about resetting the game board for the planet. Who have I said we are over and over again on here?

Now I'm looking for ideas for a planetary paradigm shift. Anyone that says impossible is not ready.

Napoleon Hill said "Let a person radically alter his thoughts, and he will be astonished at the rapid transformation it will effect in the material conditions of his life."

Carpenters and craftsmen use tools to makes things. Engineers design the tools carpenters and craftsmen use to make things. Most here are carpenters, few craftsman but so far I'm seeing none willing to look at the nature of vibration, thought and belief itself in other words no engineers.

I wasn't even asking that of you, I was just looking for ideas to try out an amazing revelation I had. It is becoming clear I'm on my own for this one.

The flaw I've found in the LOA is in the believed preset thought and feeling about things. Even wealth and lack are neutral and have no meaning but what we ascribe to them.

With this understanding what is commonly called creating by default can be changed to a good thing.

There are those that do this that believe they are lucky, this is one way.

Another way is to change our belief about lack and need, that when you think of lack or need you automatically think of fulfillment.

Change the belief and this changes the emotion which changes the dominant vibration of the thing thus changing the results from what used to come to a new result.

When I first posted this I had the inspiration but needed ideas because I needed to see how to improve or change the LOA.

Most those limited here pick from the choices they have laid out. I choose to change the meaning of choices, I choose to remove myself from that limitation of what is believed to be set in stone and say I pick the meaning and feeling attached to this belief.

Belief is not set, it is a personal choice and most just choose to agree to what massconsciousness attributes to those choices. So if there are new beliefs associated in the massconsciousness then nothing need be done by anyone and creating by default would be always for the better for everyone.

It's all The Law of Attraction and thus can be changed by changing what is the normal flow of belief pattern of what is believed to be set beliefs.

I believe Jesus was trying to achieve this when he said, "Be in the world but not of it." We represent the Kingdom, in other words lose the negative belief about everything. So as I said even lack ends up a positive belief that knowing that lack is pulling to fill that lack automatically.

The common LOA belief is thinking about lack brings more lack, change the meaning of lack that it is the negative pole pulling the positive pole toward it, or it is a vacuum sucking to it exactly what it lacks. Now the vibration of lack means abundance and thus thinking of lack draws abundance because the new definition you can't think of lack without thinking of it pulling to it exactly what it lacks. In other words lack is like a magnet drawing to it its opposite. Thus changing the LOA as it usually is understood to be.

Edit added

I am sorry apparently not many are ready for my epiphany I have shared. White tiger if you friend me on Face Book I'll tell you of a way we may be able to affect the mass consciousness. There is a new revelation I had involving your infinity question. I think I'll call it Infinitely Divided Thought Projection. There is no way I'll share it on here.

Thanks everyone I was hoping for ideas. I have at least one to put into mass consciousness.

Lack is room that is ready to be filled right now. Any lack means abundance is on its way now.

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Wade Casaldi

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Both you & Jai have been members of IQ for over 4 yrs ~ you represent the best & brightest. What I fail to understand is how 2 of the 3 highest karma members on IQ do NOT know what LOA is or understand it. Sorry, you can't change the LOA. LOA is NOT flawed & it's working perfectly all the time & it's ALWAYS fair. Did either of you bother to read my A on Jai's "Murphy ?". I think if the 2 of you would have read it, it would have provided you with some valuable insight into the LOA. (A)

(29 Dec '13, 21:56) ele

(B) Most of my A was NOT original thought ~ I was parroting other members of IQ who I agree with. Perhaps the ? the 2 of you should ask is "What is the LOA?" since it now painfully clear neither of you know & I find this so so sad as well as very disappointing. ETA ~ or perhaps the 2 of you really do know & are just asking questions to test the rest of us.

(29 Dec '13, 21:58) ele

"The law works for some and against others. We see that over and over as a theme here. This clearly indicates the law is flawed in some aspect or other." Who is we? You mean according to you ~ NOT me. That is your view & I doubt if most ppl will agree with your skewed beliefs based on your experiences & preconceived notions which tend to color your expectations of future events in a very negative way. The LOA does NOT judge ~ it doesn't punish or reward ~ it just is...

(29 Dec '13, 23:00) ele

Raise your perspective of what you are reading.

(29 Dec '13, 23:10) Wade Casaldi

@ele I think Wade meant it in the way like some people aren't good at creating their reality on purpose and aren't good at applying the LOA?

(29 Dec '13, 23:37) PowerWave

@PowerWave I've read both Wade & Jai's ?'s several times. Have you? Jai specifically states Murphy's Law is the reason we have LOA. Of course she could have just said that cause she was asking a new ? & doesn't actually believe it. Who knows? Wade compares it to a man made law you can change? I could look at it the way you are suggesting; but it seems like you don't really understand the LOA either. You don't apply the LOA dear & everyone is as good as anyone else is at creating their (1)

(30 Dec '13, 00:18) ele

(2) reality whether it be on purpose or by accident. Everyone is a master creator! If you feel your life sucks its NOT because you stink at manifesting. I searched IQ a little over a month ago when a couple members seemed to be confused about what LOA is. I was surprised when I found no specific question or answer. There is bits & pieces all over the site about the LOA; but I think it would be wonderful if there was an answer we could link any time we wanted to explain it to someone.

(30 Dec '13, 00:23) ele

@ele "We're all master creators." Read my question from this mind.

(30 Dec '13, 00:54) Wade Casaldi

@Wade like @Marin said ~ you're free to create your own man made Law. Hey, I won't stand in your way. LOA is NOT a man made law. No one votes ~ no, new constitutional amendments & the LOA is NOT exclusive to the US. I don't think if you actually understood the LOA you would of said what you did. That's all...

(30 Dec '13, 01:00) ele

@ele interesting you don't think I understand LOA. I'm looking for positive answers and ideas for something much bigger than you are looking at.

(30 Dec '13, 01:30) Wade Casaldi


First off, don't expect me to be a Wade and Jai expert because I'm not.

Second off, the keyword in my comment was "on purpose". Everyone is always applying the LOA, but not always knowingly.

As Abraham have said themselves, you can either consciously apply LOA or create by default.

Lastly, and I'm sorry if this offends you, but your comments are coming off as snippy. It's like you're angry because you put Wade and Jai on this imaginary pedestal. There's no need for that tone here.

(30 Dec '13, 02:55) PowerWave

"First off" (your words) @PowerWave ~ you brought it up & addressed me. You're the one who tried to explain Wade to me - not vice versa. "Second off" ~ consciously or unconsciously the LOA is always working & yes, I see your point ~ you would rather create consciously. Oh sorry ~ I see my error. I did not mean to say your life sucks. I was only using that as an example. "Lastly" ~ no offense taken & thanks for your feedback. When I called you dear, I wasn't being snippy or sarcastic

(30 Dec '13, 03:34) ele

@ele- What makes you think I had anything at all to do with Wade's question? You are assuming things here. Wade is his own person on IQ, and I am very tired of you lumping us together in all things. Remember what assume means. Do not assume here. This is Wade's question. You are demeaning him by suggesting that everything he creates or writes is filtered or suggested by me. I am tired of this, ad tired of your thinking on this.

(30 Dec '13, 03:55) Jaianniah

sarcastic ..... just in case you thought I was... Just wanted you to know...

(30 Dec '13, 04:00) ele

@Jai I didn't assume or say that. Read the question & the comments again. He brought up & linked your Murphy Law question ~ NOT me. He linked your question in the very first sentence of his question. Perhaps you should stop accusing me & start apologizing. I'm also sick & tired of taking flack for things I have NOT done.

