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God said:

Children ask endless questions of their parents: ”What color is the sky? Why is it blue then? Why isn’t the sky green and the grass blue? Can I go to the circus Sunday? Why can’t I go to the circus Sunday? Can I go Saturday? Why did I fall down and hurt my knee and cry? Why does it hurt? You can fix it, can’t you? You’re my mother, aren’t you?”

And you don’t like the answer: “You are too young to understand.” You don’t like that answer at all.

And you turn to Me and ask: “God, why do I hurt? And why do You allow it?”

You have the same questions, and now you ask them of Me. “When you were a child, you spake as a child.” And you never liked the answer from your parents simply that you are too young to understand.

Beloveds, you do know that you cannot go to an encyclopedia and find answers to your deepest questions. You do grasp that questions for information are one thing, and that the questions you ask are for far more than information. You do already know and understand and accept the concept about levels of awareness. You just don’t like to hear it. You do understand that a child doesn’t have to have answers to all his questions. What then, beloveds, if the child did? What if the child had instant understanding?

What you ask is not too much to ask, yet the questions you ask have answers that, on this plane of life, are beyond you. You don’t have to know everything. At this point in your evolution, no matter how desperate you are to understand, you want to know because you want to know. And, yet, you are not ready to hear. If I said to you, for instance, that you cannot, at this moment understand advanced calculus, you could accept that.

And, yet, deep down, you understand that the questions you ask Me have a simple answer. One simple answer. So then it can perhaps be said that the answer is too simple for you to understand. Asking your questions has a merit. There is always more and more, and you want more and more. Your asking may carry more importance than the answer.

If I simplify your question, if I reduce your question to its simplest, if I reword your question to what you are fundamentally asking, will you come along with Me? Will you hear the question I hear you asking?

I hear your asking your many questions as one basic question:

“God, do You love me?”This is what you want to know. “Through it all, does God love me? Through thick and thin, does God still love me?”

You are looking for proof. You want to know that God loves you. It is hard for you to reconcile life, as you know it, with love. On this level, proof does not exist. Beloveds, on this level, you cannot prove that I exist in the first place. What definition of God can say it all? Where are the photos of Me, and where can I be located?

I am located in your heart. And so all the questions you ask, you are asking your own heart. Your heart is wordless. It is powerful, yet it is wordless. The answer cannot be found in words. Words do not go deep enough.

Beloved, if you accept proof of suffering as proof of My non-existence, then you deny yourself.

You cry out to Me. You ask Me questions. Let your asking be proof of My existence. Let your asking be proof that I love you. There is much evidence of My love. Look to prove rather disprove. Anyone can poke holes in anything.I exist. I exist in you. My love exists. My love exists in you. My love is not withheld. It may be you who withholds love. It is possible that you want proof of My love before you can love with all your heart. Love more. That is always an answer.

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@supergirl- as to what source did you gather this from? Just curious.

(20 Oct '12, 08:48) Nikulas

a friends of mine sends these letters daily n she gets from "russ michael".

(20 Oct '12, 09:20) supergirl

This is a wonderful story! I have to find the rest; I see this says part three. :-)

(20 Oct '12, 11:59) Wade Casaldi

@wade casaldi- thank you :)))

(21 Oct '12, 08:23) supergirl
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I am that I am, i never change I am the Alpha and the Omega from the beginning to the end eternal I am the Light that is good, with no darkness at all the only distention between the children and Me is their own inner darkness that is what keeps them from Me.

Eventually they will understand their error and remove their inner darkness and make their water pure inside of the cup and will become pure of heart and the outside of the cup will be like the inside of the cup, they will love Me and all their brothers and sisters of light.

Again it is not My free will that cuts them from Me it is their own free will,they have to be at peace with themselves and other they are made in My image but they are under amnesia since they have incarnated in that field to grow, like a seed put in the earth that will grow in a wonderful tree.

Their brother Jesus and many others have come back to Me being born of water and spirit taking the narrow gate of truth and they have told them the truth, but because of their own inner darkness they do not want to see and hear. they prefer to judge out of their own selfrightenous and that is what cause all that darkness outside of the cup and it affect the inside of the cup, it disturbs their own inner peace and corrupts their own soul and spirit of light that they are,

Why do you wash the outside of the cup do you not understand that the one that made the outside of the cup is the same one that made the inside of the cup? it all comes from you the Spirit the Living one in your presence inside the cup reflecting on the water(soul, mind/heart) but as long as you are disturbed and disturb the living one outside of you they do the same and are cut in the same darkness that you are cut in and they do the same.

You grow in understanding eventually you will understand your error and use your free will accordingly, so let there be light,

Be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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Dollar Bill


@white tiger- amazing..,thank you so much for sharing :))., even,u receive heaven letters?

(21 Oct '12, 08:26) supergirl

@white tiger - You have great depth. I have read this several times and it just gets better each time.

(21 Oct '12, 09:12) Dollar Bill

So come-on people! If we like White tiger's answer, why not vote up? (I did not vote up just so that I can make this point)

(21 Oct '12, 10:13) The Traveller

supergirl to answer your question:the wind blow where ever it wish you ear the sound it make but you do not know where it comes from or where it is going. in truth i tell you the dead are not alive and the living will not die,and the pure of heart will see God.there is light in a person of light and it shines on the whole world if not it is dark. so let there be light,be the light that you can be,experience and enjoy.

(21 Oct '12, 16:58) white tiger

my friend Dollar Bill you say that i have Great depth and thanks for the compliment,but do not be surprise at my saying:we speak of what we know. and thanks for the edit.

(21 Oct '12, 22:11) white tiger

@white tiger- u write excellently..:) ,very appreciable..

(22 Oct '12, 01:15) supergirl
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