I find that when I make a request right before going to sleep at night it usually manifests way faster than during the day. I was wondering if sleeping when ever you can is actually good for you when it comes to LOA.

I do believe that when you are asleep you are in the vortex. It's not the most fun or motivating way to manifest but I believe it works. The longer you are in the vortex the better.

People often associate sleeping with laziness and procrastination ect.... I believe that it might actually power boost the speed at which LOA works for you.

When you sleep there are no worries. There is no resistence. You are just as is and anything is possible.

I was thinking along the lines of scheduling times of the day or my days off to sleep as much as possible. Kind of like when people schedule a time that works for them to pray visualize ect...

Sleeping might actually be more powerful because you are 100% in the vortex weather you realize it or not.

What may work for me might not work for someone else but I would still like to hear from other inward quest members.

Thank You

asked 26 Dec '14, 22:32

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@Enlightened One- You'll have way more fun on earth and in life working towards goals and applying efforts rather than trying to get things in life in an easy, quick, fast, no-effort style of way. Waaaaaaay more fun to work in life and to exhaust effort.

(03 Jan '15, 21:43) Nikulas

@Nikulas I think it would be great though to get things in a lazy way for a few times so that we can realize how boring it actually is.

(04 Jan '15, 04:26) kakaboo
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Abraham have said that if you were to launch a desire and then just sleep continuously (i.e. offer no conscious resistance), it would eventually manifest.

This is because you would not be offering any conscious thought towards the subject and so you would not be offering any resistance to it either. (A continuous meditative state would probably achieve something similar)

There are two main problems I see with this approach:

  • You still have to wake up (become conscious) from time to time to see whether your desire has manifested or not...and you might start offering lack-filled resistance during those times...and that's ignoring the fact that you might die of thirst or starvation :)

  • You didn't project to this physical plane to "put your brain on pause" (Abraham's phrase). You came here to enjoy the thrill of physical life through utilizing your power of conscious focus. So sleeping your way through life is a bit like travelling to an exciting and exotic foreign vacation destination and then never leaving your hotel room :)

answered 27 Dec '14, 07:19

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Thank You. I love this answer. I also think it's better to sleep In moderation and enjoy the fruits of being in the vortex later.

(27 Dec '14, 12:13) EnlightenedOne

@EnlightenedOne - You're welcome. I've mentioned previously on this site (Is a change in sleeping patterns normal when you start doing vibrational work? that, as I've built up more experience with these ideas, sleep has become more and more of a non-issue. Not sure I even have any defined sleeping pattern any more. The other night I was reading books almost the entire night and, the next day, barely noticed I hadn't slept :)

(01 Jan '15, 05:56) Stingray

Thank you for your question. You've helped bring to light something that I hadn't really thought about much. Abraham says that you should sleep to reconnect with source, and reset yourself so that when you awake again you're a new person. Bashar says that when you sleep you return to who you really are and actually sleeping is waking up. You can also access the template level reality in sleep which is where you play out your future experiences to see if that is the way you want them to go in the dream world we live in. Jack Canfield in The Secret said he put a note on his ceiling with his monetary goal and looked at it every night before he fell asleep, and that helped him almost generate a million in a year. It looks like you've discovered an important permission slip that works to speed up manifestation. I'm going to do this tonight! Thanks!


answered 08 Jan '15, 06:46

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Thank You.

(10 Jan '15, 00:59) EnlightenedOne

I don't think oversleeping is actually too healthy, if that's your aim. I think the best thing would be to learn to be in the vortex awake, when you have also the control of your daily concious/rational mind. Not to say that sleeping couldn't be useful but there seems to be an element of escape involved here(?). Not to sound rude, but it feels as if you just want to sleep and wake up to your dream world without doing any work for it. If you have some challenges to stay in the vortex or feel to good when you are awake, I'd advise you to work out why that is so.


answered 08 Jan '15, 11:14

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(08 Jan '15, 13:52) 33sync

@33sync - I for one would like to see your question posted on IQ. I think its interesting as I've felt just the same and would like to read the answers you get! May I suggest "I had a dream that I manifested just what I want. Should I hold on to how it made me feel to make it come true?" something like that? My guess is yes, but I'd like to know more. I know that feelings are the manifestation, but I get lost after that point lol. It's a good question. :)

(09 Jan '15, 21:29) Grace

Hello questers...

I think it does to a small extent. Cos taking a nap or power nap gets you connected to your source . it makes you feel perfect n puts you in vortex...Helps you being in the now. So..the more you will feel good...the more its gonna speed up your manifestation. All I would say is not much sleeping..But, taking a power nap can definitely erase your resistance n eventually..Speed up ur manifestation.
Sweets...Happy sleeping..N N happy manifesting :)))


answered 09 Jan '15, 06:56

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Hi @supergirl! Nice to see you, welcome back. :)

(09 Jan '15, 20:56) Grace
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