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"Science Suggests We're Living in the Matrix - German physicists have discovered evidence suggesting that we are all merely elements of a complex computer simulation."

Do we live in a simulation, a-la "The Matrix"? Do you have any evidence or reason to believe that this is true or false?


"One example of such a limit is found in the Greisen-Zatsepin-Kuzmin (GZK) limit, "an apparent boundary of the energy that cosmic ray particles can have." It's caused by "slowing interactions of cosmic ray protons with the microwave background radiation over long distances," according to Wikipedia, but the Bonn team says that it also exhibits the same kind of behavior you'd expect to see in a computer simulation."

The full article I am referring to can be found here, the full article this article is referring to is inculded therein. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/120132-Science-Suggests-Were-Living-in-the-Matrix

I look forward to hearing any opinions on the article, or the subject.

Rather than including a separate answer, I included my thoughts here:

I have personally thought this for awhile, for lots of different reasons. One of my biggest ones is quantum mechanics, specifically abnormal particle behaviors like the double slit experiment.

My explanation for that experiment has always been a term I coined called "quantum occlusion culling".

To start, a simple (and mildly inaccurate for that reason) summary; occlusion culling is a programming technique where a programmer will avoid spending any processing power on something that will not be perceived by a living player. This concept can be applied in many different ways, but the most common is that when rendering a player's viewpoint any objects that are completely occluded by other opaque objects will not be rendered. The normal behavior in this situation without occlusion culling is the farthest objects would be rendered first, and closer objects would be rendered on top of further objects. This means any resources spent rendering objects that are fully obscured would be wasted, and so is unnecessary and can be left out.

I use the term quantum occlusion culling to describe a phenomenon where at the smallest levels of processing in our reality, the universe begins to leave out any unnecessary calculations, otherwise the amount of processing power necessary would be multiplied by layers of exponentials. So, in the case of the double slit experiment, scientists are forcing a scenario where they are manually triggering the quantum occlusion culling effect, and recreating the same scenario where they avoid triggering the aforementioned effect.

I could go into more extreme detail about how I believe this behavior is programmed (from a conceptual standpoint, obviously) but that can be a bit more difficult for some people to follow without a programming background or a very technical mind. Maybe if this turns into a discussion it will come up. =)

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It's amazing isnt IT. A Matrix of ONE. Love and Light.

(16 Oct '12, 18:43) Roy

Thanks for the link... great article.

(17 Oct '12, 00:11) lozenge123

great one.., thank you so much for sharing..:)))

(17 Oct '12, 01:04) supergirl

@Snow, I am rewording your title to put the emphasis on evidence-finding otherwise this question will have to be closed for being a duplicate of Is our reality just a simulation? which was asked yesterday

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Oh, I'm a moron. I didn't even realize that the article was included in that other post. (To be honest, I hadn't read it till a moment ago.) I should have thought that someone would have likely posted the article before I did. This post actually could be closed, because it is in fact a duplicate. The only thing I cared about was discussing the article, which the other topic serves.

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We have seen hints of this in movies like, Lawn Mower Man, Powder, Vanilla Sky, and of course the Matrix trilogy. Our mystery schools have again and again told us we direct our experience from the 5th dimensional realm of infinite possibility to the 4th dimension of time.

To understand this that we are given free reign over our experience of what is, is similar to knowing we are not in a game, we are the person sitting down playing the game. Every moment we make a choice from the infinite possibility of things that are. Now if there is this 5th dimension of possibility then that does seem similar to a program running and the choices it has to make from.


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