Let's say a spouse has negative thinking patterns or in a family someone constantly thinks at a low vibrational scale, then will other people associated with them get sucked into the manifestations created by them?

asked 12 May '10, 17:50

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I Think Therefore I Am

We can only ever get involved in someone else's creations when we are a vibrational match to them.

For me I find this sometimes useful to detemine where I am at on the emotional scale or what frequency I am vibrating at. Sometimes someone close can be acting or vibrating at a negative frequency and it doesn't bother me at all or I don't get sucked into their drama - this lets me know that I'm vibrating at a higher frequency and I don't feel any need or pull to react.

At other times, when I notice the urge to react, it is an indicator that I am vibrating at a lower frequency and in a lower position on the emotional scale so it is time to find a better feeling thought to bring me back into alignment.


answered 12 May '10, 18:41

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When a husband manifests financial issues doesnt the wife become a part of that even though she may have a higher vibrational scale or will her higher vibrations pull him out of the financial problems?

(12 May '10, 19:04) I Think Therefore I Am

If the financial issues are also part of her physical reality, on a vibrational level she must have been a match even though it may seem as he was the one who created the situation. Nothing can come into your physical experience if you are not a match to it vibrationally.

(12 May '10, 21:16) Michaela

Only if you believe that is apt to happen to you and if you allow yourself to be drawn into their dramas.


answered 12 May '10, 18:42

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Sometimes we are not where we think we are. But life is like a mirror and it reflects back us to exactly where we are. So if we want to be honest with ourselves then we have to take some responsibility for what we attract into our lives. In the case of the example that you presented, it could be that both people in the relationship have negative thoughts in relation to money even though one may appear to be more successfull than the other. Another way to look at it is: if you find yourself in a situation that you do not want to be and you have the power to change it then why do you not change it? And whose fault is it if nothing changes? Just some food for thought?


answered 13 May '10, 14:58

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