I guess the question is self explanatory, if for instance a person have never done vibrational work before and starts doing it for a couple of months and then stops completely, why is it that his life becomes a lot more worse than before he started doing the vibrational work?

For instance

Time frame A (new to vibrational work, never done any before) ---> Time Frame B (found about vibrational work and did it for a few months ---> Time Frame C (stops doing vibrational work completely due to certain issues)

Why is that Time Frame C usuallys end up being a lot more worse than the time in Time Frame A?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

@kakaboo - I'm not sure that what you're stating here as a general rule is actually a general rule. It depends on what the person is doing vibrationally after they stop. Perhaps the resistance that made them stop in the first place just continued to build? Can you provide a concrete example?

(10 Feb '12, 11:29) Stingray

@stingray not sure what you mean by general rule.guess you could say it's just my own experience or maybe I became more oversensitive to my surroundings like what others have said.as you know I have stayed away from abraham for a while, before that I was doing focus blocks close to almost daily and also meditating almost daily

(10 Feb '12, 18:28) kakaboo

Simply put, after stopping the focus blocks n meditating my life seems to be going in a downwards spiral, my stomach problems get worse, people around me seem to find fault with me on every little thing, feel more helpless when it comes to studying and so on..

(10 Feb '12, 18:31) kakaboo

@kakaboo - So if the difference between doing vibrational work and not doing it is so obvious in your life, why not go back to doing it? Focus Blocks is my own extension to Focus Wheels that seems to work more effectively for me (especially when used with spreadsheet) so if it makes you feel any better about it, you would be following Stingray-ham rather than Abraham :) As for meditating, that idea is pretty universal.

(10 Feb '12, 19:32) Stingray

@stingray well the reason is simple, it's partly because I have decided to take an experimental approach toasted manifesting techniques or ideas.. I was planning to go back to it next week for a few months and then see would that make any difference. In the mean time I just threw this question out randomly to see whether anyone else might have experienced te same thing before :)

(10 Feb '12, 22:50) kakaboo

It really shouldn't. I don't know if there has been any studies on this or not - but - there is research showing people who kept a gratitude journal were still feeling the benefits 6 months after stopping.

Perhaps it's withdrawal - good vibes are highly addicting...

(12 Feb '12, 00:55) ele
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Worse is just another label we apply. I think when we open ourselves to spiritual growth we are inviting the universe to show us in which areas of our life we need to grow. We begin to apply spiritual practices or do vibrational work as part of this growth process and situations begin to show up in our life experience providing us with the opportunity to take a good honest look at what's working for us and what isn't. It only becomes a problem or seems worse because our conditioned mind balks at the opportunity or labels it as a problem instead of looking for the gift within it, and the expansion that can be gained from learning what the situation is trying to teach us.

Time frame C can appear worse to the conditioned mind that doesn't want to grow.However to the higher mind that does the realization of the opportunity for growth within the situation can be seen as exactly what is needed for optimal growth.


answered 10 Feb '12, 17:56

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When all you know is hell you are used to hell, it is terrible but normal and so you don't notice it a lot every moment. However once you taste heaven and try going back to hell you really notice just how bad hell is.

Of course I am talking in a metaphor for life, we are used to what we are used to. It may be bad but we are used to it and never knew anything better so it is ours. But when we make a change and find that we don't need to live like that, we experience something better! Next when we give up and go back, all of a sudden we notice things we didn't before.

Jai told me a good example: There is this guy that drives a Chevy Hatch-Back. One day, he gets this great idea to save up enough money to rent a BMW Convertible for just a day, to see what it is like to ride around in a really great car. Many women give him admiring glances at stop-lights all that day. Then he returns the car, having lived his dream. The next day, he goes back to his measly Hatch-Back, and receives no admiring glances from anyone, except a smile from a little old lady. Now he feels miserable driving his old car, when before, he never felt that way.