(30 Dec '13, 04:25) ele

@Jai Go back to your "sentience" question & you'll see I never said any of the things you just accused me of. Then go back further & look at the counseling thread & see who said what. I just looked at the "sentience" question ~ it seems like a huge deal was made over a simple typo in regards to Wade's name. A typo ~ a simple 1 letter typo made innocently by another member. Then Wade jumped to a conclusion based on a typo & a cute remark made by yet another member.

(30 Dec '13, 04:45) ele

"whether mankind will consciously follow the law of love, i don't know. But that need not perturb us. The law will work, just as the law of gravitation will work whether we accept it or not. And just as scientists will work wonders out of various applications of the laws of nature, even so a man who applies the law of love with scientific precision can work great wonders"- Mahatma Ghandi

(30 Dec '13, 05:22) jaz

When you begin to understand Law of Attraction, and you understand that which is like unto itself is drawn, then it is easier and easier to understand that you are offering a signal, and the entire Universe responds. And when you finally get that, and you begin to exercise some deliberate control about the signal that you offer, then it really begins to be fun, because then you recognize that nothing happens outside of your creative control....

(30 Dec '13, 05:35) ursixx

... There are no things that happen by chance or by circumstance. There is nothing that is happening because of something you vibrated a long time ago or in a past life. It is not about what you were born into. It is only about what you are, right now, in this red hot fresh moment emitting.


(30 Dec '13, 05:35) ursixx

@ele Jai has and had nothing to do with this question. As I said in the start white tiger does not Jai.

(30 Dec '13, 09:35) Wade Casaldi

@ursixx yes these two comments are gold for what was reveled to me. We are the ones that send out the signals. Change the belief and meaning of something and you change the frequency of the signal.

(30 Dec '13, 18:23) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi When you add a large amount of text to your question through editing after you have received numerous answers, it would be much less confusing on IQ members and especially people reading your question for the first time if you could mark a visible EDIT and date for every time you add content. Answers and even your question can become misleading and taken out of context when what you currently have posted looks like it's in its original form. Just a friendly suggestion:-)

(01 Jan '14, 15:31) Cory

@Jai I reread everything I wrote & I hope you had time to look over my comments again. If NOT, please look at my 3rd comment & note the 3 words in bold print "Who is We?" & what I said next. If I thought you were behind his ? ~ I would NOT have used a singular you in my reply to Wade. I explained why I compared your ? with @Wade 's. You had doz's of ?'s closed & the mods specifically said to take this type of convo to Meta. If either of you have any more complaints, take it to Meta

(02 Jan '14, 19:25) ele

@ele if it makes you feel better I'll change we to you. I thought it is nicer all inclusive. Also it is considered poor English to change context from we to you, but if it makes it clearer then it's changed.

(03 Jan '14, 01:38) Wade Casaldi

@wade you said: It is becoming clear I'm on my own for this one. narrow is the gate that leads to life and very fee enter. as for building in this world: He said, "Lord, there are many around the drinking trough, but there is nothing in the well." Jesus said, "There are many standing at the door, but those who are alone will enter the bridal suite." Show me the stone that the builders rejected: that is the keystone. http://www.gnosis.org/naghamm/gosthom.html

(03 Jan '14, 08:27) white tiger

@wade casildi some will tell you that there is no we or no us. so they cannot accept that they even exist or that someone else can exist. they put a wall of ignorance between them self and other to satisfy their desire. and will tell you everything is perfect as it is, there is nothing to be change in this world. we all ready know about the divide and conquer scenario it is use often. make people afraid that they stand alone, you are not alone we are many each of us as free will.

(03 Jan '14, 08:43) white tiger

@White tiger, wilde casidi maybe? haha

(03 Jan '14, 09:38) CalonLan

I read this topic and it makes me want to sing to you. But you wouldn't hear me, and I can't sing in Cantonese nor do I understand it just like I don't understand you, but the song's so beautiful and so is your conversation, so strange and meaningless, yet so beautiful...

Thanks everyone for putting yourself into positions I can't be bothered to put myself into, and providing me the experience of it without actually going through by myself =D


(03 Jan '14, 10:38) CalonLan
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Maybe it is time to change The Law of Attraction. Maybe update it, replace it or remove it?

By all means....transform it, change it, remove it, replace it, and do whatever you want with it.

The "it" we are talking about here though is only a definition that has been agreed upon by many people over the course of years. It really is just a label that a person or persons attached to try and explain something that may generally be viewed as unexplainable or incomprehensible.

When or if you do decide to transform, remove, update, etc., just remember that you will be doing it in your own little world. There is no "we" involved in the process. There is only you and the reflection of your desires. It may seem like others around you are going along with the new program. You may even get your beliefs to a certain strong point that it seems the whole world is on the same page as you are, but it still and always will only be you and your reflection.

alt text

The law works for some and against others. We see that over and over as a theme here. This clearly indicates the law is flawed in some aspect or other.

From reading this statement I am making the assumption that your question revolves around the idea that this thing we label as The Law of Attraction is not a perfect system because other humans are creating struggle, or lack, or hardship, or a non understanding of how they create every single event and situation in their lives.

There is nothing flawed about being alive in a human body no matter what the physical circumstances are.

Since this law is just another way of saying that vibrational waves match up to similar waves of a vibrations frequency, how can that possibly be a flawed system? Maybe it is the human mind that does more work than it was created to do that gives the illusion of a flawed system.

The law (or vibrational frequency matching) doesn't work for some and against others. It works perfectly every single time and in every single situation. Not matter how ignorant a person is of their abilities to create or how ill and depressed they are in life, it is working perfectly.

Who it to say that certain people didn't come to this earth plain to intentionally experience the lack of all knowing and individual creating? Maybe in a past life (parallel reality version of our consciousness) everything someone experienced went perfectly including health, wealth, friendships, and family. Maybe that consciousness desired to live a life of lack and unknowing for growth and experience. Maybe there was a desire to live a life of not knowing who they truly are only to transform that into a full knowing somewhere along the line.

So now we come to how to make the law more fair

One persons definition of fair can be completely different than another's. It's not a bout what is fair and what isn't. It's about what is preferred and what isn't preferred and how much focus and intent is placed towards each choice.

What would you change or replace, maybe remove to make the law work for everyone's advantage?

There is nothing to change or replace because "the law" is essentially no-thing to begin with. Energy waves are not solid physical things like the human brain wants to make them out to be:)

I prefer to allow people to decide how they want it to work for themselves... good, bad, or in a neutral way. It's not my place or my unique and individual creating reality to make anything work for anybody else anyway.

We need to come at this intellectually like a boardroom.

This statement is one of the best examples why people have trouble with creating the reality they prefer. We try to think way to much in an intellectual way instead of simplifying things and following our built in and ready to go emotional guidance systems.

If every person simply started to make how they feel the most important decision in their life, there would be no resistant thoughts or situations to be had regarding things being flawed or not working. Everyone would be too busy basking in their own perfect flow of deliberate, creative vibrations with simplicity and ease.


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I think we have progressed to the point of creating a new system. Mind moves energy. Some very enlightening ideas are coming to me. I feel like if we could get enough people of earth to makes the shift in what is believed to be how things are, we can change it.

(30 Dec '13, 02:51) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi Who's earth are you referring to by the way?

(30 Dec '13, 02:54) Cory

@Wade Please don't take offense ~ but why would anyone follow you? You've told us over & over your life wasn't good. You can't pay the rent ~ you can't pay your utility bills. A couple months ago your internet was turned off & you're running from bill collectors in addition to be sued. If this works for you -- Great.

