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hi..friends.. here is another beautiful heaven-letter for all of you...

God said:

You long for miracles in your life, and you are surrounded by miracles. All of life is a miracle. It is all a wonder. You are living a miracle. Tell Me, what is not a miracle?

That you breathe is no less miraculous. That you are alive, you, yes, you. Sun, moon, and stars, all miracle. Rain and snow, miracles. Rivers, lakes, and oceans, miracles. That fish swim in water, and alligators live in water and on land. That you were water-born, and carry the sea in your bloodstream, miracle. There is not one thing in this Universe that is not a miracle. There is not one thing in this Universe that you can point to and say it is less than miraculous. Because miracles are rampant makes them no less than miraculous.

That words are spoken and understood and can be written – are there greater miracles than that?

Poetry can be written, and songs sung, and dances danced.

That apples can bob on water.That there is laughter and there are tears.

That some objects float, and other objects sink.

That the moon can sometimes be seen by day.

That one thing can eclipse another.

That there is such a thing as learning.

That there is such a thing as forgetting.

That babies are conceived and babies born.

That there are laughter and tears. That bodies stop and souls continue.

That there is such a thing as thought.

That winds blow and winds stop.

That there is ebb and flow.

That there are oceans and waves on them.

That there are all the colors of the rainbow.

That there are crayons in a box.

That there are animals of diverse kinds. That they love and are loved.

That love issues from even the darkest corners. That there are bodies.That the sun shines and stars twinkle and the moon is made of cheese.

That from the beautiful air dust falls.

That heart beats.

Tell Me, please, what is not a miracle?

That life exists is a miracle.

That you are alive, miracle of miracles.

That such a phenomenon as flowers grow and bloom, miracle.

That you have eyes to see with, miracle, and ears to hear with, and sense of touch, smell, and taste, and sense of humor and wonderment.

That there are stories, and you are captivated by them.

That there is meaning in a pebble.

That there is DNA, and DNA is shared.That the world turns.

That there are mushrooms.

That there are dandelions.

That there are lips and tongues and speech!

That there are palates and appetites and appetizers in the world.

That there is no end and no beginning.

That there is Infinity and Eternity.That there is a dream of life, and sleep at night and dreams during sleep.

That time does not really exist.

That everything is an illusion except for the Oneness We share.

That nothing is lost, and nothing can stay the same except the Truth, and the Truth is Love.

That words can be written, and some words are slow, and some words are fast.

That there is music.

That there is language. And of these, the greatest is love. There is no other language like it.

And words on paper take space.

That there is theater when the whole world is a theater.

That there are comedy and tragedy when neither exists.When all there is is you and I and there are poems and life itself is a poem in variations of itself.

When there are hellos and goodbyes and nothing but right now as We speak.

love,light n lots of blessings to all of you..STAY HAPPY..STAY BLESSED..:)))

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Barry Allen ♦♦

How do you receive these messages?They are really beautiful.Love and Light.

(17 Oct '12, 13:06) Roy

@supergirl, if you are posting information to IQ (instead of asking a question), please mark the posting as Community Wiki. There is a "Community Wiki" checkbox below the text editor. Thank you. I have Wikified this posting for you

(17 Oct '12, 13:11) Barry Allen ♦♦

@barry alen, yup..sure,i l remember this for the next time..,newayzzz,,thank you..barry :)))

(18 Oct '12, 06:38) supergirl

@roy- thank you so much dear.., my friend have subscribed these heaven letters directly from russ michael. and she sends these daily to all her friends. love,light n lots of blessings to u n ur family.. :)))

(18 Oct '12, 06:42) supergirl
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