Hi everyone,

A friend of mine loaned me the FasterEFT training seminars and I'm currently in the middle of Seminar II.

For the last couple of weeks I've discovered about 4 or 5 issues that are the main contributors to thinking negative thoughts and not being in a good feeling mood more consistently.

Because of that and the fact that I'm going through the seminars I decided to clear them with ME-4.

In the seminars, Robert Smith emphasizes that after getting a memory to neutral or 0, then one has to change it and make it a positive.

I'm wondering if I should do the same while doing ME-4 or if Step 8 is enough because we are basically extracting the positive out of the situation.

The issues I mentioned are BIG in terms of number of items, in fact I'm basically splitting the process into a couple of days because it still takes me a while to clear everything, so going through each memory would be a considerable amount of time.

Doing the Quick Tap and the Power Tap will speed things up considerably but as far as I know Robert still recommends going through each of the memories and turning them into a positive.

Edit: I asked the question because I have memories that feel neutral, but the images are still charged, like if you were to watch something on TV that you know it's real. You're unaffected by it but you can tell those people have strong emotions.


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A chunk of Manifesting Experiment 4 is based on ideas that I gleaned from those Robert Smith seminars, simplified for the newcomer, so there's no harm in adding more techniques (if you now know them) to give the process extra/quicker "clearing power" :)

For me, if I'm able to genuinely write out a list of Positive Aspects about a previously-painful overall topic (i.e. the good-feeling words don't feel "hollow") then that demonstrates to me that I'm out of "vibrational range" of the bad-feeling aspects of that topic. I don't do any more than that because that feels enough and I always like to keep to the Minimum Effective Dose idea.

But there's certainly no harm in doing extra work by going through each supporting memory if it makes you feel ultra-confident that your issue is gone for good. Indeed, EFT itself was created when Gary Craig had the realization that instead of trying to specifically work out which energy meridian to tap on, just tap on them all :)

Everything comes down to you and your personal emotional indicators...and no-one but you has access to them. So the most reliable test to judge whether you need to do more is always whether you still feel "triggered" by anything in the original problem topics.

I asked the question because I have memories that feel neutral, but the images are still charged, like if you were to watch something on TV that you know it's real. You're unaffected by it but you can tell those people have strong emotions.

I have had situations in the past where I've been reacting emotionally to a topic for so long that when the emotional reaction is finally neutralized, there's kind of a "phantom reaction" (analogous to a lost/amputated phantom limb) for a time until my belief system catches up and realizes that the accompanying emotional pain I was expecting has gone for good :)

alt text

If the subject feels neutral but there's still some part of you that, out of habit, thinks it ought to be reacting then, to me, that's still evidence of being clear on the topic because the genuine emotional reaction was not a negative one. So I don't do any more work on the topic and just allow the "phantom reaction" to naturally dissipate by itself over time.

Another time-efficient way of dealing with any possibly-unresolved issues is to create Focus Blocks for any that you are suspicious about and then just forget about them. Your daily use of the Focus Blocks system will gradually bring these issues to your attention over time, and then you can double-check your emotional reaction, tweaking if necessary, and archive-off the ones that are definitely clear.


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Thanks as always @Stingray. I agree with what you say about MED, I guess I'm still a bit doubtful about my clearing abilities, so I will be experimenting with that but leaning a bit towards the thorough side.

Thanks about the suggestion of adding a couple of focus blocks as a safety net. As I've mentioned before I'm in a particular situation that I really want to improve. I'm doing a deep cleaning of the topics involved with ME-4 and then I'll be going back to ME-5 and the spreadsheet. Thanks!

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