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I read this story:-I am happy to say that it's here. The health I asked the Universe for. The little tiny body I asked the Universe for. They're both here. And I did nothing, but give up completely. It hurt so bad to want them. So bad, that I had to stop wanting. And they're here! The only difference - I don't work out or eat healthy. I eat fast food all the time, and candy, and cookies, and chocolate. I stopped caring if I got fat - because I was gaining weight uncontrollably while doing everything "right". So I stopped going to the gym every day, I fired my personal trainer, and said goodbye and good riddance to healthy meal planning. I stayed in bed eating chocolate, and family packs of chips!! And lost 30 pounds! I'm tinier, and more toned than ever before. Seriously?? After all that work! The magic trick is I still, to this day, at this very moment, don't give a damn about my weight. I just decided to be comfortable. When I started getting little was when I started changing my priorities, and loving myself. I remember very distinctly, being around a tiny friend and in that moment feeling uncomfortable. I felt my pants too tight, and my love handles spilling out over them. And for the first time in my life - I took a breath, and really FELT the tightness of my pants, and the softness of my love handles spilling out over them, and said in my head, "I feel you. And you're perfect. I love it." And I did that, all the time. Whenever I felt fat. And in two weeks I lost 20 pounds. I'm continuing to lose weight, and I'm continuing to not care about it. I mean... thank you Universe. But I still refuse to care whatsoever. It doesn't matter anymore. It's a non-issue. I remember a time when I was adjusting my clothing in front of a mirror at a bar downtown. I walked in because I was avoiding a friends birthday party. I ended up showing up extremely late in a giant sweater, and on they way wondering how the hell I was going to let go of my anxiety and attachment. It felt impossible. And I truly believe at that moment it was. But eventually it got so out of hand, that I had to give up. So maybe if you're reading this, thinking that this level of detachment and alignment is impossible, you'll find comfort in knowing that that's okay to be true right now. It's okay if you can't let go and trust, because eventually you will have to. You put the desire out there, and it has to come to you know. It's the law. Until it's replaced with something better, it will come to you. I don't know how - I certainly don't hope it gets as bad for you as it did for me. But I was obsessed, and now I don't care. I was a religious Paleo gym-rat running 5 miles a day while gaining weight and losing my hair, and now I am dropping weight by the buckets, eating Jack in the Box and candy every day (mainly because it's affordable and convenient), toning up (somehow?) with long beautiful hair (extensions ;) ) and I'm asked out on dates EVERYWHERE I go. If there is any concrete advice I'd feel good about giving you, it's this - don't try to lose weight. Just don't. Try to accept the way you are in the moment and feel good about it. Feel your fat, your tight clothes, BREATHE and say "I love you anyways, you're perfect." DO NOT BE AFRAID OF LOVING YOURSELF. Everything gets better when you just love it. Of course I didn't believe it at first, but that breath was really physically convincing. But just do it. The only way to feel more love and adoration for your body, is to fill it up with love and adoration.


I noticed that whenever I sit there, visualize and get into the feeling place of my desire to manifest it, it never comes to me. But it always come when I don't want or need the thing anymore. In other words, when I get into the feeling place of my desire regardless of whether if it's here or not, it always comes to me. So, it's kind of the same for me. I'm done with all these "processes" and "loa techniques". Honestly, I'm done. It rules your life if you get too much into it. Therefore, I give up. And I suggest all the people struggling, trying to just stop and give up.

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Thank you for your story, it was really nice to read! And congratulations to your weight loss!

I've been where you have been and now I am on the way to loving myself no matter how I look like and no matter what I do. It's such a great experience. All the best to you.


answered 12 Nov '15, 13:42

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I love this. Thank you for sharing.

I've had weight problems all my life before now. Part of it is having a non-functioning thyroid. The other part I think is always feeling embarrassed for being who I was. My mother would make little comments about it when I was younger, and then get me McDonald's for dinner. I got mixed messages, and my family was very weight-conscious, so I felt awful about myself.

Anyway, for years, I've gained several pounds every year. At my worst I gained 15-20 lb. per year.

Recently I did the same thing as you. I realized that I am who I am. I enjoy the things I eat, which by the way isn't really over the top. I don't do emotional eating.

Anyway, I finally got a pair of pants that fit me. I was too embarrassed to go looking for pants in my size, but I finally did it, and that really made me feel a lot better, to be able to go out into public and not feel so uncomfortable. It made me feel a lot better about myself.

I haven't really lost yet, more than a few pounds, but I have, for the first time in my life, maintained the same weight. Maybe that's what my body needs to do right now. I'm not going to question it. Every few weeks, I pull out the scale just to check, and the last several times it's been the same within a few tenths of a pound.

Now, I just think about what would feel good to eat, and I eat it, without guilt. Actually, usually I ask the Universe for a tasty, effortless meal, because I don't really feel like cooking much, lol. But, every time, it provides.


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The Magician

yes, great to hear about your experience! :-) I am also trying to lose weight and nothing is helping.......... But I've given up in lots of other areas of my life and I haven't seen anything manifesting..... whereas visualising, believing in LOA helps keep me positive about life and expecting change.... does that make me more disappointed when nothing happens? Maybe, but it still gives me hope..... On the other hand if you can 'give up' without really wanting something at all and totally happy with where you are..... you may not need 'hope' in the first place....


answered 12 Nov '15, 21:18

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Inner Beauty

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