(30 Dec '13, 03:37) ele

@ele and those that agree you have just proven Mark 6:1-6


(30 Dec '13, 10:24) Wade Casaldi

@ele actually please don't take offense but in your attempt to discredit me and my new revelation you have given me a key I needed.

It is clear my creditors believe in me more than those here seem to.

(30 Dec '13, 11:25) Wade Casaldi

you gave yourself the key Wade...thats how the law of attraction works...what you put out you get back...

(30 Dec '13, 11:51) Roy

@Wade "in my attempt to discredit you" All I did is repeat what you said or complained about just a couple short weeks ago. You said you couldn't pay the rent.


No one on IQ has answered more questions than you. Not Jai Not SR & Not WT. All the answers & ALL the tools you need to create the life you desire are right here.

(30 Dec '13, 16:05) ele

@Wade ~ as for your creditors ~ Glad you took my advice. I believe I advised you to stop running from your creditors & to talk to them. You left your creditors with no other option other than to take legal action against you. I was very supportive & gave you helpful advice. You can refresh your memory here ~ (in the comments under your answer)


(30 Dec '13, 16:06) ele

@Wade Mark 6: 1-6 ~ so you're saying you're Jesus or a Prophet?

Here's another link where you talked/complained about your life & not being able to pay your utilities & having your internet & phone turned off. I didn't make anything up. I only repeated what either you or Jai said independently of one another.


(30 Dec '13, 16:08) ele

@Wade Casaldi, I LOVE how you stir the pot! Happy to see you giving it back!! You are getting some very interesting feedback. I think I know where you are coming from. Keep up!! :)

(30 Dec '13, 16:45) Dollar Bill

@ele thanks for going out of your way to prove my point. Also bringing up the prayer, yes I am truely thankful for that, that could be why I had this breakthrough I just hope not too late. Even if it's too late I'll use it to get back on top.

(30 Dec '13, 18:09) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi - very impressive. Strength, depth, comprehension and understanding. You got your mojo working!

Love it! It is not too late, never too late. I ken that you are right on schedule! Right where you planned to be. Keep up!

(30 Dec '13, 18:47) Dollar Bill

@white tiger, you are a marvelous teacher! And companion. I often read your posts several times and feel uplifted each time in a different way.

(30 Dec '13, 18:48) Dollar Bill

Your most welcome @Wade As DB said ~ it's never too late & I sincerely wish you the best. I hope you find clarity & resolve this ongoing issue where you see demons & naysayers where ever you look. If you calmly look at what was said here & on the sentience thread you'll see no one but you & Jai thought you guys were speaking for one another. You two jumped to that conclusion & continue to blame me or other members instead of taking any responsibility for anything which transpired.

(30 Dec '13, 19:03) ele

@Dollar Bill

Stirring the Pot? lol Oh Bill, you wouldn't be doing a bit of rabble-rousing would you? BTW ~ They closed the other question before I had a chance to respond to your last comment to me. I will never tell you NOT to curse again. Please accept my apologies & I will try my very best not to let that happen again. I have NO desire to be compared to Hitler... Thanks & you & NB have a very happy New Year.

(30 Dec '13, 19:13) ele

@ele, I accept your super sincere apologies. Very intelligent, loving and sensitive of you to understand.

You have a very sweet and loving side that can be misunderstood by people not aware of your sense of humor! And when they don't understand that sense of humor they mistake your love for biting, nasty critcism! We would never want anyone to think that of you!

Please keep the lighthearted fun coming. That is your best side and we all absoultely revel in it!!!

(06 Jan '14, 08:20) Dollar Bill

@ele, and oh, please don't mistake my not replying to your numerous posts as anything other than I don't see any need to do so, but I will do what I can to help people better understand that you really do mean well.

(06 Jan '14, 08:22) Dollar Bill

True, I did say this prior to finding Meta emails. I don't consider saying the N word cursing. I consider it racist, rude, arrogant & ignorant. I don't recall addressing any posts to you other than this one. I did reference you. I think it was the other way around - you hunting me. I just now stumbled on this one by accident.. Making a joke about what your friends in the UK used to call a mechanical dishwasher on META says a lot about who you are. You clearly spelled out the N word in my email.

(07 Jan '14, 16:09) ele

@ele you miss the point, again! Go wash your dishes by hand or mechanically and be sure to scrub the inside of your cup and you MAY gain understanding. I hope that you do. But either way, I do appreciate your sense of humor, @ole mountain girl! And keep up your nagging! But don't nag the dishwasher. Haw hee haw!

(07 Jan '14, 19:04) Dollar Bill

@Cory your answer is the closest to what came to me about changing the LOA. I believe we as the human race have far more potential than we can imagine. Also the picture you choose helped give me my latest awakening. This meaning maybe we can skip that thousand monkey tipping consciousness theory.

(07 Jan '14, 19:24) Wade Casaldi

@Cory The thing that is most accurate is the picture you choose. Maybe a few projecting focused thought could affect the change for the better in the mass conscious.

(08 Jan '14, 09:56) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi "I believe we as the human race have far more potential than we can imagine."

Yes, we may never really be able to achieve our absolute true potential in a human body, especially if as a whole we keep thinking of ourselves as insignificant and nothing special as a species. The first sentence in my answer is the key to achieving what you desire. You and you alone control the direction your life takes and how you define this thing called LOA. Once you get your intent of the...

(09 Jan '14, 13:05) Cory

@Wade Casaldi ...change you want to see in place, then you can start to open up to see changes in your reality. If that means that you manifest people into your life (by allowing and not pressuring) that come together with you to change your definition of LOA or life on earth itself, then so be it. I believe in infinite parallel versions of earth, so to me, it's all about putting focus, attention, imagination on what earth I prefer. Then just let go and get into my good feeling place.

(09 Jan '14, 13:09) Cory
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No, Wade, you don't understand.

Law of attraction is the law. It cannot be altered or removed. It's in the core of existence itself. It's how universe functions. It's working all the time, without fail, without stop. Every second, every instant. Right now !

REAL laws can't be broken or changed, only silly Earth laws can

There are 4 laws of existence:

  1. You exist -----> can't change that, you may only change forms, but you will always exist and always have existed

  2. The one is the all, the all are the one -----> nothing to do about it, can't change that

  3. What you put out is what you get back( Law of attraction)----> can't change that

  4. Change is the only constant -----> everything changes except the first three laws, can't change that

And that's it. Every reality, every experience, in every dimension, everywhere, everywhen is some configuration of those 4 laws.

But of course you can create a new law instead of Law of attraction if you wish and if you really believe in it, it will work. But then again that's only law of attraction working again, giving you what you want :) You got to love paradoxes :)

Kisses to Bashar and everybody else, but no homo :)


answered 29 Dec '13, 18:04

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Thank you Marin, no I do understand LOA perfectly, I have for years that is why I know what I proposed can be achieved. My proposal is to make LOA fool proof by changing the mass conscious of what is now the normal thought pattern. It is similar to changing the tuning of a guitar so that when what is commonly discordant notes is now harmonious notes. When we change the LOA changes to reflect that change pulling in to in the new frequency that the same old strings are now emitting.

(06 Jan '14, 07:11) Wade Casaldi

I would think that this question stems from the askers inability to purposefully manifest things or situations they want in their lives. I will use an illustration for the benefit of anyone reading this in years to come. I seriously don't think this will impact Wade at all, I assume from the question that Wade doesn't as yet understand what LOA is, or if he does he isn't buying into it. That's an observation not a criticism.

About 6 months ago I was very overweight, I caught sight of myself in the mirror and was appalled by how fat I was, I had 3 chins and a beer belly any darts player would have envied. I started a strict diet and after 3 months placed myself in front of my full length mirror again. I was faced with a guy who was 3 stones lighter, sans the beer belly and 2 chins.

