When I was very young, probably around 4ish maybe, I remember being at home with my mom and waiting for my dad to come home from work. He worked in a nearby town so in a 4 year old's mind this is very far. In fact the drive home once we hit the highway was like ages to me.

We lived about a mile off the highway down a long dirt road in the middle of the woods. You can't easily see if anyone is coming until the hit the bend that took you straight to our house. I would watch from the window to see the billows of dirt and dust flying up so I could announce that daddy was home.

I remember a couple of times though, that while waiting, I saw a being made up entirely of light, transparent and tall, walk from the door from the living room into the dining room towards me. After seeing this, I ran to my mom and would say something like daddy's home or daddy's coming home. I do know that he wasn't home when I saw this being, and he would arrive soon after, like in a couple of minutes.

This whole thing is unusual to me because this is really the only spiritual or odd thing in my life that I have seen by myself. At the time I didn't think anything of it, but naturally a memory like this would make you start to wonder.

I only recall seeing this being a few times. After that, I have never seen any sort of being - spirit, ghost, or whatever otherwise since then.

I wonder who this being was, and why since then I haven't seen anything like that. I understand that as a child you are more sensitive but I've never felt any push to close myself up to not seeing anything. More often than not I hear disembodied voices, but that is very rare. The last time I have heard a voice, I didn't realize I was and when it hit me that this voice was not supposed to be talking it stopped and the last thing it said was "..and tenderness."

I was wondering if maybe the being of light was a spirit guide? Maybe the voice is related, I'm not sure.

asked 05 Nov '12, 13:31

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@Halcyon - Have you seen this? http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/3569/can-we-subconsciously-manifest-bad-events-in-our-lives/3576 Our @Stingray has one of these beings following him around, too.

(05 Nov '12, 17:25) Grace

@Grace - No, but I just read it and that's really interesting. My friend, @Skuldr said I had a being in my room that was doing something similar to what @Stingray being of light was doing. She said it had a message for me and was holding an egg of light cupped in it's hands for me. I don't know if that being and the one I saw as a child are related, though, I hadn't really thought that it would have stayed with me all these years. Thank you so much for pointing this out to me!

(05 Nov '12, 17:41) Halcyon

if u ask treb he might be able to read it in ur energy. watch this and see his ability. it is long, but well worth the wait. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91fbrj0FsLM

(05 Nov '12, 20:51) TReb Bor yit-NE

@Treb I listened to it, and I found it very interesting. Maybe Treb would be able to help me discover some things about myself that I have been wondering around for years. Thank you for posting this here for me to watch, it was helpful.

(05 Nov '12, 21:56) Halcyon

@Halcyon - to get the answer to your question: do whatever you normally do to get into a relaxed state and ask your higher self. Then go deeply into your imagination and you'll find the answer there...

(05 Nov '12, 22:28) Eddie

@eddie - I would love to try, but as of yet I am still very new to things like that. I have some issues with blockage of some sort, but as soon as I can manage it, I will try. Thanks for the advice. :)

(06 Nov '12, 02:03) Halcyon
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Halcyon, I just wanted to share this with you. Whenever I see your name here, this Rhett Miller song plays in my head: World Inside the World

Your name is in the lyrics, and when our @Jai wrote "The world is more than we know.", it just felt it was too much of a coincidence not to share. :)

Here are the lyrics:

There is a world inside the world that you see

And it's okay to count the minutes 'cause how many could there be

And if love is all around us how could this have found us

The move you know is don't let go of me

There is a world inside the world that you see

Let's call her Halcyon and hope that she holds

'Cause every shore she's gonna touch is gonna turn to solid gold

She and I been wishing for a change in our condition

It's not given but it's obvious to me

There is a world inside the world

There is a world inside the world that you see

I read it in Delillo like they'd written it to me

And if love is all we're made then what am I afraid of

Just 'cause freedom rings it doesn't mean we're free

There is a world inside the world that you see.


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answered 05 Nov '12, 18:08

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I chose this name because I liked the word initially, but then I thought it was also a wish for myself.

I listened to the song and it made me cry. I don't know if this makes sense but you pointing out this connection means a lot to me, especially right now in my life. If I could, I would hug you.

Thank you so much.

(05 Nov '12, 18:44) Halcyon

@Halcyon, I just saw your lovely comment, thank you! Thats why I posted it. I don't believe in "coincidences" at all anymore, and took this thought as a prompt, although I had no idea what for. Its part of the beauty and magic of IQ, in my opinion. Its so nice to know it meant something to you. I guess I may as well share one more, its been this kind of day... I just finished writing a long email to a friend, and I literally said "I can't describe to you how badly I need a huge, warm hug."

