I think one of our tasks on earth is to knowingly put our conscious mind in control of our unconscious mind, instead of the other way around. Any hints.

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Good question, already featuring some good answers with possible potential for more. Relevant I believe to some topics on my mind and perhaps others will find it helpful as well. Figured I'd bump it to the top of the queue with a comment. =)

(29 May '13, 05:13) Snow
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The only hint i can give is that the important thing is the "REALISATION" of this fact.

Youve already nailed that.

Your 90% of the way there.



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Monty Riviera

The subconscious mind is like a hidden labyrinth. You only go there completely when you sleep...so the first step to navigating this place of secrets and hidden desires is to pay close attention to your dreams.

Dreams can tell you many things about yourself. For example, I kept having a repetitive dream about my mother. I am at a party, and my arm has been torn off. I go to my mother, and try to show her I am bleeding to death, but she only laughs with her guests, and ignores my desperate pleas for attention...This dream is a cinch to interpret: My "labyrinth" contains a place where I lack the needed attention I desire from my mom. What do I do?

The next step is to satisfy my hidden needs. In my case, I want and need mothering, but I am a grown woman, and I cannot get this from anyone but her...and she obviously will never give me what I crave. So the action I take is to nurture myself. When I told my closest friend about this dream, he said to look for the love from God. I did this, paying attention to all the needs that God was satisfying. I no longer have that nightmare!

Another key to the subconscious is to pay attention to my bad habits. What mistakes do I keep repeating? One action I repeat is to take care of others before myself. I have a need to be loved for what I do. When I do not get that love, I become depressed and feel lonely. Again, the solution to my bad habits was to turn my life over to God. Since I had a new Director, and trusted him, I started to feel okay about taking care of myself first. My habit of over-nurturing others disappeared.

One navigates this labyrinth in this fashion: pay attention to EVERYTHING you do! Slowly, you start to understand yourself! You start to free yourself from old behavior (EFT comes in to play here).

Keep a journal. In this journal, try to write as freely about your feelings as you can, holding nothing back. (For tips on keeping a great journal, you can read an article I wrote here.) I cannot emphasize enough that a journal will help you navigate your subconscious.

Slowly, you will get to know yourself, and know all the hidden places in your mind. Then you will truly be free!

I hope all of this advice helps you! Blessings, and happy spelunking, Jaianniah


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Fully agree Jai... when we put our thoughts on paper, we are bringing forth what's within to without. I, too, have found journaling a great way to gain more clarity and awareness around my own deep seeded beliefs :)

(17 Apr '11, 14:04) Michaela

medditation and living in a high vibrational pattern is the only way to constantly keep ur self closer with the higher self , and try to re-train your brain. that's the best advice i give to anyone looking to use their higherself more.


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This is a question leading to whole brain thinking, This is something the S.O.S. talks of. We can very easily control our subconscious not really control it as it is more like a messenger always working whether you want it to or not. In that way there is no controlling it just as fire can not be controlled however fire can be harnessed and used. This is the same for the subconscious.

I can give my subconscious mind a task to fulfill and forget about it, it is that simple! For example I have a problem I am working on, I load my mind with all the data I know of about this problem. This is my left brain gathering info, then I command it over to my right brain to take care of and bring me back the answer. Then I forget about it, later the answer comes into my mind, this could all happen in a matter of seconds or hours it matters not, it is letting go and letting your right brain work for you.

What you call subconscious is really your right brain.


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Wade Casaldi

@ Wade: How exactly do your turn your thoughts from your left to your right brain?

(16 May '12, 21:49) figure8shape

@Wade, I like that command business. Do you use that for things you want. I Command this or that to happen or take place.

(20 May '12, 01:11) Tom

Yes you just say "I now give this to my right brain to work on. Right brain work this problem out for me. Here are the details, I expect an answer." That is it, you just turn it over to be worked out.

Yes you could use it for manifesting, I have not experimented with that, but it seems highly feasible.

(20 May '12, 07:48) Wade Casaldi
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The unconcious mind contains an accumulation of memories that affect who you are and how you think and behave today. Matrix Reimprinting is an advanced form of EFT where you go back and do the EFT on the memories, thus changing how the unconscious memories affect our thoughts and behavior today. There are many videos and websites to learn about EFT.


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Fairy Princess

why does one wish to do that,
the organs of the conscious mind
are heavier with downwards affinity

you bring to a halt any
other fact finding,
surrendering to advance


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