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here is a tool that might help you if you feel stuck when you are doing vibrational work. it is pretty simple and it can help you unstuck within seconds or minutes.

when we have a problem and therefore are stuck in a negative mood we can't sometimes see the solution to our problem even if it is right in front of us. it's a little bit like seeking water while we are diving in the sea. we are surrounded with water but can't see it because we can't realize that we are actually in it.

alt text

therefore we have to step out of it, dissociate and get altitude to see the water.

the following dissociation tool is used in phobia therapy.

1. Dissociation: close your eyes and visualize yourself stepping out of your body. look at yourself sitting there and feeling stuck. just be the observer of your self that is feeling stuck. how does it feel to be the observer?

2. Double dissociation: then step out of the observing body and visualize yourself looking at your observing self and the one that is feeling stuck. how do you feel watching them?

3. Triple dissociation: step out of the body of the observer of the observer and look at all versions of yourself. ask yourself why each of the versions of yourself feel like how they feel.

alt text hopefully you will immediately be able to move your vibration to a better feeling place and get some valuable insights about your situation.

another tool that helps with dissociation has already been shared on IQ. it's bashars question:

"What would I have to believe is true about myself in my relationship to this situation to be experiencing what I am experiencing?"

one personal tool i use to disscociate myself from a problem is going to a platform such as IQ and writing my question without acutally posting it. then i ask myself how i could help a person that would write this question. you might be suprised of how many valuable answers you get from yourself:)

hope this helps:)

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Barry Allen ♦♦

@releaser99 - Hey this is cool! I don't have anything to try it out on at the moment, but it just feels right. :) I also really like your last suggestion. Now that I have become used to taking knotty questions to IQ for help, I can easily imagine trying that out. I think it would be especially useful for things that are too personal or sensitive for the internet. Thank you for sharing!

(07 Nov '12, 20:41) Grace

I love coincidence.. I just read the same thing in a self-hypnosis book written in Swedish a day or two before this post!

(10 Nov '12, 03:59) ursixx

@ursixx it's funny when such things happen. i begin to believe that there are no coincidences:).

(10 Nov '12, 08:55) releaser99

@Grace you are welcome:)

(10 Nov '12, 09:34) releaser99

@releaser99 - I find the idea of disassociation interesting and intriguing. Thanks for the tip. Will give it a go :)

(10 Jan '13, 14:23) figure8shape

thanks for the post releaser99! if anyone's wondering, the original source for this technique is Richard Bandler (you can find it in his book "Get the life you want", which i highly recommend!)

(10 Jan '13, 14:51) transparent
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