I'm having trouble with meditating since I have tinnitus. The sound is at the pitch of an alarm or warning tone. I've tried not focusing on it, but it's become to loud to completely ignore and I have to put alot energy into trying to block out the sound. I've tried just going with the sound, but since it's such a high pitch it's very hard to feel relaxed and still. Any thoughts on what to try next?

asked 18 Oct '12, 16:37

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@Hounddoggy I find quiet meditation quite difficult - have you thought about visualisation/guided meditation instead. I understand tinnitus must make it difficult but possibly the sounds on the CD might help you overide the ringing.

(20 Oct '12, 04:11) Catherine
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There are many forms of meditation you can use. You dont have to meditate in silence. Im guessing the silence is whats causing the problems? You could try guided meditations or meditate with some relaxing music or nature sounds.

Just one thing to bear in mind. True Meditation is not really avoiding issues. Its bringing them into the light of your awareness. Observing this frustration that the Tinnitus is causing you in your Meditation is another option. The way out is through.

Hope this helps.:)


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as satori mentioned everything can be a object of meditation. if you meditate and for example a dog barks outside (or you hear this ringing in your ears) you can

  1. put your awareness on the sounds of the dog (or your tinnitus) in a non-judgemental way. the dog barking becomes the object of your meditation instead your breathing for example.

  2. or you can focus on your emotions caused by you judging about the sounds from the dog. maybe it is a kind of frustation because the dog interrupts your meditation session. or maybe you are angry that you let yourself be angry about something so harmless as dog barking.

if you focus on option 2 it is preferable that you focus with your emotions in your body. most people can feel energies in the stomache, solar plexus and neck area.

alt text

make these energies your objects of your meditation such as you do with your breathing. focus on a non judgemental way on these energies. just observe as a outside observer.

if you can focus on them in a non judgemental way your tinnitus will be as significant as the sounds of your breathing. it is not the tinnitus that causes your frustration and anger. it is you judging about your tinnitus and therefore creating uncomfortable energies/emotions in your body. your tinnitus has no intrinsic meaning in itself. it is just neutral like for example the sound of your breath while it goes in and out of your nose. do you every got angry about this? i don't think so. you see you give the meaning to the sounds you hear, to the things you see etc.

if you want to learn a specific technique regarding this i would highly recommend you do the mc2 method. it is about meditation with the focus on your body energies.


answered 19 Oct '12, 06:50

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I don't meditate. However, I did come up with an instant meditation technique I call Two Hands Touching. Here is a video. The other day, I had ringing in my ear, so I did THT and it went away pretty quickly.


answered 19 Oct '12, 09:00

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Fairy Princess

I know what this Tinnitus is because the other day I ran a powerful shop-vacuum-clearer in a small area. After I did my ears were ringing for a bit. I can only imagine what that would be like never ending.

Have you tried using tapes like the Mind-Tek tapes to listen to? These are very good and powerful to lead you deeply into meditation. I had used them for years myself.


answered 19 Oct '12, 10:15

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Wade Casaldi

yes pick up the call. or wake up and close the alarm clock.also they operate for problem like this did you see a doctor? it usely take one day to get this fix. experience and enjoy.


answered 20 Oct '12, 03:05

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white tiger

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