Now NEVER NEVER NEVER did I ever try to alter my mirror, I didn't blame the mirror or try to modify it. I didn't invest in another mirror or indeed question the job my current mirror was doing. The mirror was never the problem...it was the undisciplined and over indulgent item that was placed in front of it....and that was me. My mirror now reflects a slim image. It can do no other. It simply reflects whats placed in front of it.

LOA or the law of consciousness ( whats in a name ) reflects back to us the "REAL" contents of our consciousness. In fact the reflection the person in front of the mirror and the mirror itself are all consciousness. There is nothing outside of this, there cant be any other law because there isn't anything else.

Im afraid the only people who ever question this are inadvertently those who don't like their reflection too much. Sorry but its true.

Ive heard very similar question asked on this forum by people who are on the very start of the " quest" . Im assuming Wade that your still struggling with the after effects of your brush with evangelical christianity and all the nonsense it contains.

That's fine Wade, theres no problem in that and no condemnation.

Sooner or later Wade your going to have the revelation " OF" Christ. Not about Christ, but of Christ. I cant stress the "OF" enough. This will happen in this incarnation or a subsequent one. Your not going to be left on the shelf fella.....so no sweat.

And when you've had that revelation Wade, youll never ask a question or post something as banal and ridiculous as this again. Good news Eh?


answered 31 Dec '13, 09:43

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Monty Riviera

edited 31 Dec '13, 09:43


I love your honest answer Monty...Its a time of new beginnings...All will see soon...love and light...+1

(31 Dec '13, 10:07) Roy

When I see an answer like this it makes me think of people that were satisfied driving their Model T Fords.

(31 Dec '13, 13:04) Wade Casaldi

Brilliant answer, Monty Riviera.

(01 Jan '14, 09:29) Pebbles88

I don't think that the desire of wanting to change the loa qualifies as a case of "thinking outside the box". Nor would a desire to change the law of gravity. Or the circle of life. Those are all premises for our life on earth and it's not something that can be changed by simply wanting to. Lots of aspects of human life are unchangable. Like death - not easy to deal with, even when one believes that it is not the end. Still, one can't simply decide to "sit down together and change it".

(01 Jan '14, 09:32) Pebbles88

I agree Pebbles88, sometimes we have to "fit in" with the way things are. When it comes to consciousness mirroring itself in our physical lives there just isn't any way round this. Its even more than just a "law", it just "is". Its fundamentally the way things "are". I see Wades point of thinking outside the box,i like that , it shows imagination. But there simply isn't any outside to this particular box! Its all.

(01 Jan '14, 11:30) Monty Riviera

Your right Roy, all will see soon. That's good news to me.

(01 Jan '14, 13:45) Monty Riviera

Very, very well said @Monty I applaud your heartfelt honesty as well as your sincerity. Your insights are as impressive as your diplomacy is.. Classy fella ~ Ok ~ Now eat your words ~ isn't this an example of a ? you've never seen asked before?

"brush with evangelical christianity" Wade can correct me if I'm in error; but its my understanding he still sees himself as a born again Christian. At least that is the impression I had when I read his very next A.

(02 Jan '14, 19:29) ele

You know ele....your right! I thought we would see nothing new and Wade came along and asked one right out of the box. Perhaps i'll stick around and see if there are more to come. I did re read my answer and yes....im a bit harsh still. Perhaps I'll mellow a little with age :)

(05 Jan '14, 16:29) Monty Riviera

I wasn't being sarcastic when I said classy @Monty. You were nicer than me. I was in shock. I figured they both knew ~ I really thought that & I thought they just didn't agree ~ meaning believe in it .

(06 Jan '14, 05:56) ele

Do you own the mirror, or does the mirror own you?

It seems by what you believe, the mirror owns you.

That is okay if you do not want to go beyond that simplistic basic level of understanding. Someday you'll catch up to me, either in this life or some other.

(06 Jan '14, 07:19) Wade Casaldi

I cant say im looking forward to getting up to your level of understanding Wade. But thanks for the thought sunshine.

(06 Jan '14, 09:16) Monty Riviera

I see where your coming from ele,the question staggered me it really did. Ive seen some of the quite brilliant answers given by Stingray and others to their questions. I guess they either don't get it, or do get it and reject it. Both absolutely fine. In fact perfectly acceptable, and I guess non of my business. We can only ask what we feel like asking and answer what we feel like answering. There wont ever be a total consensus of opinion.

(06 Jan '14, 09:21) Monty Riviera

I do tend to forget where ive come from ele, I see a lot of questions on this site that I think are no brainers, but ten years ago I quite simply couldn't have accepted a lot of the information given on this site. And I would have rejected outright many of the things I now find second nature. Ive only just really come to the conclusion that im totally responsible for my own life and circumstances. I went thru a very long arduous barrier with that one. It finally clicked only a month or so ago.

(06 Jan '14, 09:25) Monty Riviera

Do you think ele that there are people on this site who now don't respond to questions asked by certain people? It might be just my imagination.

(06 Jan '14, 09:28) Monty Riviera

And Wade let me set you straight on the mirror, I am the mirror, I am the person in front of the mirror and im the reflection as well. Unfortunately although I am these things I cant change myself on this one. I am that I am... I hope that clarifies my stance on this. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask. Im always ready with a speedy, if not tactful answer :)

(06 Jan '14, 09:31) Monty Riviera

One thing we agree on is I Am That I Am. However I am trying to exercise that for the good of humanity, because mind shapes reality. Except in your case it is limited to what it can do. For me I would rather explore potential of being a creator as all is one.

(06 Jan '14, 15:37) Wade Casaldi

Its limited with me Wade? Your a very silly little boy Wade. Grow up, stop trying to score points . Get a job, pay your debts, spend less time ** on this site and practice what you preach.

(06 Jan '14, 15:48) Monty Riviera

You are the one that limits what you believe humanity can do. I am the one that used to write the God Consciousness Experiments. Open your mind to inspiration it is great.

(06 Jan '14, 16:07) Wade Casaldi

I almost missed this too @Monty So glad I checked. Great point about the mirror & ppl being in dif places. It's obvious to me Wade either didn't read or understand your answer. I don't know how anyone could possible misunderstand what you said. Simple, clear & too the point w/o using 1,000 $ words. You certainly weren't putting him down. "Do you think ele that there are people on this site who now don't respond to questions asked by certain people? It might be just my imagination." >

(06 Jan '14, 22:08) ele

< Not your imagination & prob a good practice to have. Even tho I've noticed this happening, I haven't implemented this practice. Perhaps its time I take your insights to heart. You know what they say about ppl who A nearly every ?. I'm sure points have a lot to do with it, especially in this case; but I think the issue goes deeper than just points. It does bother me when ppl don't fact check when they are basing an A on something other than an opinion & that points to posting for points.

(06 Jan '14, 22:17) ele

Wade also missed the compliment you gave him in regards to out of the box thinking.

(06 Jan '14, 22:23) ele

It is interesting how through assumption, members can make broad sweeping comments that ruin other members reputations. And yet think that they are not putting down those members.

Anyway I am too busy enjoying the fruits of my update to the LOA. So far money has been coming from everywhere for me and I'll choose to believe this is just the beginning.

(06 Jan '14, 22:44) Wade Casaldi

One very interesting thing is I'm observing this conversation from a perspective beyond self. It is revealing to me the nature of argument, missunderstanding, interpretation, action and reaction. I wish I could explain this better but it is an awareness about personal belief with repulsion and attraction. No one would understand or believe me anyway. I'm sorry you took offense over my question.

