Hi, I'm Back !

I'm using Focus Blocks since some days about now.

This exercice is cool and usefull and I'm starting having a sort of library. A list of bad emotions related to good sentences about it for fighting the bad emotions.

But I noticed, sometimes, my focus blocks are kinda useless. In addition, sometimes when I am thinking about a future situation and immediately feel some stress (exam for exemple). My FIRST feeling is a bad feeling. Something between fear and hopeless.

Even if I've made, before, a Focus Block about this situation, I still have some resistance inside due to my past (repetition of fail in my past).

I would like to think about something and STOP having bad feeling about it. Do you have some tricks ?

Maybe my sentences are not that powerful. I'm trying to use hope, rationalization, relativism and gratitude for creating good sentences. But sometime I don't have the inspiration. Do you have keys for being able to create good focus blocks?

Thanks you for reading me. MrHauzen.

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@MrHauzen- At the beginning of your post, you say "I'm back!", but your points are at the beginning...Were you a different name before? Who were you??? In any case, I am glad you are here. This is a great question!! Jai♡♡♡

(17 Sep '18, 03:58) Jaianniah


my trick to eliminate bad emotions is to take a notebook and a pen, put some music i like, and write everything i feel about the situation. no matter how bad or good it is.
its important because you can actually have downlaods through writing if you let the imformation flow from you without thinking to much, just write whats come, whats in your heart without judging yourself or what comes out. (it calls automatic writing). just let yourself be free to write what ever you feel and answer will come. and even if answer will not come, the prosses will gradually lead you up the emotional scale and to the right direction. and your confidence will rise also. its also a great way to connect and get to know to yourself and be in alignment with your heart.
so this is my trick. i used it intuitivly since i was 12 or 11 for years, and by the age of 20 stpoed. got many signs to go back to it but i didnt want to from pesonal resons. now doing it again and feel great!


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myself : Thanks for your anwser, but if I write what I feel about the situation, I mean, if I write negative thoughs, I will waste my accomplishment, no ? Today I was angry about the life because I thought I had manifesting but I was wrong... I'm disappointed because I really thought my life would change with that manifests but no. So if I write that on a paper, I will focus on the negative vision...

(05 Sep '18, 16:15) MrHauzen

you can ignore your nergative aspects, but you must be on a high vibration in that specific topic in order to do that. and it should come freely. forcing yourself to ignore your thoughts will just bring more of them.

thats why abraham hicks say that you must know what you dont want in order to know what you do want.

(05 Sep '18, 17:09) myself

so the writing will align you with your subconscious, you will get to know what you dont want more clearly, without the judgment that now, with the forcing, you put on yourself. and it will allow you to go up the emotional scale naturally since you will be more connected to yourself. knowing what we dont want is an important part of the manifesting prosess.

(05 Sep '18, 17:09) myself

gradually the content of your writing will change and be more positive as well as your thoughts, because you let go of the stress (on the paper) that was holding you back.

(05 Sep '18, 17:09) myself

So what you're doing is like focus block ? You start writing yout negative thoughts ... then become more and more positive in order to level up your vibration ?

(06 Sep '18, 16:51) MrHauzen

"You start writing yout negative thoughts ... then become more and more positive in order to level up your vibration" - yap.

(07 Sep '18, 11:51) myself

@MrHauzen @myself- Julia Cameron, author of a great book, "The Artist's Way", recommends automatic writing immediately upon arising to help encourage creativity...She calls it "Morning Pages"; no matter what it is called, I also find it extremely effective in unblocking the flow in one's life. A great suggestion, myself. Try it, MrHauzen. It does help uncover the subconscious!

(17 Sep '18, 03:52) Jaianniah
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Hi, perhaps this question and answer here might help you better:


If you immediately feel bad when you think about something or write it down, then you are on the track. That's what the Focus Blocks are supposed to do, to help you focus your bad feelings into words so that it is easier for you to mold your emotions.

Even if you write down negative thoughts, do not worry that you have wasted your accomplishments. As long as the next negative thought is still a better feeling than the last one and you feel relief about the subject, then it is fine. There are issues which you can't just jump from a negative feeling straight away to hope, gratitude etc.

The main thing is that you just have to make sure you feel better or relief after doing the blocks. Of course, you can still jump straight from a negative feeling straight away to the higher end emotions, but it is not that easy for a beginner and would require other techniques like EFT etc like what others have mentioned.


answered 09 Sep '18, 11:35

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Thanks for the link, interesting content.

(11 Sep '18, 16:45) MrHauzen

i think i know what you mean and i think i have the answer

it is useless doing focus blocks or any type of manifesting technique without an energy-clearing method that you have tried and are sufficiently experienced at

as explained in one of the manifesting experiments by stingray- you can use any energy clearing method you are already familiair with or (widely suggested) EFT (read the explanation again carefully where he explains that)

we ALL have that bad feeling about subjects- thats the whole reason we are trying to make it better for example by making a focus block about it!

the point is to eliminate the bad feeling or 'neutralize' it - using EFT (or another clearing method)- so that with the neutral point as our friend we can then start to think of thoughts that are more positive- but only when we have NO negative hopeless feelings about something we can begin to think thoughts that are vibrationally upscale about a certain topic- and then they WILL bring relief.



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Thanks for your advices !

(11 Sep '18, 16:44) MrHauzen
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