Ok, I don't know what to do.

I'm fed up.

I've been reading Abe for the past couple of months now, to get myself to feel better and happier (because I really need it right now).

A few days ago I kinda chose to "give up" and let go, go downstream. It felt ok. But today I just had the worst blowup ever on my parents.

I got up, and I started listening to music and just wanted to relax a little when my dad came in and told me something. I didn't hear at him at first because I was listening with headphones on, but he said something like "why are you always listening to that garbage, that's the reason your life ain't sh*t right now."

Man I got so mad right then and there I wanted to beat him to a bloody pulp. I don't know why he would say something that hurtful to me, especially at a time in my Life when I'm not doing well.

Of course everything just went out of control. He said that I wasn't a good person, I'm a horrible person. Of course I responded with that he's one of the worst human beings I've ever met in my Life and no one likes you. Then he said fine, then get out and don't ever see me again.

I know my Life isn't going well at this moment, I quit my job some time ago so I can go back to school, and learn some computer stuff. That didn't work out too well so now I'm trying to find another job and at the same time learn on my own and get a certificate or license. I still live at home even though I'm 26, I don't like it, it sucks. I don't have any friends or anyone. Don't really know what to do but just try to be happy and I just get mad whenever my parents say some crap about me like that.

I can't think straight right now, I feel like I want beat the hell out of him right now. I go to the gym almost everyday but, I don't even want to go anymore, I feel like just giving up everything. What should I do?

Nothing feels right, there's no one I can talk to, I don't even know anyone. I want to just give up for real.

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Evolutionary High

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(15 Sep '12, 13:50) Barry Allen ♦♦

@Evolutionary High - Hi there! Try not to act now while you're angry, so that you don't do anything you'll regret later. You have come to the right place. I am not the best person to advise you on this, but you do have my attention, and I do care. Wiser voices will come soon, sit here with me in spirit til they get here.

Start by breathing deep, and focusing on that breath. There will be an answer. You can create a new and peaceful, productive and happy life, I mean it, just start by breathing deep and giving yourself a little time. Since Abraham seems to resonate with you, plug those earphones into your computer and start listening to Abraham Hicks recordings.

You may want to read this thread for some ideas for positive affirmations, and use @Fairy Princess' Two Hands Touching to keep them with you and to center and calm yourself.

Keep in mind that things do sometimes get a little bit worse before they get much, much better when you begin to use delibrate thought and to awaken. That means you can relax and just observe what is going on around and within you, it will all pass.

@Evolutionary High - Try to remember, your parents are just people, and they can't always know what the right thing to do is, either. Forgive them. For your own sake. :) They are probably just scared for you and don't know how to deal with that.

You didn't mention if you are meditating? I listen to AH Getting Into the Vortex guided meditations every night as I am falling asleep. Or I did til the other day when my cd player died. I meant to ask the community here today - does anyone have a link to those meditations? @Evolutionary High and I could use them here if you have a moment? :) They have worked wonders on me - your whole world can start to open up with meditation, and these are simple, 15 minutes per day recordings that are sweet to listen to, and effortless to benefit from tremendously.

There cool, our @Cory posted the links below. Thanks, @Cory! :)

I can just about promise you your life will change for the better if you use these every day. Just go through them one at a time till you've heard them all, then pick whichever one resonates with you at the time each day.

Sorry to bore you if you know this already, but I don't know you well, and I'm not sure where you are with this stuff... I just have these few, core gems that I know will definately help literally anyone: Breathe deep, meditate daily, and excersize. Honestly, for me, if I skimp on any one of those basic components, I'm amazed at how fast everything goes to hell in my life. KISS (keep it simple sweetie) is the way someone around here described it, and that helps me remember.


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@Cory, hey! Thanks much! I just knew someone would help, I love IQ. :D

(15 Sep '12, 16:11) Grace

@Evolutionary High, I second what Grace said about the "Getting Into the Vortex" guided meditations. I downloaded the CD about a month ago and play it in the mornings when I am driving to work. Sometimes at night too. I've noticed almost immediate changes in my emotional state, and in the world around me, usually before the 15 minute track has even finished playing. Definitely check them out.

(15 Sep '12, 20:13) lozenge123
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This is something that has helped me in the past, please read it. It is about dealing with blamers.

I'll pray for you and your father, I am so sorry to read this happened with you and him. Do not let anger win, anger does nothing but makes things worse.

Trust in God.


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Wade Casaldi

I have had similar feelings to what you mention in your question when I have visited my parents. I have always felt that my parents are very judgmental of me, especially my dad even though, even from my dad's perspective, I have the perfect track record in terms of education and job success. But that does not stop him from judging other areas of my life, such as who I choose as my partner, the fact that I enjoy eating out or the fact that I enjoy having a drink or two.

However, I know that I am the one that is attracting this behaviour from him. Because to me, it is clear when I am around my dad, due to the fact that he has always tried to tell me what to do in life and what is good and bad, I have a dominant feeling of not being good enough to make my own decisions in life and stick by them. This feeling gets activated even more when I am already not feeling generally good about my life and I have noticed this in the past. You have to remember, and I know it is hard sometimes, but others around you act like a mirror of your dominant vibration.

So, from my perspective, it is not a surprise that you have attracted this from your dad, just going from your statement:

"I know my Life isn't going well at this moment, I quit my job some time ago so I can go back to school, and learn some computer stuff. That didn't work out too well so now I'm trying to find another job and at the same time learn on my own and get a certificate or license. I still live at home even though I'm 26, I don't like it, it sucks. I don't have any friends or anyone."

There seems to be quite a few changes that you want in your life but with regards to your dad, I would suggest whenever you get angry, apply the Faster EFT method to get to a neutral point right there and then. I have found this has worked really well for me when I have tried to just get to neutral when someone close to me was getting on my nerves.

Then, I would suggest you use the Manifesting Experiment 4 method to change your limiting beliefs about your dad and also about the other issues in your life.

Once you have dealt with your major issues using the Manifesting Experiment 4 method, I would then focus on using the suggestions in the other answers on a daily basis. But what Faster EFT and Manifesting Experiment 4 provide is an immediate relief from the issue.


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Pink Diamond

Here is links to a Paraliminal called Self Esteem Supercharger. These paraliminals are very effective. It comes in 4 parts which play as 1 recording. Here is a thread about them  http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/1939/how-do-paraliminals-work-and-have-they-improved-anything-in-your-life

Listening to this daily will put you in a better feeling place. I hope it helps you if you decide to use it. 

Self Esteem Supercharger

Track 1 : http://db.tt/d50O1cbA

Track 2 : http://db.tt/CCZvKwQl

Track 3 : http://db.tt/GCvKzheg

Track 4 : http://db.tt/sy6sbjVU

Instructions: http://db.tt/CWNdUnSa


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