(06 Jan '14, 23:21) Wade Casaldi

@ele please understand my choice of words as you said "1000 $ words" is not to impress, intimidate, or set myself apart. These words are words I use everyday in conversation. Jai's vocabulary is much larger than mine. There are times we are talking and I have to ask her what a word is she used. I learn it and next time I know. When I am in a stream of thought these words come through because they best represent my point. One word to express clarity is better than a sentence not as clear.

(07 Jan '14, 16:01) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Once again you took my words out of context. 1000 dollar words had nothing to do with you. I was saying there was NO reason for you not to understand Monty's post. His language was not complicated. It's like what ppl say about SR. He makes everything simple & easy to understand no matter your educational level. Here's a recent quote by @ Monty ~ "Stingray makes the often complex seem so simple and straight forward."

(07 Jan '14, 16:14) ele

1 I understood clearly Monty and at the time was offended and responded back to him with what he gave me.

2 I get a great joy out of answering questions, I feel inspired and awakened when answering, like they bring out a joy that is worth way more than any points to me.

3 I consider us all equal, one spark of God is not better or worse than any other, just different.

4 Seeing how this elevated was interesting because it brought me to an understanding of emotion, feeling, cause and effect.

(07 Jan '14, 19:09) Wade Casaldi

In other words I'm at a place where I don't care that Monty told me, I'll catch up to him this life or some other. Or that he called me a silly boy. Or that he called my question banal and ridiculous. Or even that he talked down to me through his answer.

I'm past that now and I'm feeling in a much better place than to let any of that get to me.

I wish for the both of you this peace.

I'm misunderstood and I'm fine with that now.

I've spoken my part, these are my last words on this.

(07 Jan '14, 19:12) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi - "Anyway I am too busy enjoying the fruits of my update to the LOA. So far money has been coming from everywhere for me and I'll choose to believe this is just the beginning."

It IS the beginning. Stay with your inspiration and don't let the petty bickering of others bother you. Sometimes the only taste of success some people can have is when they try to take a bite of you.

(07 Jan '14, 19:21) Dollar Bill

@Wade I was specifically referring to his A & I did NOT interpret his words in negative way. You may want to scroll up & read the comments again. See who said what 1st. What did you expect his reaction to be? After your edit (the one Cory mentions) I understand what you were trying to say. Wouldn't it have been easier to just say I made an error & was having trouble articulating my ?. I don't think you were addressing me when you made your last comment the nite before; but I (A)

(07 Jan '14, 21:16) ele

(B) but I do get what you mean by viewing the "conversation from a perspective beyond self" & I couldn't of explained it any better. ETA _ I'm not sure everyone saw your 1st edit either. Edits don't go to inboxes.

(07 Jan '14, 21:18) ele

Truly successful people have no reason to brag. The psychology behind bragging is very interesting. Excluding narcissists ~ most ppl brag because they lack self esteem or have low self confidence. Ppl want to fit in - be considered good enough & thought well of . Some are trying to manipulate or control others & some are trying to impress us any which way they can. Then there are others who are so desperate for praise they stoop to lying or making up stories. These ppl care about >

(07 Jan '14, 21:21) ele

< what others think & some don't care at all. Some will vehemently deny it. Recall when we were kids - no one liked the kid that was always bragging. I know someone like this personally & it's hard on the ppl who love them too.

(07 Jan '14, 21:26) ele

@Dollar Bill thanks for the words of encouragement. Yes stay in my happy place of thought. It is revealing when we switch from reacting to observing. It sets you free, like Jesus said, "Be in the world not of it."

(07 Jan '14, 21:34) Wade Casaldi

@ele This bragging thing, not sure where it comes from here but it reveals something interesting. From one point of view, it is bragging, look at me. From another it is someone that loves something so much and loves his/her friends so much that she/he wants to share his/her dreams, goals, disappointments and achievements. Also that person would love to rejoice over his/her friends achievements, dreams, goals etc.

It depends on view point. None are below me or above me just by my side.

(08 Jan '14, 09:36) Wade Casaldi
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We need to come at this intellectually like a boardroom. We may be the key to the golden age, scraping an old outdated law for one that serves us all.

I'm going to add to the following statement by @Cory:

When or if you do decide to transform, remove, update, etc., just remember that you will be doing it in your own little world. There is no "we" involved in the process.

By quoting a passage from Bashar that I recently came across:

They [others] do not have to go along with you. Understand that within the interaction of All That Is, all possibilities take place, and every individual contains all the facets necessary to interact within any reality of any one individual that can take place. Therefore understand that what you perceive as individuals who seem to be going along with your newly created reality are simply the facets of those individuals, which are already experiencing that reality with that facet of you that is creating that reality. Tis not that they are going along with anything, except that they are also partaking of that reality, even as you allow your own consciousness to focus into that facet of yourself. They are already there, just as you are already there. And that is why it is only a matter of realigning your perspective and observing your reality through another facet of yourself in which you will find all the facets of all the other individuals already existing which need to accomplish that idea. Realize that every idea, every situation, already contains all the ingredients necessary for the unfoldment of that idea, except when you step in and make the separation between yourself and that idea, and assume that you must struggle to create that idea, that you must build piece by piece exactly how that idea is to manifest. You are an automatic creator. You need not think about the path in order to achieve the effect. Cause and effect. You may simply create the effect, and nature, yourself as the automatic creator, will supply you with more than enough cause to support the effect. You will simply be in tune with All That Is, in terms of the facets of all the consciousness and all the individuals, which are already partaking of that idea into which you now find yourself tuning in.


answered 02 Jan '14, 17:05

lozenge123's gravatar image


Yes others don't need to agree. My transformation of the LOA is of what humanity holds as the current vibration of lack to vibrate at a more positive level of attraction. Thus changing the polarity of the negative to positive without humanity needing to change the default thought. Reverse the polarity of the object and this changes the object vibration while keeping the object the same. In other words the same instrument tuned differently plays differently.

(07 Jan '14, 20:45) Wade Casaldi

Wonderful question, Wade. +100 for thinking outside the box!

It took me a while to get it, but now I see what you mean, I'm just loving thinking about it. :)

I thought, "Change a natural law? But, we can't change that natural law, any more than we could change the law of gravity! You can't change how vibrations relate to one another... We can work with that law to appear to defy it (airplane), we can learn more about a law to make it work for us the way we want it to, but you can't change what is.... What we all agreed to when we came here.... If the LOA "written" by the god Thoth, well that shows the only way we could do that, as in a boardroom or council setting, would be if we were gods.... A council of powerful, creator gods.....
Lol! Wonderful question. :D

So, to answer your question, Creator God Wade, I would have to say no, updating, replacing or removing such a powerful, foundational law would require that we do the same to too many other laws; they are all too intertwined. I say, let's scrap the lot and start all over again. Make something brand new.

Perhaps this time, as LOA has, as you mentioned, worked against so many people who were not aware of what or how they were manifesting in their lives, we could create a LOA that has a physical gauge of some kind that is more obvious than the present physical, internal sensations in the body. I suggest a large, glowing meter of a kind that can be easily viewed by peers, so that they may help one another manifest what they want.

alt text

However, this may cause too large a loss of privacy and therefore personal development. What are your thoughts?

Creator Goddess Grace



answered 30 Dec '13, 12:15

Grace's gravatar image


edited 30 Dec '13, 13:41


@Grace actually you get it. I don't believe we are at a point to change the mass conscious yet because of much of the evidence here shows most seem against change. Most falling back on the we're only human, not everything is possible.

Anyway my awakening involves changing your own belief that changes the rules of the law of attraction in apparent opposition of what is considered normal default.

White tigers electric motor inspired me, it is natural law for positive to flow to negative.

