hi...questers- i wanna know that which spirit is in my body? i just read about the book "angels are among us" n i read that the writer of this book is first guided by angels to write a book.n eventually,one day he comes to know that he has the spirit of "paul of bible" in him.., so,i just wanna know if there are any ways n means to know this? cos i think since,when i was 13 years old...,from that time i had seriously heard n headed where my spirit guided me. so..i am just curious to know this. hope to hear answers soon...-love,light n blessings- supergirl

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Kathleen Kelly ♦♦

maybe the spirit that incarnated into you so you could be born
do you take time to get to know her or do you go with the wind
and let the elements control what you decide

besides the spirit of life it maybe whatever
you consciously will it to be
or unconsciously let it be


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@fred- yup..i do meditate to know my spirit.., n i follow all the directions my spirit gives me..,thank you fr the answwer..:))

(14 Nov '12, 01:09) supergirl

@supergirl, this is a question which is hard to answer...I have known since 1980 that one of my guides is Mary, as she came to me, and I saw her. Yes I did, indeed! When I took my shaman training, I found out that Grandfather Coyote is also one of my guides. Please, please read this post to understand how this came to be proved.

I cannot explain it better than to say that you must be open to finding out, and you must explore the supernatural world to find out the truth. You will know it when you find it- it resonates with you.

The Arctic Wolf is my Power Animal. I have said here on IQ that when I was a child, I rode away on His back and hid from my abusers. It is true!

Good luck finding out about your guides. I hope to hear about your success!

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@jai- thank u so much jai..,yup....one day i l surely find out tht who are my guides..

(15 Jun '13, 01:21) supergirl

you don't have to be baptized by the water to receive the gift of life. The new covenant began with the blood of Jesus Christ where he baptizes by the fire aka The Holy Spirit..Before his sacrafice the only way was to be baptized in the water because that was with the Original Covenant....

1John5:6-8 " This is the one who came by water and blood-Jesus Christ. He did not come by water only, but by water and blood. And it is the Spirit who testifies, because the Spirit is the truth. For there are three that testify: The Spirit, the water and the blood; and the three are in agreement" basically The Spirit, the water=life=GOD and blood=Jesus Christ


answered 14 Jun '13, 07:26

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@Gospeltruth the ritual of water baptism is the outside but they do not know how it relate to the inside. as for the fire it is the spirit in side of you the reel you. you need to meditate over 40 days until you over come duality and division in you and enter the kingdom in spirit. I am the way the truth and the life. water, soul heart and mind. fire, spirit, light. blessed are the peacemakers ,blessed are the pure of heart. let there be light be the light that you can be experience and enjoy.

(14 Jun '13, 17:45) white tiger

as for the blood it is the flesh, when you talk about blood relative it is because they are born from someone in flesh on this heart. and yes Jesus was a son of men born of flesh and blood from human parents. and when we went and the desert to meditate he was born of water and fire. born of water and spirit. he overcome and went above. in the kingdom of God where the light established it self by it self and made other in its image.

(14 Jun '13, 17:55) white tiger

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbBmpaDBizA I am telling you the truth the flesh is flesh and the spirit is spirit. We speak of what we know and report what we have seen. If you do not believe me when I speak to you about things from this world, how will you ever believe me if I speak to you about things from heaven, only son of men that come from above and know the one who sent them can tell you this, they have all the attribute of the beatitude.

(14 Jun '13, 18:51) white tiger

not only from the outside to be praise by son of men in this world ,but inside to do what please him. Many honor me with their lips but their heart is far from me. Eventually they will worship in spirit and truth. because that is what please him. that is the kind of worshiper he is looking for. Go look in your bible for the words I have used.And see if they are there if you do not believe me. Then you will know I am telling you the word and the word is truth.

(14 Jun '13, 18:51) white tiger

@GospelTruth-thank u fr the wonderful answer :))

(15 Jun '13, 01:19) supergirl

@white tiger- can u pls elaborate a little..what exactly happens when we meditate sincerely for complete 40 days? i have noticed that in many answers u have mentioned this..meditate for 40 days..to born of water n spirit.. can u pls explain a bit.., what ths actually means? thank you..

(21 Oct '13, 03:50) supergirl

No clue about White tiger's opinion on the matter, but throwing out my interpretation of multiple different similarly phrased statements unsolicited if any are interested. Such as when Bruce Lee says "Be water, my friend."

I think prolonged dedication to meditating will lead you to a different state where you're much more fluid, comfortable, able to easily accept, move / flow with what is presented to you. (without a specific X days time frame, just each in their own time if they're consistent)

(21 Oct '13, 04:22) Snow
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the spirit is you made in the image of the holy father. if you want to know more about this you need to be born of water and spirit. so start meditating because it takes over 40 days to be aware and understand the truth about all the imbalence in you that cause darkness inequity and duality(outside of the cup and inside of the cup) and clean your water with the help of your spirit(light) that is the light reflecting on the water(soul:mind and heart). but your question seams more directed on past life. when it should be in the now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7Qx9GyA1jw


answered 12 Nov '12, 18:46

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white tiger

@white tiger- i meditate daily ,since,one year.., n yup..i directed my answer to past life..., newayz,thank you fr the answer.. :))

(13 Nov '12, 09:07) supergirl
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