(06 Nov '12, 02:28) Grace

@Grace - You're welcome! I don't believe in coincidences either. I think everything happens for a reason. I find significance in a lot of things, and what you said to me really touched me. I love knowing about things like this, it's like solidifying my beliefs over and over.

(06 Nov '12, 10:56) Halcyon
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The world is more than we know...And I, like you, believe that children see more of it than those older than they. I have talked about how I used to leave my body and fly when I was young...I wish I could do it now, because it felt so very, very good and was so cool.

I am guessing that you were seeing an angel, and yes, perhaps one of your spirit guides. I have a couple, and sometimes, they speak up in my head and it can be disconcerting to hear, "Girl, you look like a wreck in that blouse!" coming from a supposedly disembodied entity (LOL!).

Be grateful that you saw your being of light, for I'll bet that you saw him/her simply because s/he wanted you to have proof that that other world exists for when you were older... I am sure that is why I was allowed to journey outside my body. It led to my lifelong quest for things of the spirit.




answered 05 Nov '12, 17:40

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Wow, that sounds really awesome. I had wishes of growing wings and flying away when I was young, but I don't remember ever experiencing it. I would like to know what that feels like. :)

I really like your answer, I also never thought about it like that. Perhaps it was having that experience that prompted me on this path with these interests.

I'd also like to know what it's like to hear my spirit guides. I've heard someone talking before but it was outside of me. Maybe it's on the horizon!

(05 Nov '12, 18:00) Halcyon

@Halcyon-Hearing your guides is both simple and hard. It is simple, because they are there, and they do talk...but it is also hard because you really, really have to click your heels together three times and believe! Try automatic writing first...that worked for me. L n L, Jai

(05 Nov '12, 18:15) Jaianniah

@Jai - Does it sound like someone else, or the same voice that you hear inside your head when you speak? Sometimes I think that a lot of my thoughts aren't really my own because they seem out of my depth. Maybe that could be them?

I've tried automatic writing once or twice before, but I think I mostly just got scribbles. Perhaps now it will work better for me. Are there any tips that you have that made it personally easier for you?

(05 Nov '12, 18:49) Halcyon
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I do believe that children are more sensitive to that kind of thing. It reminds me of when I was taken to the cemetary when I was 1 or 2 years old to put flowers by my grandfather's grave, and apparently I acted really strange and wouldn't stop crying. And I saw in the photos of the event I did indeed appear distressed.

Perhaps before we were born we were somewhere else, and because children have only just entered the world, they are still quite intact with that other world. They have not quite left the other world and the other world is still familiar to them, thus they can still see a lot of things and communicate with beings from that other world.

Unfortunately I do not know who that being of light may be, but the idea that it is a spirit guide or a guardian of some sort sounds probable. I have never seen a spirit guide but I have often had the feeling that there is someone always watching and looking after me.


answered 06 Nov '12, 11:05

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That makes sense to me, like you still have threads of connection binding you to your past.

Some children never seem to grow out of it, and I really wish I knew what happened to sever or at least dampen that connection that I once had. I have such a deep interest in it, but it has eluded me.

(06 Nov '12, 11:11) Halcyon

I recently had a dream which was mostly a huge giant message. In this dream, I was, again, searching. I was in a compound with many people from my past and many people I didn't recognize.

I was telling the people that that I knew that this was a dream and that they should tell me when they woke up if they saw me too.

At some point I was standing in the midst of most of the people and I had this need to "talk" to someone and I think I asked if anyone was listening.

(06 Nov '12, 11:13) Halcyon

EVERYONE turned their heads towards me and said, "Yes we can hear you."

I suddenly got this message that I was never really alone and that if I spoke someone was listening. I even got this feeling that maybe a lot of those people were my guides.

I woke up feeling that I had been sent a message. I'm thinking it some sort of like a confirmation of the presence(s) of my guide(s).

Someone pointed out to me if I asked my higher self, I would receive and answer. This seems like it could be it.

(06 Nov '12, 11:17) Halcyon

I'd also like to add that I really enjoy each of your replies to my questions, they make a lot of sense to me. It means a lot to me that you can relate. Thank you.

(06 Nov '12, 11:18) Halcyon

Thank you very much. I enjoy conversing with you. Your stories are always interesting. :)

(06 Nov '12, 11:27) alfangor

You're welcome! I feel the same about you. I always like to see what you have to say on things. :)

(06 Nov '12, 11:30) Halcyon
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