(30 Dec '13, 16:34) Wade Casaldi

@Wade - "...my awakening involves changing your own belief that changes the rules of the law of attraction in apparent opposition of what is considered normal default." - Good point! Pardon me, my limitations are showing! ;) LOL! If we are going to create our own rules, why ever not? Good for you! :)

(30 Dec '13, 17:15) Grace

Thank you Grace for seeing beyond what is to what could be. Also thanks for believing and entertaining the idea that the universe may have really given me something worthy.

(07 Jan '14, 20:51) Wade Casaldi
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It seems to me like you are looking to change the law of attraction by using the law of attraction...

Why would you make the assumption of the law being flawed because it doesn't work for everyone? When it doesn't work, the law in itself is not to blame, but rather unfortunate patterns of the subconcious mind. That's something I would like to discuss - how to change old, destructive patterns of the subconcious mind in an effective way.


answered 30 Dec '13, 19:29

Pebbles88's gravatar image


@Pebbles88 Excellent question, the only way to be given an improvement is to see something wrong. Otherwise if you believe everything is perfect then there is no reason for change and so nothing new discovered.

(30 Dec '13, 22:26) Wade Casaldi

@wade Casildi what do we know about belief. and what do we know about people being hypocrite to them self?

(30 Dec '13, 23:13) white tiger

@white tiger yes agreed but they will see and understand hopefully, where I answered Jai.

Thanks for the inspiration.

(31 Dec '13, 18:41) Wade Casaldi
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You can not change a universal law. Time will never effect it because it is timeless. Take consequences for example, I think that is played out now because that is old school. I think now we can do whatever we want. Does not work, can't change it, it is timeless and part of this holographic world called reality. It is tied to your intent. How can you change that, you can't, it one and the same.


answered 03 Jan '14, 10:26

The%20Knights%20Alchemy's gravatar image

The Knights Alchemy

Sir Wade, the way I understand LOA, what you propose is not possible. First, LOA was not written/invented/created by any man, it is simply the 'natural' order of things. What you ask is like "let's go make the sun rise from the north and make it set to east" or like "let's do revise the gravitational attraction so that when we fall we go upward instead of going downward" or a more weird of saying "let us revise our life so that we will start it in our death and end it in our birth".

It is a wrong concept if you think that it did not work for everybody because it do work without fail and in perfect synchronicity to every single being in this planet. What you think maybe is that it did not to everyone's advantage. LOA always work and without any judgement or label, it work like how gravity work for everyone. Like any "natural" law of the universe, it will always work without fail no matter how human position himself towards it. If you wish to use gravity at you advantage, by no means don't fall, instead, create a hydroelectric plant.


answered 07 Jan '14, 23:39

Romel's gravatar image


edited 07 Jan '14, 23:43

I've been misunderstood by most. I have to think of what ZULFIQUR said, it is really about changing the innovation of the LOA. Also as Grace pointed out we overcame gravity with the invention of the Airplane. It is this same principle of changing the present vibration of lack to, openness ready to receive. This way lack carries a positive expectation thus changing what it attracts. So the worst you can do is fall into lack which is just room for abundance.

(09 Jan '14, 01:40) Wade Casaldi

Yes "To everyone's advantage" this is most accurate of the reason for this question.

Thank you so much for giving my question thought and consideration, I can tell by your answer and I appreciate that courtesy.

(09 Jan '14, 01:45) Wade Casaldi

I wanted us all to work on it together for humanity, influencing mass consciousness into a new way of seeing things so that the default pattern of creation is advantageous to all.

There may be a way to do it with a few but maybe as Cory pointed out we should only change for ourselves and let that new thought influence consciousness.

(09 Jan '14, 02:00) Wade Casaldi

@Wade - That makes excellent sense, of course I agree, but I did enjoy the idea of your question leading us all to participate in a fantasy council of gods, making a new universe based on our own experiences of how user-friendly our present universe is. Update the operating system. Universe 2.0. Lol! It would have been fun to see where people would take it.

(09 Jan '14, 02:13) Grace

Btw I think there have been mass consciousness experiments on IQ before haven't there? On a smaller level, we sure could use some rain in my area. :)

(09 Jan '14, 02:17) Grace

@Grace yes that was the original thought since I didn't yet have all the pieces but that is not to say I don't believe that day will ever come. I do believe someday that day will arrive, until then we will find new innovations to make LOA work better and better if we allow our selves to explore the belief of that possibility.

(09 Jan '14, 03:01) Wade Casaldi
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@wade Casaldi - just reread your above question and really like the direction you are promoting. As we create a vacuum, the Universe fills it.

I see this more as an "interpretation" or "update" of the LOA. Each of us interprets this Law in our own personal way. To understand if the interpretation is working, just look at the amount of Joy in your life.

But as far as your original premise, if we are looking for a close partnership relationship, we can create a vacuum to draw one in by doing things like clearing one side of the garage so someone has a place to park their car. Sleeping on one side of the bed. Get an extra toothbrush, etc.

I know that this advice is not appropriate for you in that you and Jai (as myself and Anne) have great relationships, I mean it to apply to any @ole others who are still struggling to have a good relationship.

We know the answer and the question come at the same time, all we need to do is to allow the manifestation. And if you have a loving, and acepting place for that answer, it can immediatly manifest.

And though you have been lovingly "questioned" about how you can give advice when you have so many "problems", I know that your life is improving (from your private email) and that this vacuum is being filled, as it should be and always is!

Again, nice going and keep up!

EDITED after @Wade Casaldi's input

@Wade Casaldi Questions evolve as yours has from inspiration. The evolution as massaged and expanded here by others is an example of the value of relationships, for without others you could not be you.

Each valuable input gives rise to expansion, often by introducing contrast. Making the "inspiration" accessible, relevant and palatable to others as they ingest it.

It's a group endeavor in which we are involved. Let's always keep that in Mind.

EDITED Jan 17th A quote from Tagore reminded me of your question

"Everything comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it. Rabindranath Tagore"

Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/r/rabindranath_tagore.html#8DVj03vB1coRFyF6.99

EDITED TO REFLECT ANSWER BY @Herculean - my perspective is that we all live in different universes, some similar and parallel others vastly different. This being the case, there are some universe(s) where the holocaust, wars, etc did not occur.

Suppose we are like movie patrons. You have the choice to view Horror movies, Documentaries, comedies, dramas, etc. Your choice! And while you are in the movie, you belive it is real. To enjoy the movie, you have to believe it is somehow real.

But really, it isn't.

A movie is a piece of film that passes through a projector and puts images on a flat screen in a dark room. The images of the film all exist in one long reel, and they exist all at the same time.

But to experince this one long reel, we have to buy a ticket to the "Space / Time School." And here we are.

So we come into the movie that (outside the theater) we know is not real and we agree to believe in it, to experience emotions as we watch. But it is NOT real. The images don't really move. They only appear to move. The characters are playing parts. Illusion. But we can have fun with our illusions as long as we reaize their nature -- and our own!

When I was a child, my father saw every John Wayne movie. He and I loved John Wayne. JOhn Wayne was a a hero.

John Wayne was always the good guy and always won. However in one movie he was a deep sea diver and at the end, he drowned hundreds of feet beneath the ocean.

As a child, I was shattered! John Wayne was DEAD!No more movies. Later I realized that he was an actor and the character had died, but not the person. He was just fine in the next movie.

So can our lives be like a movie? Who writes? Who directs? Who picks the actors? Who runs the projector? and Who is free to get up and walk out, or change the plot? You! Me!

Pick up your remote and change the channel. Pick a different frequency!

So, did the people really die in the holocaust? Spanish fever? Inquisition? Did they suffer? To me, no more than John Wayne at the bottom of the ocean.

