Babies and small children are hapy and joyous, which would mean that their emotional vibrations are high, why then do some babies and children end up in miserable even horrific conditions? at what age do our own emotions start influencing our reality?

asked 15 May '10, 00:17

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I Think Therefore I Am

There is often a mistaken assumption that thought (and therefore emotion) are intrinsically linked with language.

So the assumption says that babies (who can't speak) are not thinking and therefore not experiencing emotion and therefore not attracting the results of what they are thinking. (This mistaken assumption applies to animals too).

Babies start attracting to themselves in this physical reality from the moment their consciousness projects into the physical body, which is normally with the first breath.

Left to themselves, they would live happy and joyous lives...but there is a conditioning process that happens (from older humans) that often influences them away from that.

See How does the law of attraction work in regards to children? for more information on this.

However, we are these days (in response to that) seeing more children being born who are more resistant to this form of societal conditioning.

So we are seeing greater and greater conflicts happening between the youth and the establishment as the young people try to maintain their freedom of thought (and expression) and the older ones push harder and harder to get them to conform.


answered 15 May '10, 06:25

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There's nothing new about youth rebellion. It's just more socially acceptable now, and you hear more about it than you did in the past. Teenage rebellion is wired into our genetic makeup; it helps us escape the safety of the nest to venture out into the world and make our own life.

(15 May '10, 20:16) Vesuvius

Anyway, if our political, spiritual and other leaders weren't so obviously feckless, they might be treated with a greater degree of respect by young people than they are.

(15 May '10, 20:16) Vesuvius

Stingray, I believe that the manifestation starts before birth because our soul or the "I" existed before birth and will continue to exist after death. At some deeper level within us we know where we came from, why we are here and where we are going.

(18 May '10, 14:51) Drham
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From the moment of conception, we start dowloading information including perceptions, from our parents and other caregivers. If we 'inherit' a perception that we will be abandoned or neglected or mistreated, then we attract people who will fulfill those expectations. It goes all the way down to the vibrational level though, so it's not like they are thinking words or even picture to express these perceptions, they are just vibrations that attract like vibrations.


answered 18 Jul '11, 15:52

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Fairy Princess

fairy princess, what if you choose to be born and you were given the gift of parents who could more perfectly influence you to begin to know who you are. young children know they exist, they are not aware that 'I am I' yet, minimal to none on expectations, just wanting to learn,. what is this desire to manifest

(19 Jul '11, 01:24) fred

Well, they would attract different things in life. I answered this question about babies in miserable of horrific conditions. We manifest without a desire to manifest, because we manifest before we know we are manifisting. The idea is to be aware so that you can have a contientious affect on what you attract instead of blindly attracting, which is what we already do. We desire and our vibration attracts according to the vibration.

(19 Jul '11, 12:17) Fairy Princess

My children were encouraged to have "wish books" when they were young, similar to what I had myself. So in our household, we were excited to get new catalogues, magazines or Sunday newspaper ads. They could clip out photos of things they wanted and would put them into their photo albums to look at before bed. I would have them imagine some scenario in which they had the actual item and tell me all about it. This made for a lot of positive family fun and helped them gain confidence in their manifesting skills and learn concentration and visualization. Both kids, although only in their twenties are doing quite well in all aspects of their lives, which I am so grateful for.

Young children can and do manifest, and with some encouragement from adults to really develop the skill, they will really shine.

Additionally: I realize I didn't answer your questions completely and should add this. Children are much like sponges, so if they are constantly seeing negative examples around them, or hearing negative words and ideas from those whom they trust, they will also manifest more negativity into their lives. But bad things happening in their lives are not always the result of manifesting. Sometimes it is karma, or circumstances beyond their control, something they chose pre-life to round out their character, the result of someone else's free will or whatever. It seems there are many ways for good and bad to show up in our lives. I am not sure at what age they can conciously manifest, but I will be interested to see what others say about that too.


answered 18 Jul '11, 16:39

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LeeAnn 1

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What a great thing to pass on to your kids :)

(18 Jul '11, 19:00) Michaela

Love the idea of a wish books.

(25 Jul '11, 10:42) I Think Therefore I Am
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