I made a decision tonight that is very important. I can't see the immediate next step. Do I wait? I know the decision is definite. But now I don't know what to do. Does this mean the decision isn't fully there?

any people have experience with this?

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I too made a decision late last year, i tried to implement a plan but things kept blocking me.I know everything is in Divine order and at times I feel like I get signs ( when I have been feeling in a happy place ) but then nothing .

I guess I still have resistance going on , and trying EFT to see if that helps shift it but admit frustrating even though on an intellectual level , I know its already a done deal vibrationally

( Thanks Abraham :-) )

(31 Oct '12, 21:00) Starlight
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You had "feelings" about your subject that made you decide, and now you have "intention" of following your decision. With intention in place your body will take unconscious action.....then your life will start to reflect what it is your thoughts are vibrating.

Yes, wait! and don't think about it. If it's one of those things that is constantly on your mind and you "can't" just stop thinking about it. Then preoccupy your mind with something else. Video games are a great escape, reading for some people, sports for others, meditation for others, just be involved in something that will take your mind off the subject.

Don't interfere with your higher self from doing it's job. It's working on it right now arranging everything to match your feelings. Your higher self will send you in the right direction through "hunches"..."Just had a feeling to do something"......"certain people and objects" will come out of nowhere.

When you interfere by changing your mind all the time on that subject, you are changing your feelings......therefore....your higher self is constantly changing to match your vibration. It's more than happy to do that for you.

But if you are not getting the results you want or you don't see any results at all, it's because you interfered by changing your thoughts and emotions and vibration and your higher self is just playing catch up....all because you couldn't wait.

Stingray has a fantastic experiment called the Manifesting box. It's very similar.


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@Eldavo- Not the best place to ask, but lately you have been a great teacher to me. Feel free to say no, and due to the inability to message you privatley on IQ, could I get your email?

(31 Oct '12, 22:01) Nikulas

I think when you truly decide to do something and mean this decision completely, your path will open up naturally, like a flower.

My friend has recently been going through some tough times and has been wanting for years to start off a new life by pursuing her dreams of owning land and living off the grid. So, finally, she decided that she would take a hold of her life and live it how she wants to for herself. She said when she decided that and meant it, she felt a huge rush of energy rush through her, like electricity. This was about a week ago.

So she called me yesterday and said that she found someone willing to owner finance 5 acres for her with no restrictions or credit checks etc and she is totally ecstatic. She said even her critical mother was being supportive about it and she said she felt that this was proof to her that things were turning around. She's going to look at the land on Saturday.

Before all of this she would talk to me about similar things, wanting to change, but she sort of waffled around with it. I told her that she needed to really decide that she wanted this change in her life and that the path would open up for her. She acknowledged this bit of advice but it took her awhile to heed it. This is understandable. I have a lot of trouble taking this advice myself!

I really think the universe will provide as long as you are stalwart with your decisions. :)


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Ive had some major break throughs just in the past couple days it sounds just like your friend! Its awesome how it all comes together when you step up to play big and down back down. Thanks for sharing your story! Inspirational!

(31 Oct '12, 15:47) Kanda

I'm very happy to hear that! You're welcome and I'm glad I could help :)

(31 Oct '12, 15:49) Halcyon

I made a decision tonight that is very important. I can't see the immediate next step. Do I wait? I know the decision is definite. But now I don't know what to do. Does this mean the decision isn't fully there?

If your decision is definite, and you believe in the existence of it now vibrationally, and you know it's on it's way physically - then why do you have to do anything? Why do you have to know the next step?

The need to know what to do, how it works, how it's gonna happen, if it makes sense, what the answers are - all of that indicates that you lack conviction. Otherwise you would let it go and enjoy your beautiful life.

You made the decision. You know it's definite. Now your task is to let it go. Because trying to figure anything out about the "how's" will screw it up, since you are focusing on the idea that it's here/not coming. You are reinforcing the beliefs that kept what you want out of your life in the first place.

You don't and won't have the answers anyway. You can't know exactly how the universe will bring you your desires, you can't understand this unbelievable grand process with your physical mind. Then why do it anyway?

Your only focus now should be on falling in love with your life in this moment, and going general (focus blocks/wheels) whenever the feelings of "but what should I do now?" come up.

EDIT: also something I wanted to add about "waiting" (in response to the question "Do I wait?"). "Waiting" to me means being aware of the absence of what you want, and wanting this moment to be different. It means you are resisting what's happening now, because your desire isn't here, therefore you reinforce the belief that it's not here, and consequentially it stays away from you (and you feel bad). So rather than using the word "wait", I would use the wording "look forward with excitement". There is much more faith in that, the focus is more on the existence of your desire in your reality rather than the absence of it, and overall it's much more fun:)


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Thank you Benjamin ♥♥♥

(01 Nov '12, 03:51) Starlight

@Benjamin- Welcome back to earth! How was Mars lol?

(01 Nov '12, 06:20) Nikulas

In my experience, the universe provides the opportunity and encouraging signs and perceived messages. The "how" will come to you in times of quietude and meditation and will manifest in a way unique to your personality and way of doing things. The universe can only so so much, the rest is up to you.


answered 11 Jan '13, 12:39

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One never needs to be concerned with the "how". You only need to "ask and allow". The "how" part is the job of the Universe. Release all concern with how it will get done.

The book "Ask and it is Given" by Esther & Jerry Hicks speaks on this topic eloquently.


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I couldn't agree more. It's been my experience as well as the people I know who believe this. None of us ever worry about the why's or how's. We all KNOW the Universe ALWAYS provides, PERIOD & many times in very unexpected ways. I learned this before I ever read Ask & it is Given, which is a very good book indeed.

(12 Jan '13, 02:32) ele
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