I used to be a great dreamer, even if I took a nap I would dream. But for the past couple of years I had almost no dreams at all. This period also corresponds to the worst period in my life where everything around me was collapsing and I felt powerless to do anything about it. Since I have started to work on raising my vibrations to a higher level, and manifestations the dreams have re-started.

Is there a correlation between dreams and LOA? Or is this a coincidence?

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Your psyche is a tenuous balance between the linear, rational, mathematical, verbal, task-oriented part of your mind (which also houses the ego), and the spatial, holistic, visual, intuitive, creative part of your mind (which connects to the Divine). These two parts of your mind are both equally valuable, and when they are in balance, great things happen.

It's when one part of the mind dominates over the other that problems occur. In your case, I suspect that during the trying times your logical mind was in control, trying to "fix" all of the problems "yourself"
(the ego/rational mind has a hard time asking for help). This dominance of your rational self is what suppresses your dreams.

But then you began to raise your vibrations, and your creative self emerged again. Which is why the dreams came back.

If there is a synchronicity to life (i.e. the Law of Attraction), it lives in the creative part of our psyche. The rational mind is there to attend to the necessary details.


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