There was a book written called "You can't go home" in this book it talked about how a man remembers his home fondly and wants to return. He returns and buys his old home at first happy but quickly he thinks something is wrong. He thinks "Wait I remember this room was bigger than this, it seems cramped now. Look at my old tree I used to love it looks so haggard now, I don't remember it looking like that! What happened to the big yard I used to play in! This yard is tinny compared to what I remembered!" All his fond memories were crushed because he grew up and has known what it was like to live in a much more beautiful and larger place than where he fondly remembered growing up.

There is another book I have that talks about the Iron Dog syndrome, the author talked about fondly remembering this Iron Dog that used to be in her yard growing up. When she went back to see the dog she fondly remembered she took one look and thought,"Why did I ever like this thing?"

When we have nothing to compare what we have with, we are happy with what we have even if it isn't much. But once we taste something better it is hard to go back to being happy with what you used to have and so you feel miserable.

Example: A child gets Tinker-Toys and is thrilled, building all kinds of cool things! He then goes over to a friends house who has an Erector Set. He and his friend really enjoy building all kinds of mechanical things. They build a big crane, a back-ho, a clock, all kinds of things! Finely the day ends and he returns home. He says, "Mom can I get an Erector Set?" She says, "I just bought you Tinker-Toys, you wanted Tinker-Toys, you begged me and hounded me until I bought you Tinker-Toys! Now you want an Erector Set?" He says, "Yes Eddie has an Erector Set, it is so cool mom, we made a back-ho, a crane and a clock!" She says, "So now you want an Erector Set?" He says, "YES, please mom, please, please ,please!" She says, "No play with your Tinker-Toys you wanted so badly!" He goes over and kicks his Tinker-Toys and yells, "I don't want stupid Tinker-Toys I want an Erector Set!!!!!!!"

Nothing has changed except his enjoyment because he experienced something better. When he came back, he realized he had something less than what he could have if only he had known to ask for the Erector Set instead of the Tinker-Toys. But you know as well as I do that is not the end of the story along came Nintendo and X-Box and who knows what next but always something to make you feel like what you have is junk compared to what you want to have.

I just bought a laptop a few months back with 260 gig hard drive now there is one with 650 gig out! lol


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Wade Casaldi

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Nice explanation wade, up point for sure.

(10 Feb '12, 22:19) Tom

Thanks Tom I am glad you liked it.

(11 Feb '12, 22:23) Wade Casaldi

You gave some pretty sad examples. Practice Gratitude & it will change your life. I was the kid with the "tinker toys"; I knew how hard my parents worked. Never, ever would I throw a tantrum like that. I've ordered several new cars in my life. Did they bring me happiness? No, happiness comes from within. Admiring looks? Careful what you wish for; you might be surprised who is looking. BTW - I'm never miserable when I drive my old chevy truck.

(12 Feb '12, 01:17) ele
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I do not feel that it is just vibrational work alone that promotes these emotional reactions.I feel that once we have consciously started on our spiritual journey, there really is no turning back.

I do not feel that our personal manner of growth is the issue here,its how we choose to interpret this life experience along the way.

Everyone of us are being pushed to the max right now and there are no easy rides.There is no stopping this flow so the best suggestion I can offer is to simply quit resisting and let go.

love and light


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Because they know the truth. and then must be tested. I am a channeler so people expect em to be perfect ( some lol ) and the truth is that I have issues like everyone, and people say, "If you know all of this stuff and how it works, how come you are not living a perfect life full of happiness and greatness ?" and i always reply, " What good is having great spiritual knowledge if you never have the chance to apply it? " basically I guess I am saying that when you know it might be harder than when you are walking around oblivious to the truth .

love n light,



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TReb Bor yit-NE

"when you know it might be harder than when you are walking around oblivious to the truth." Very good! Yes the responsibility of knowledge, no longer able to say why when you know how but now need to apply or live with the fact you know things can be different if you apply what you know. :-) +1

(11 Feb '12, 17:44) Wade Casaldi

@w wade, ty myfriend

(11 Feb '12, 22:43) TReb Bor yit-NE
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