I just read this article, and others similar to steve pavilina/baurillard- sopilism, subjective reality

I wanted to hear others thoughts?


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if it holds that dominant
physic forces can control
the less developed,
it may be their programs
that are followed


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I have just seen that some scientists created a computer to overload the system to make it break down to see if this really is a simulation. I think it could be a simulation but not from computers from consciousness, similar to how consciousness creates our dreams, while we are creating them we are experiencing them but unaware we are creating them. One time in a dream I decided to stop and observe the dream and what would happen next. What happened next was the dream stopped and I was nowhere. This is because you can't experience as something happening to you and observe like a scientist observing an experiment, either you are in the experiment or you are out of it observing it but you can't be both at the same time.

Strangely this is exactly what people experience that die in near death experiences, as they pass from physical consciousness they observe what is happening no longer experiencing but unattached curiousity observing without realizing they are watching themselves or the body self and what is happening.


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