A baby is born and it cries. All a baby can do to communicate is cry and pretty soon after being around a baby for a while you realize the different cries. There is a cry for hunger, there is a cry for tiredness, and there is a cry for poopies. They will cry till their need is satisfied. When kids learn how to ask with words, they will ask and ask and ask till they get their request or not. If they get what they were asking for they will be happy, if they don't they will cry. The squeeky wheel gets the grease? What do you think?

asked 20 Sep '12, 05:33

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Cry for knowing of who they are. actually how they are different from us, let’s call us adults for convenience. Do not we do the same? Do not we cry when we want something? Are we not also hungry for more experience? I believe that is the lesson we all are here for. We each and all have calling, each of us want something and we do our best to get it. Since they live in physical world and are limited in physical movement, verbal and other expression, they attract what they want how best they can. So they are hungry for experience, for through experience they gain more knowledge of who they really are. Each experience from the very first one unfold another layer of new experience, that goes deeper in to knowing of the core of who they are, each layer represented by deeper and broader understanding but also by more subtle energy. That is why deeper You go the less rough energy expression like physical cry is represented of that cry for knowing. So the cry I believe is good sign :) and fist representation of our desire to become more of who we really are. So the cry have never and will never stop. It is part of our experience and also perfect navigation system. So when kids cry, ask the questions like mad, they are actually in perfect healthy condition, wanting more, not stopped or cut yet by some learned limited belief. They are not just mature enough :). p.


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I appreciate your insights Pijer. So could we say that, kids have simple, basic desires because everything starts out being a new experience. They are basic in their expression by crying and using simple words. But also kids are what we might consider sharp and focused in realizing their desire. Kids are persistant in getting what they want. Their parents can tell them no, but if it's something they really want they won't stop till they get it.

(20 Sep '12, 18:21) Brian

Great question and good timing. I have recently started contemplating the idea of bringing a new life into this world but after reading your question which hints at the idea that babies are always crying or are always pestering us to get what they want, I think I am going to think again...Just kidding :-)

I am not sure I can answer your question fully but I believe the reason a baby cries when it is first born is because it has just come from non-physical source energy into physical based reality. For the first time, it experiences the resistance based reality, especially picked up from its parents at such an early stage which it is not used to. And crying is just the way that it chooses to show this uneasiness when it is born.


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Pink Diamond

Crying is probably the only way babies know how to communicate with their family. 

Maybe crying is also the only way they know how to release resistance and align with their desires.


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Exactly, Brian. You know, I have no kids of my own, but talking about parenting, is seems that mantra of many sound like, "Yes, I want You my kid to behave, be or become in the image of me, my perception of who You should be, how You should behave, what You should do etc.." Which is completely fine, who would not want that? But it can also feel pretty disempowering to believe that You as parent should do this, take care of this, put the child to this school and believing that than and only than the kid would be more (happy, successful) which would make You as a parent feel good. Trying to make it happen through actions and place your own misalignment, will always reflect back corresponding result, which will be represented by crying, later by stronger opposing of kid and so on. How do you thing the relationship would change if parent shifted his/her focus from molding a kid to his own alignment, focusing on things that represent the passion of parent, no matter of circumstances of the kid. You know, the approach of following Your excitement in every moment, creating inner desired state of mind no matter of circumstances and let the circumstances be reflection of Your unconditional inner state of mind. I bet Your perception of kid crying would change, crying would might have even disappeared. From the early stage kid would telepathically taped into Your alignment for guidance, later would be taught the same approach through You being the example which would make the kid sooner than later want to look for his/her own alignment and following or discovering its own unique paths for alignment. Less cry, less radical way of claiming its own true, parent happy, kid happy, You know what I mean.


answered 22 Sep '12, 06:00

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