if you take the example of the double slit experiment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LW6Mq352f0E the observer choice affect the result outside. where does it happen? do you need a hint? I will give you one (o). lets take the middle part of the drawing where the light(photon) pass through could it look like this:

alt text

then how can the observer see what is really happening outside? since the outside is the reflection from the inside. lets look at nature if you look at the surface of a lake when does the reflection happen when you see yourself properly? is it when it is still and there is no wave? then how can you make the inside and the outside still with no wave? could we say when we make them both become one? hint: () could we say that when you look at something outside you look at it like this:> using your 2 eyes the two slit, the 2 windows of the house? and could we say that inside it connect somewhere in the same manner like this<. what happen when this:< and this:>l connect? could it be something like this:o in front of you? a sphere a focus point where you visualize your awareness when there is wave and no wave? yet one would need to experiment and control is mind through awareness since the mind is having many though each single moment. then one would need to slow down is though to properly see them and understand them in and out. probably that one would find that some though are also linked to some emotion? then he would have to use the same process and find out how it is linked. is that not what people that meditate do? it is strange that science limit is now at where meditation as started. meditation who is the observer and the observed?

when you make the inside like the outside. and the outside like the inside. you will find the kingdom.


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white tiger

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My understanding is that the observer is the observed ,,, once the mind lives in the "now", once the mind is healed and free of the burden of memories, of past experiences, free of constraints, free of learned information and knowledge, free of the past and the future ,,, then duality and conflict disappears together with the ego and all the images that we can have of ourselves and the mind can spontaneously observe it's own activity clearly without preconceived ideas, there's no longer any need for restraint or inhibition

living in the now

alt text


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@jaz very good nice sign post by the way.

(20 Dec '13, 03:21) white tiger

Good question & good answer boys. You both win a time piece..

(20 Dec '13, 03:37) ele

thanks for the time (@ele) peace lol

(20 Dec '13, 07:04) jaz
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This is the very INTERESTING, and most IMPORTANT question one can ever ask?

You (the observer) are more than your body (the observed)!

A mustard seed may look so tiny a material. Yet all the billions of future generations of mustard trees remain protected in its memory. Hence it is more than just a tiny matter! How much more so will be with us, the human beings! Explore the common knowledge about Mind and Body as two different kinds of energy. Today, we are uncertain of the difference and tend to mix the two, hence fail to see one as the container of the other.

The most obvious difference between body and mind:- Body Mind Physical Meta-Physical Material Mental Tangible Intangible Visible Invisible Perishable Imperishable

The body is the human (container) where the Being resides. The Being, which is YOU, situated just above and behind the eyes (center of the forehead) within the brain. This is Your driver's seat where You do your thinking, analyzing, and directing every movement of - the vehicle called your body (made up of the five elements—ether, air, heat, water, earth), through the 5 physical sense organs. You are not Your body.

Mind and Consciousness YOU are Pure Consciousness itself (the observer), and Your mind is your conscious ability to think.

The Mind is not separate from you, but an integral part of You. YOU ARE THE POINT OF CONSCIOUSNESS within the body (the observed), which is called by many names: Soul, Spirit, Atma, Living-Being, Inner-Self, Life-Energy, Pure-Consciousness, Essence... etc.


Form: Conscious point of Spiritual (metaphysical) Light Energy, and cannot be seen by the physical eyes.

Position: Center of the forehead, just above and behind the eyes, inside the brain, but separate from the brain. The brain is the ‘computer’, and You, the Soul, are the programmer.

Task / Role: Animates and directs the body. It is the soul (the actor), that brings the body (the costume) to life. Without the body the Soul cannot express itself.

Life span: Eternal, imperishable, immortal: The Soul cannot be created nor destroyed. There is no such thing as ‘death’ of the imperishable Soul, only the death of the perishable body; at which point, the Soul (the actor) leaves the body (costume) and takes rebirth (takes a new body, to play a new role).

Purpose: Self-expression in relationship with others (without the body one could not express and relate to others).

Original qualities: Power, Purity, Joy, Love, Peace, Wisdom and Bliss.

Faculties: Mind, Intellect and Personality Traits.

Three Faculties (or powers) of the SOUL, and their functions :

Just as the human body consists of many organs and limbs to move around and exist in the physical world, the soul has 3 subtle sense organs or faculties of:

1) Thinking power (MIND), 2) Reasoning power (INTELLECT) and 3) Personality traits - (or SANSKAARS,in Sanskrit), to negotiate the inner world of thoughts, feelings, decisions and habits.

1) MIND: The faculty of creation, where you create all your thoughts, which then stimulates certain feelings, desires, emotions. The soul uses the mind as a screen or field on which it projects thoughts, sensations, images and ideas. According to the impact that they cause, an experience, a feeling or an emotion is created. For example, if I think 'banana', immediately the familiar curved and yellow image of a banana appears on the mental screen together with, perhaps, the sensation of its taste or texture. If I want to feel good, I have to have the types of thoughts that bring the quality of goodness. The mind is unfortunately subject to the whims and inconsistencies of the intellect, just as the force of gravity pulls the tides to whatever the side of the world the moon happens to be on, the tides of the mind and its moods is pulled. Wherever the intellect roams, the mind automatically follows, producing all of its essential functions.