I choose to watch different movies and in the theater, if a movie is making me feel bad, I get up and leave. Go find a movie I like. Same with situations. Same with people.

Am I cruel? Do I not care about other peope? If I pay money (energy) to patronize horror movies, what happens? They make more horror movies. If I focus my mind on suffering, death, illness, murder, do I get more of that stuff in my life? What do you think??

But, do I want to turn on the lights and scream to the horror patrons that this is just an illusion? Yeah, sometimes. Do I really have that right? Only when it touches my Universe and then I feel much more like just finding a better place for myself. Maybe, just maybe others are enjoying watching that stuff. How would I know?

Though it seems incomprehensible to me that some people like horror movies, they seem to do so.

I really can't change anyone else. But I can change my self, my focus. I am happy.


answered 06 Jan '14, 08:42

Dollar%20Bill's gravatar image

Dollar Bill

edited 18 Jan '14, 15:16


Thank you, yes you understand. Maybe I didn't word my question right. It really was an evolving question that started as only a clue or hunch. At that time I really did need help to pan it out. Thankfully white tigers answers here and his new question helped evolve this to a very feasible project.

I'll tell you of my new epiphany in private.

(06 Jan '14, 08:54) Wade Casaldi

Yes I agree, from the observation of interaction with members that show they don't much agree or appreciate me I have had another awakening. It is interesting from an unattached perspective to observe interaction and see how differences can spark smug remarks that escalate until they are an out of control battle against each other.

(06 Jan '14, 23:38) Wade Casaldi

@Dollar i love the bit about creating a vacuum and the universe fills it ... that's exactly how i imagine it all works, perhaps we should update the law of attraction by naming it the law of vacuum ... L&L

(17 Jan '14, 11:41) jaz

@Dollar Bill - Love this. Especially your movie analogy! :)

(18 Jan '14, 09:38) Grace

Thank you @Jaz and @Grace

(18 Jan '14, 15:17) Dollar Bill
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nothing is gain by destroying something. but a lot is gain by understanding the truth about it and correcting what is in error. talking about attraction a magnet attract stuff that are in the same alignment and repulse stuff that are not in the same alignment. the attraction might pull 2 component together not bad in it self but to move stuff you need to properly use the energy in harmony to attract or repulse things. if there is no wall between 2 component you can attract a metal piece with a magnet. but if there is a wall between them the metal piece will not come to the magnet. then you will need to move the metal piece around the wall or remove the wall. to attract the metal piece to the magnet. if you can move the magnet you can pull the magnet attracting the piece of metal around the wall. if you cannot move the magnet you need to repulse the piece of metal so it can move around the wall then you can attract it again to pull it toward you. what is repulse with a magnet inversing the polarity so that thing go in opposite direction between 2 component. this can be done with 2 magnet. with a pieces of metal until it is magnetize it does not have the magnetic property of the magnet. how do you magnetize a piece of metal? you put a magnet on it and move it until it become magnetize. or you put a piece of metal align to the north and hit it with a hammer to cause a vibration that will let the electron particle change to align with the magnetic field of the earth that goes to the north. what is a magnet it is a metal that as all is electron align in the same direction. what is a piece or metal that is magnetize it become a magnet.

you see until one learn more about something he cannot make the necessary change. but once someone know how it work he can make the necessary change. to remove and destroy everything would be stupid. but to know different things and how they interact and work together can make you make better choice.

What is a law it is a guide line to help you out. it is similar to a map I could give you a law to continue straight to the end of the street but if the map change or the map end does the law really fit the new model or can it be use to navigate on the other map next to it? then the law needs to be updated because it become flaw. so keep what is working and is good and change what is not working or lacking. the simple fact is that their will be a lot of change to make because as human being we see only a small percentage of what is. there is a lot of spectrum of light that we do not see then there is a lot of interaction between energy that we do not understand. look at quantum science right now it as discover that observing something makes it change. the simple fact is that they are interacting with it and they do not understand how the interaction are happening. it is like a English person that meet a French person for the first time they talk different language and do not understand each other. then they need to learn more about each other through interaction. the more they do it the better they will understand each other. how many language do we have on this planet? and we individually talk only a fee of those language. together as one we understand a lot more then individually because we can interact with each other and help each other. but divided it takes us a lot more of time and energy to get the same result. so we need to grow individually and together and better our self.


answered 30 Dec '13, 15:41

white%20tiger's gravatar image

white tiger


I knew you would clearly understand what came to me. Excellent answer! Yes this is what I was looking for.

(30 Dec '13, 16:41) Wade Casaldi

@white tiger - spot on as usual!

(30 Dec '13, 18:40) Dollar Bill

Your answers inspired me to see far beyond what is to what could be.

(07 Jan '14, 20:12) Wade Casaldi
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Attraction.........is the force that is binding the Universe and the height of attraction is LOVE, we call it a LAW.

You must have learned the concept of molecules bonding in chemistry i.e. IONIC Bond (wherein electrons of one atom are shifted in other atom) and COVELENT Bond ( when two atoms share their electrons), here we find the COVELENT Bond as stronger than the Ionic Bond where the force of attraction makes both the atomes share their electrons.

The law is working on the very basic, rather on all levels. However, Yes if one is very innovative and gets a monotonus state from using the same tool, is welcome to invent new laws beneficial for the human race. We cannot change the laws (can we also call it REALITY) of nature. Has anyone escaped death that is one of the laws of nature i.e. every being has to face death ( be it a Law or Reality set by Allah )


answered 31 Dec '13, 01:48

ZULFIQAR's gravatar image


edited 31 Dec '13, 02:15

Changing the innovation of the law. This is much closer to what I was given. It is changing how it works by changing the vibration of humanities default vibration of what is presently believed about lack.

(07 Jan '14, 20:55) Wade Casaldi

@Wade- Like Grace, I applaud your "thinking outside of the box". I have enjoyed our conversations about this subject, which, unfortunately, I cannot completely quote here; the main theme to our talks was "What if we look at this in a different way?" Most of the time, when new ideas are put forth, they are called "Theories". I, for one, would be ever so much more comfortable with "The Theory of Attraction" rather than "The Law of Attraction." I guess it is all the years that the scientific method was pounded into my head. Despite tons of evidence, many scientific principles we live by are still called theories, such as the Theory of Relativity. I guess saying "theory" leaves just a little "skooch" room for evidence that might contradict the theory, and also leaves open-mindedness at the forefront of all science.

So, What if we look at the "Theory" of Attraction in a new way? Does that mean that it has been negated? No. It seems, rather, to be empowering to think of it from all new angles. I remember when we talked about how opposites attract- like the N and S poles of a magnet, or How nature abhors a vacuum. (In this discussion, Wade said to imagine a jar of marshmallows with all the air sucked out. The marshmallows would be all flat at the bottom of the jar. But when you open the jar, the air rushes back into the jar, and the marshmallows re-inflate. So why doesn't the "vacuum" of poverty attract money? That was a neat discussion.) These things seem to be the opposite of the LOA in that the LOA says that positive brings more positive, and negative brings more negative. So how can we fit magnetism into the LOA? The Earth itself is one big magnet. Migrating animals orient themselves according to this magnetism. Now, don't get your undies in a bundle here...PLEASE!!! I am just "thinking outside the box", and putting forth a few things in nature that do not seem to adhere to the LOA. (I can just see the comments now...:)))

Wade, I told you today that the LOA has worked for me only once absolutely positively for sure: Back sometime in 2009, when you and I were just getting to know each other, I read about Stingray's Manifesting Box, and I immediately wrote a word, and found a shoebox, and with all the Faith in the world, put that slip of paper into it. What was on the paper? One word: W-A-D-E. :)

I know that being Christian puts me in the minority here on IQ, but I just would like to add that I have always been puzzled by the forgiveness of sin and the Sacrifice of Jesus' Life to bring Man back into peace with God. (You have to be a Theology student to really delve into this- it encompasses a lot of the Bible, and I do not want to debate Christianity here.) It has always seemed to me that if our sins are forgiven, then they are gone forever. Wiped clean. Yes, there may be civil consequences to pay for sin, but in God's eyes, the sin is gone. To me, this always meant that Jesus taught us that new beginnings are always possible; that your past does not have to hold you back; that you can be free if you ask for forgiveness. But this seems to contradict the LOA, which says what you put out, you get back. Which is it? I guess I just will never be able to get this idea. Sorry, Stingray.

