Hello everyone,

I've read a lot of the questions regarding ME-4 and the different challenges faced when dealing with the equivalent of an inner spring cleaning.

One of them took me about 4 hours to completely neutralize all statements. So I'm using the streamlined suggestions from @Stingray of doing only steps 1-3 to focus on the matter at hand. And then later on when they are neutralized I finish up the rest of the steps, since this issues have been established for a while.

On a couple of questions (this one and this one) other users mentioned doing either mind mapping or doing an ALL INCLUSIVE list of topics. Since these issues seem to be big, I'm wondering if doing something similar and super power tapping them to create some cracks will help in shortening the sessions (also because I've seen that some topics end up entangled with one another), or if I should just continue with the "normal" process.

Just to be clear, I'm suggesting getting everything in the open (either by list or mind map) and power tapping maybe even for a couple of rounds just to hit it hard and break some of it apart, and after that continue with regular ME-4 on the different topics on different sessions. Because if It took me 4 hours to clear all statements of 1 topic, I couldn't expect to clear around 5 in one sitting.

Any suggestions or insights welcome. Thanks!

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@Kriegerd - Regarding this and your other questions about ME-4 and ME-5...are you doing a daily Vortex alignment as well?

(22 Feb '15, 06:12) Stingray

@Stingray - I actually had planned to ask a vortex related question in the coming days. I'm feeling relief from clearing and I'm feeling mainly neutral or slightly positive but I don't feel I'm consciously able to get in the vortex daily.

I didn't want to pressure myself with it and just enjoy the relief.

First, I'm going to research the forum on vortex related questions (and many of your great answers) and try some things out before I ask.

Any suggestions are appreciated! :-). Thanks.

(22 Feb '15, 14:40) Kriegerd
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Following on from the comments under your question, one of the difficulties I have with answering a question like this is that I don't currently have any issues that require four hours to clear :)

When I did have issues that required four hours to clear, there weren't any websites around like this one featuring methods like ME-4 to help me clear them...which is probably why I've ended up posting such a method. To be honest, there weren't any websites anywhere in those days and if you mentioned Internet to someone, they would probably think you were referring to some foreign fish-capturing device :)

So to compile a method like ME-4, what I have had to do is to imagine what the "Me of Then" would have found useful to have at that time and what that "Me of Then" would have done with that information. Unfortunately, as times goes on, it gets more and more difficult to access the "Me of Then" because that person is so far removed from who I am now.

So I can only really answer your question as the "Me of Now", if you see what I mean :) ...and what the "Me of Now" suggests might sound frustrating to the "You of Now" if you are still struggling to get to a daily good-feeling place...but the "You of The Happy-Future-Now" will one day understand why I'm saying it :)

Now what the "Me of Now" would suggest you do is the same thing that the "Me of Now" has been implying for a few years to anyone who hasn't yet got tired of listening :) ...and that is to write the following sentence in backwards-handwriting on your forehead so that you can see it every morning when you look in the mirror...

Vortex First, Any Way You Can, Then Everything Else

(More info)

The "Me of Now" would say that the only time you are allowed to make an exception to that statement is when your physical body is buried six-deep feet in a coffin :)

So that includes applying it even if you are using methods like ME-4 and ME-5.

By focusing your efforts on getting Vortex-aligned everyday, I suspect that many issues in your life will start to resolve themselves without you needing to put so much effort into tackling them in a "head-on" fashion using ME-4 and ME-5. (See A Vibrational Twist)

Of course, the main objection to applying the "Vortex First..." approach is what if you can't get into the Vortex?

Well, as annoying a suggestion as it may sound right now, this is the best one I can give you...

Practice! Practice! Practice!

If you practice anything everyday without fail, it's going to lead to you getting better at it.

So even if you can't get into the Vortex right now, you can (at least) spend some deliberate time everyday aiming to feel the best that you can currently feel. And every day you do that feeling-good practice moves that "feeling-good limit marker" closer and closer to the Vortex edge.

And when you hang around the edge long enough, you get sucked straight into the Vortex...effortlessly...in fact, hanging around the edge is pretty much the only way you can get into the Vortex.

And when you're In the Vortex, you'll know it and you'll know how different it feels to just feeling ordinarily good.

And from Inside the Vortex, the "You of Now" will understand completely what the "Me of Now" is waffling on about.

...though from Outside the Vortex, this is probably a particularly frustrating answer and you'll just want to throw stones at me :)

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LOL. Thanks so much for the answer @Stingray. Lucky for me, some time passed between me asking and your answer. I'm in a much better place right now (I actually cleared about 10 different topics with ME-4). Also, I don't know where you live so it would be doubly frustrating: the answer + no stone throwing pleasure.

So the answer was actually encouraging. I feel that I'm on a good path and I'll definitely keep on practicing.

I really can't thank you enough for everything.

(22 Feb '15, 19:50) Kriegerd
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