2) INTELLECT: is the faculty of discriminating, judging, decision-making….which is used to assess right from wrong, good from bad…. and then make a decision. 3) SANSKAARS: [or Personality Traits], are the impressions or grooves made on the soul by any action you do (be it thought, word or deed). The soul is the seed which contains within itself not only the faculties of thinking and deciding, but also has specific configuration. Just as each chemical element's structure and reactability are based on its electron / proton arrangement, the soul's configuration is based on what are known as ‘personality traits’- sanskaars. A more accurate description would be the imprints that are the basis of the personality. It largely resembles what is called in the West - subconscious mind, though it also includes the unconscious as well. When I am in bed at night just before going off to sleep, images of all shapes, forms and color pour onto the screen of the mind one after the other. Of course, it's not only when I am dreaming that the sanskaars come into play. The raw materials for all thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions also arise from the sanskaars. In the analogy of images projected on a screen, the sanskaars would be the archives of all previously recorded experiences. EVERY SINGLE ACTION (thought, speech, or deed) that I perform leaves its mark in the soul itself as a sanskaar. The tendency of the sanskaars to self-organize means, that they group themselves according to quality and function.

The above characteristics are the basis of our individual uniqueness. The quality of a person, described by such adjectives as good, evil, happy-natured, boring, arrogant, altruistic and so on, is basically related to his or her sanskaars or imprints created by his or own action—thought, speech and deed.

In Brief: My thoughts become my speech or action, and I have the control over my thoughts, hence over my speech and action too! I cannot escape the effects of whatever actions I perform. I have within me, both the sources of any suffering I may go through as well as the solution to it. The positive qualities, which are in me as sanskaars can only be brought to the surface of the conscious mind through intervention of the intellect.

BENEFITS: When your identity is based on your true form: a Soul, a child of God, you feel comfortable no matter what happens. Your heart is open and loving. You love yourself. Your confidence and self-respect soars. Your life is meaningful. You understand the scheme of things. You attract inner beauty. You understand your story. PEACE IS YOUR RELIGION. You are motivated by wisdom. You are not afraid of death, or of yesterday. You respect your body and treat it well. Your inside matches your outside. No human being is your enemy. Patience and contentment accompany you.

(Contrast the ill-effects of thinking that you are this body! You feel separated and more important than others, as a result of which you develop DESIRES [among which more dominant is lust]; if desire is met with some obstruction, you feel ANGRY; if desire is fulfilled you feel GREEDY, ATTACHED AND PROUD, which sows the seed for further desires throwing you into a never-ending vicious cycle!)


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T D Joseph


@t d Joseph you might like this: http://www.gnosis.org/naghamm/exe.html the soul is the container of the spirit. the spirit is the observer in the soul. yet those two work as one. born of water and spirit. the lamp is full of light. there is light in a person of light and it shine on the whole world if not it is dark. there is also another scripture talking about the soul but right now the site is in overload I will give you another link to it later on.

(20 Dec '13, 09:20) white tiger

an experiment of human
observation to understand
who is doing the looking

be it spirit or body alone
or both in apperception


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the spirit, the soul or the body? spirit(light) soul (water) body(earth). light(energy) water (transparent medium, reflective of light) earth(soil and dust where the seed can grow). you say spirit or body alone or both in apperception. yet one of those two return to the earth. the dust to the dust and the light to the light once the journey in this world is over. a better question would be where is the water going once the journey is over it is your choice. Damn the flesh that depends on the-

(20 Dec '13, 09:44) white tiger

soul. Damn the soul that depends on the flesh. I am not a divider am I? there is light in a person of light and it shine on the whole world if not it is dark.

(20 Dec '13, 10:30) white tiger

white tiger, perhaps the soul is the reservoir of our decisons made, based on the purity of our apperceptions, which are the balance points of the opposing spirit vs matter poles that allows us to be who we are, a reason to know thyself well

(20 Dec '13, 18:46) fred

@fred what is the characteristic of water and light and how do they work together? you know that water and light at high velocity can cut through physical material. you know that light is reflected on the water? you know that you are made in the image of the all mighty. what is the image? hint: darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light. God saw that the light was good,-

(21 Dec '13, 22:35) white tiger

and he separated the light from the darkness. How does a laser work? I will try to open your mind, see a sphere made of water with a unlimited constant source of light(spirit) at the middle of the sphere when it look at the outside the light go out of the sphere when it is able to calm the inside surface and see it self the light is reflected and he can see is self. the more division is solved in truth in the light the more the light and the water become one the light is good. born again.

(21 Dec '13, 22:44) white tiger

The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are unhealthy, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness! http://biblehub.com/matthew/6-23.htm we speak of what we know and report what we have seen. are you filled with grief because I have said these things? if I have helped you rejoice and do not be troubled. Let there be light, be the light that you can be.

(21 Dec '13, 22:46) white tiger

white tiger, as all be initiated from the same Source it would be distance of separation that developes into individual characteristics, perhaps along the way with additional Divine interventions (life impulses) for some. yet ignorance closes the lense

(22 Dec '13, 07:30) fred

@fred who is the one that live in this house? as he not free will to remove ignorance and darkness in is own home? or is he putting is awareness only on the outside and do not see what he is doing? Then if is awareness is only outside and he cannot see him self on is own water who can he blame? if a blind is lead by a blind both will fall in to a ditch. if one is in darkness he needs to wake up and to light is lamp. there is light in a person of light and it shine on the whole world if not it-

(22 Dec '13, 12:45) white tiger

is dark. Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.

(22 Dec '13, 12:49) white tiger
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GOD is The Observer and Humanity is The Observed.

With human relationships, The Giver is The Observe and The Receiver is The Observed.

God wants the world to be filled with Observers (Givers). Not only does this glorify HIM since he is The Observer, but in this way, we help each other.


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arpgme, yes, perhaps we are probes into matter so the spirit and the Divine learn what is believed but not yet known

(20 Dec '13, 18:48) fred

I am that I am


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