Hi all,

I am using Faster EFT for releasing negative issues. the standard protocol says to feel the feeling, amp it up if needed and then tap to release and let it go; check the intensity of feeling and keep repeating it until it is gone.

Firstly, before you start tapping you feel the emotion in the body, do you focus on it whilst tapping as well or you just focus on your fingers touching your tapping points?

Secondly, I have a question about checking the feeling in between the tapping rounds. I usually feel tightening around my head as if someone is fastening a rope around my head and this really heavy dark ball like feeling between and bit lower to my shoulders on my back. As i start tapping i feel a bit of relief, but when i go to check the intensity of feeling, i sometimes feel that intensity of it returns to pre-tap intensity (i.e. its at 9 before tapping round, then i tap and whilst tappinf feel relief like moves to 7, then i go back to it and check, feels like 7 for a split second and then returns to 9 or 8 upon my awareness of it). Am I doing something wrong, does this happen to any one else? after I keep on continuing, the ball transforms to a 'T' or rod like structure between my shoulders but intensity remains more or less the same, only goes down a bit. I haven't been able to remove it completely even once, I usually do EFT at night and and i usually end up sleeping without resolving this thing. but i wake up not feeling this tightness in the back. I usually sit cross legged on my bed for the EFT session. I tried doing it in different postures, but same results. I have never ever felt this same tightness in this same part of my body ever. I tried using it sitting in chair once and the feelings still showed up in same body area. The pain in the back was so bad that i had to go and lay in the bed. I feel these feelings/sensations only when i am trying EFT. Could it be due to posture? also why is it that I can feel it lessen but when i try to rate it from 1 to 10 it kind of drifts back to higher number upon my attention to it. Could anyone please help me understand what might be happening?

Also, how important is it to stick to a particular memory whilst tapping? I find myself drifting to different memories and in few sessions i have cried as well. But, drifting makes me feel as if i am not resolving, as if resolution around individual memories is incomplete. on the other hand if i try to pin point each and every memory like this most of my day would be gone in it only. I like using ME4 for this as it lays memories upon memories and clears them, but still there is this nagging feeling of incompleteness around it even though i feel evidently lighter and better.

Does anyone else have similar experiences? could you please help me find sense in this. I always feel am not doing it right. I don't want to do it wrong, i want to release as much resistance as i can. I am not after any particular manifestation right now, all i want is my life to get better and for me to feel lighter and joyous most of my time. Please help me.

All help is greatly appreciated :)

P.S. I have been away for some time, but once you are hooked on to IQ you can not stay away for long :). My life is getting a bit better. Am not that fearful of life any more a bit more courageous with my outlook in life, improving one step at a time... one tiny step... so want to get this right that am doubting myself too much.

asked 29 Sep '12, 00:47

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"also why is it that I can feel it lessen but when i try to rate it from 1 to 10 it kind of drifts back to higher number upon my attention to it. Could anyone please help me understand what might be happening?"

imo there is another underlying feeling you have to tap away/let go. i think i had this same problem and i think it is DOUBT and fear. if you ask yourself "Am I doing something wrong?" then try to figure out how this doubt emotion feels like? is it a picture or is it you hearing yourself speaking? does it create any feeling in the body? then aim the doubt feeling and tap it away. but this feeling can be tricky. after that you might ask yourself "ok is my doubt feeling away now?". realize that this question is doubt also:).

but i think after tapping to doubt and fear of pressure in your head you can handle this challenge.


answered 29 Sep '12, 04:39

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@releaser99 thank you so much for the response. Makes sense, would definitely try it.

(05 Oct '12, 21:31) dreamersmiles
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