Whenever I happen to think of my wish, I end up having a silly grin on my face and sometimes I dont even need to close my eyes! I have noticed that unknowlingly I will be staring at my comp or the wall and grinning :).. And not sure if thats simply day dreaming or visualizing happy events?

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AVBhat 1

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Visualization and daydreaming are not the same. Visualization, is a conscious willful act, done out of choice, and for a specific objective. In other words, visualization is focused and concentrated, whereas day dreaming is often done unconsciously and out of habit. Day dreaming is akin to mental chatter, and though it may concern a specific objective, it lacks the power of will and concentration. I think the best way to distinguish the two is that when one is engaged in the act of visualization, one "knows" and "believes" (is convinced) that one's act will lead to concrete result. On the other hand, when one is daydreaming, one's state of mind can best be characterized as "wishful" and lacks conviction.



answered 17 May '10, 20:22

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I agree. Awareness that belief in the possibility that visualizing or imagining your desired end result will bring it forth. Then going deeper by actually knowing without doubt, that this is so, is the catalyst for deliberate manifestation.

(18 May '10, 02:45) Eddie

Thanks Zubina, Eddie.. I guess I'll be more conscious of my day dreams hence forth and work towards actually visualizing the wish.. :)

(18 May '10, 04:42) AVBhat 1

I am a great day dreamer myself so I can relate to what you are saying. I think the only difference is as Drham mentioned in its intent. Most of my day dreams are about my desires so I am actually visualizing the manifestation of my desire. But for example I have a really annoying colleague and I day dream of him growing a huge wart on his nose or grow a tail, that's not going to manifest. The difference is that I want the desire to materialize whereas the other one is just a way to work through my annoyance or perhaps something to do when I'm bored.


answered 17 May '10, 20:24

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I Think Therefore I Am

Thanks for the laugh! If your co-worker does grow a tail though, please let us know!

(18 May '10, 00:54) LeeAnn 1

Thank you.. I think I get the difference now :)

(18 May '10, 04:40) AVBhat 1

They both entail the same process. The difference is in the intention behind it. When you use the term day dream is does not seem like there is any serious intent to create anything but when you are trying to manifest somthing in your life the the intention and focus is different.


answered 17 May '10, 17:45

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How is the intention different? Is there a thought or desire behind the intention, like "I want this?"

(17 May '10, 19:24) Vesuvius

The intention is different because there is no strong desire behind it that can bring about the manifestation. Its like going to the movies or an amusement park.

(18 May '10, 14:25) Drham

However I do think that we need to be careful with daydreaming the same way that we need to be careful with the type of movies that we watch as we do not want to attract things into our consciousness that we do not want. If you are going to daydream, then dream about something positive that you would want to manifest even if you do not believe that you can.

(18 May '10, 14:27) Drham
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I will quote Part Eight in The Master Key System:

.14. Do not confuse Imagination with Fancy, or that form of daydreaming in which some people like to indulge. Daydreaming is a form of mental dissipation which may lead to mental disaster.

This part put me off a bit as I am a great daydreamer, but Charles Haanel might be right in this though...


answered 19 May '10, 21:04

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Thanks BJ09.. I am still in the 4th part of The Master Key System.. Looks I was due to get an answer to my question above in due time!

(20 May '10, 09:03) AVBhat 1

Visualization is concentrated. You are intent on mentally holding to one thing at a time, and it is more controlled. Daydreaming is allowing your mind to wander and usually from one thing to the next, a dissipation. I don't think there is anything wrong with daydreaming, it's just that it is not visualization and will not get the same results.


answered 19 May '10, 23:04

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