Thanks, again Wade, for some unique and brilliant thinking. It takes courage to speak up against the majority. Look at Darwin. He observed very carefully,, and wrote about what he saw, and postulated that maybe the Universe worked differently than was previously thought. What a firestorm he started! It is still going on to this day.

It is these kinds of thoughts that kept us on the phone for eight hours a night for two years; I am so happy to see you at it again. Nice work!


Your Jai ♥


answered 31 Dec '13, 15:14

Jaianniah's gravatar image


If calling it Theory of Attraction works for you, then go ahead, call it what you would like. What I am working at you partly revealed here and partly misunderstood. The place that changes the LOA is in what controls it. (I know I'll get slammed for saying controls, I'll hear it just is, nothing controls it.) Back to what I was saying the vibrations of our thought and emotion bringing us what is like those thoughts. The flaw is in what is called creating by default. It is a flaw in massconscious

(31 Dec '13, 17:20) Wade Casaldi

I know again I'll probably get slammed with those that say massconsciousness is not part of the LOA, I say it is all one. And so we come to how do we change how we feel and think about negative things as lack. If lack is believed to be not enough then as is the case for many they get more lack. So now we come to the fly in the ointment. The tuning of mass thought about lack is the flaw. So what in nature can we compare lack that is a good thing? Electricity! Positive flows to negative.

(31 Dec '13, 17:40) Wade Casaldi

As I was saying electricity, positive to negative, this flow is default, it happens without effort. Abundance to lack. I also had a vision of a vacuum as you clearly stated above with the marshmallows example I told you. The vacuum is pulling, drawing to it what it lacks, this is natural and happens without effort. Lack is not "not enough" it is the vacuum actively sucking in what it lacks. The negative pulling in the positive of electricity.

(31 Dec '13, 17:59) Wade Casaldi

So as this thought of what lack represents gets changed so does the vibration of lack get changed and so instead of lack begets lack we have lack begets abundance. This seems to counter the LOA like attracts like, but that is looking at it trying to compare old definition of lack to new, they are two different things even though called the same. As Florence Scovel Shinn used to say the very fact that you have creditors is the very fact that they believe in you. Use that belief for you.

(31 Dec '13, 18:09) Wade Casaldi

Another thing, the rich call money liquid assets. Interesting thing is liquid flows freely. But most poor think of it as a solid that has to be held on to. In comparison I'll use a ball to represent liquid and a cube to represent solid. It is so much easier for a ball to come rolling along than acube to come rolling along. Money must be seen as a flowing current much as the electricity flowing from abundance to need. We need to see we are in the middle of that stream.

(31 Dec '13, 18:20) Wade Casaldi

Lastly I believe yes Jesus was trying to change the dominant default thought of humanity. The poor will be fulfilled be on the world but not of it, yours is the kingdom. Higher level thought, higher level vibration, different LOA results than the masses of people.

(31 Dec '13, 18:25) Wade Casaldi

you know that solid is only a small percentage of the equation and there is a lot of space between each molecule. there is a lot of energy that interact together and we do not see it. water is liquid and at high pressure or high speed it can cut through metal. the same is true about light a concentrated beam of light at high speed cut metal.

(31 Dec '13, 18:42) white tiger

@wade Casildi also they charge you for energy and energy comes from the sun. light is electro magnetic energy. yes they might have people to pay to work but when they sell it at to high a cost to make huge profit. then you have a choice to make, find alternative source of energy or keep paying to much. you can go in the trash find a old tv take the focus glass and make use of solar power to cook or heat your stuff. you can look on youtube for free energy there is full of idee and some work rl.

(06 Jan '14, 04:28) white tiger

or like this it is 30 year that I know it is possible to make http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgEjqVFJXzU

(06 Jan '14, 05:48) white tiger

Amazing video! Yes this is a good example of not thinking what you are told. Like my question is also a good example.

(06 Jan '14, 06:14) Wade Casaldi

@Jaianniah Thank you honey for your support, especially when I feel no one understands me.

(07 Jan '14, 20:56) Wade Casaldi
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I appreciate Wade asking this question. I think it is fine to question an idea that is not working or that simply does not make sense. We think of a law as being applicable to every circumstance and to every human being. I don't understand the workings of the LOA because it has not worked for me as simply as it had for Charles Fillmore et al. Nor does it make sense: "What you put out is what you get back." What does that really mean?

It is hard for me to believe that all the folks who died in WWI, WWII, of the Spanish Flu, and all the other ailments, natural and unnatural consciously attracted those horrific situations. Why would anyone attract to herself the fate that befell the majority of holocaust victims? Is it logical to even postulate that? If we were to focus on one victim and look closely at that person's life, would we be able to say, "Here is that thought(s), that feeling(s) that attracted this dire fate upon this poor soul?" Then let's go on to another victim and another and do that same analysis. For the LOA to be a law, then we should be able to examine every single person who died in the holocaust and show where a thought(s), a feeling(s) attracted to that person his/her fate. Surely, not every single person who died in the holocaust was living in a low vibrational state or thinking negatively about themselves, their neighbors. Surely, there had to be individuals and families living well, full of joy, full of excitement, love and hope.

Let's look at a more modern example. LOA would have us believe that a minority of the human race can attract to itself all the material goods it needs for life: food, shelter, clothing, sanitary conditions, fresh water, working civil laws etc. The rest hit and miss on something so basic and attract droughts, famine, war, bad water, bad leaders, hunger, death, and disease. What sense does that make?

And please don't even bring up group consciousness, the unconscious or subconscious mind and their supposed role in LOA. If you have no control over these, then how can you know what you are sending out and what you are going to get back?

If we say, there is no LOA, no God, no Jesus, then where are we? Well, we are just like the fellow above who saw himself in the mirror and did not like what he saw and went about doing those things to change his body. No magic, no God, no Jesus, no LOA there, just awareness, analysis, action and determination. Sometimes we are successful and sometimes we are not.


answered 05 Jan '14, 14:53

Herculean's gravatar image


Thank you for showing why I'd like to change some things for the benifit of humanity.

(08 Jan '14, 09:11) Wade Casaldi

How about this? It is not the smaller physical part of you that is creating, but your light-body.

There is another force even greater, it is infinite, it is emptiness, silence, relaxation, darkness.

You can WILL/FORCE your way through life using light, or RELAX/FLOW your way through life using The Source , the emptiness/darkness which creates all.


answered 18 Jan '14, 17:11

arpgme's gravatar image


Yes interesting perspective, I think that is what I am getting at. It takes the resistance out of lack and changes it from something to fear and worry about to a vacuum that is pulling to it what is needed in an automatic and relaxed way. This changes the vibration of lack from a negative to a positive and puts you in a "everything is going to be okay" feeling which allows what is missing to be attracted, instead of more lack.

(18 Jan '14, 19:11) Wade Casaldi
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